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Origin of Business Laws & Role of Governing Bodies

University: University of Suffolk London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3189
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: TLAW101
  • Downloads: 862
Question :

country pine operates managerial working and focus on expanding the operational function. Some of the assessments questions are mentioned thereunder:

  1. Explain the nature of legal system.
  2. Provide potential impact of law on all the business organisation.
  3. Give appropriate legal solutions for solving issues.
  4. Recommend different legal solutions which are opted for alternative advice to country pine.
Answer :


Cluster of norms, beliefs, rules and regulations are known as legal law whose main objective is to create a nation free from exploitative activities by applying various useful acts on entire society. Legitimate bodies are involving in enacting numerous of laws such as; criminal, civil and business which shows that rules and regulations are vary from activities (Mann and Roberts, 2011). Therefore, assignment is going to highlight the various origin of laws and role of governing bodies while designing several types of acts. For example; employment and contract norms are affecting corporate companies in various aspects which is also outlining in this project in order to suggest business to make corrective decision. Additionally, solutions are differ from country to country because every nation are having distinct legal rules due to societal nature, trends, marketing situation and so on.

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P1 Various sources of law

In this modern and advanced world every member wants to gain maximum benefits either by hook or crook. It means few people are engaging in conducting number of wrongful and fraudulent activities which hamper the life of innocent people. In order to control several major issues and societal problems legal bodies are enacting number of laws and order which resulted in preventing communities from danger. In fact, laws are useful for corporate companies also in various manner like; prevent seller and buyer from unnecessary conflicts, maintain a peaceful environment at marketplace and so on. Beside this, motive is to continue a single business for longer time period which is only possible of proper rules are applied at workplace and entire industry. However, laws are classified into two sections such as; civil and criminal but main target of both the norms is to protect common people from dangerous activities. Some of the major sources of laws are discussed as follows:-

  • Case laws:- Initial origin is various wrongful acts that was happened earlier and currently happening because number of acts are came into force due to some critical situations. For example; rape cases enforce the legitimate bodies towards maximization of women's protection. Along with this, conducting several events and programmes for creating awareness amongst society. It means, somehow cases are becoming major reason for enacting number of laws across the community to reduce the chances of wrongful activities.
  • European community law:- Legal bodies of UK are assessing entire nation for understanding the need of enacting legal norms at marketplace as well as tries to reduce the chances of harmful things ( Kroes, 2010). Most prominent example of international law. For example; focussing on introducing several useful laws to protect consumers from various acts.
  • Religion:- Every customs are having their own beliefs which is set by their ancestors which means governing bodies are liable to make rules as per society demand. In fact, corporate world are also considering norms while making products for distinct people in order to respect their religion. Their main objective is to maintain equality amongst society.
  • Judiciary:- Judges are not responsible for enforcing legal laws and order but sometime they falls under dilemma. Their main obligation is to implement or apply rules that is already enacted but for controlling few drastic or unusual activities Judges are enforce to extend laws and try to give new interpretation at juridical court.

By analysing above elements it has been assessed that Business future which is consultant company needs to follow specific rules and regulations while running their business entity. Moreover, above factors are consider as a most indispensable source of laws due to which numerous of acts are coming into force for distinctive purposes.

P2 Role of government in making law

Governing bodies are playing very eminent role in introducing various laws by taking consent from other significant members of parliament. Advisory members needs to consider each or every elements while making judgements on particular acts. In fact, an appropriate process is considering while enforcing a legal law at marketplace ( Macaulay, 2018). First or foremost thing is that an appropriate agenda is coming out for further discussion amongst parliament members. Basically an appropriate stage which must be consider while converting any specific idea into final acts. However, proposal is all about introducing an idea in general assembly to convert a thought into bill. After getting approval for proposal by cabinet minister then its become a bill which is further circulated in entire assembly for enacting special laws in order to control fraudulent activities. Therefore, some of the major stages which must be considered are described as follows:-

  • First reading:- Reading of specific bill is talking place in this section by representing it in front of entire members of parliament.
  • Second reading:- MPs and various significant person are playing very eminent role in by discussing about the bill. Along with this, MPs are voting for selected agenda for the motion or against the motion. Furthermore, in case of controversial issue bill is passes to next stage for acquiring further approval.
  • Committee stage:- Its time to considering bill line by line through committees members of MPs and peers. Therefore, amendments is taken in this stage after acquiring approval from different members of general assembly ( Folsom and et. al., 2013). Committees of common bills are having almost 20 MPs and overall house of lords are participating in this phase.
  • Report stage:- Its time to report the bill in front of house in order to review the entire amendment for analysing it in proper manner.
  • Third reading:- An effective and healthy discussion is taking place into third reading for acquiring maximum vote on particular bill.
  • Approval of bill:- after getting consent from one chamber its time to gain it from other one.
  • Monarch assent:- its time to convert bill into useful act by acquiring final approval from monarch which is also known as Royal assent

Hence, at the end bill is converted into act of parliament which is applicable on entire nation for controlling wrongful conducts which is happening across the societal place. Throughout the process one thing is determined that governing bodies are playing very eminent role in enacting an effective laws and norms at marketplace for regulating various problems as well as maintaining peaceful environment ( Nichols, 2012) .


P3 Impact of employment and contract law on business

CP is a country pine organization whose main objective is to expand their business across various new areas to maximize their revenue by fulfilling the need of desires clients. Mainly , demand of furniture is getting enhancing in current marketplace which resulted in enhancement of company performance by taking immediate initiatives. Thus, company is going to involving in various contracts for accomplishing their business activities in much better way. Initial step is to understand the need of customers as well as employees by considering necessary acts which is used while involving in a contract. Some of the major norms of consumers is consumer protect act which was established for protecting the rights of clients in effective manner by understanding their views or opinions in much better way. Additionally, it has been assessed that company needs to consider various useful elements while involving in a particular contract. Although, it is not easy to implement laws at marketplace because most of the individual are breaking the rules and regulations just for teasing others. Therefore, it has been assessed that number of laws related with employment and contract law are identifies for resolving various issues (Bhatia, 2014 ). Hence, some of the major laws of employment and contract as well as its impact is described as follows:-

  • Health and safety 1974:-Their main motive is to protect employees whomsoever are working at workplace by taking useful initiatives as well as liable to offer best services. For example; first aid facilities, medical services, protective environment, hygienic and so on. However, this act plays a very crucial role in defending life of employees by controlling numerous chances of accidents and injury by introducing advanced technique of promoting health and care facilities. For example; fire brigades alarm in the case of sudden incidents, first aid kit, presence of experience person, training programmes for increasing awareness amongst members. Mainly, this act was designed just for employees and consumers protection which is encountered by them during few complicated situations.
  • Minimum wage act:- According to this law company needs to offer minimum amount of salary to their employees in order to fulfil their basic needs. In fact, company is liable to provide sufficient salary to their employees as per their talent and eligibility hence forth.
  • Consumer protection act:- This act is coined for preventing clients from various types of fraudulent activities while engaging in a buying process or any contract.

Throughout this element one thing is determined that company needs to consider necessary facts or figures for reducing probabilities of fraudulent activities. Along with this trying to enhance the performance of CP by offering best products to their loyal consumers.


P4 Solutions for various business problems

Corporate companies are going through various problems or issues while running a business entity at marketplace due to changes in several other micro and macro factors (Law, 2010 ) . In fact, number of complex situations are faced by company while running their business entity in order to control the probabilities of mistakes and errors. Basically , legitimate bodies are involving in enacting number of legal laws and acts for preventing company while engaging in several other activities which may hamper the life of an organization. Mainly, it has been assessed that running a business entity is not an easy task which requires proper functioning, strategies, policies , resources and so on. In fact, number of issues and problems are identified at workplace while managing a team such as; unfair trading, conflicting situations and so on. Thus, some of the major solutions of business problems are described as follows:-

  • Negotiation :- According to this element company needs to discuss each or every aspect in much more detail for resolving various contentions which is occurring at workplace. In fact , proper discussion helps in understanding each or every aspect of business for managing things in much appropriate manner.
  • Usage of law:- Legal bodies are involving in designing various norms and policies for improving the current positioning of an organization by adopting various other legal rules and regulations. However, company is facing various types of issues but laws are differ from situations to situations. It means while implementing act it is essential learn more about necessary terms and conditions to control probabilities of losses.

Hence , it has been understood that company needs to understand every terms in more detail format for applying it as per circumstances demand with the consideration of relevant facts or figures (Eren and et. al., 2012). Mainly, as per the viewpoint of Alix Adams corporate firms are going through various problems while running their business operations such as; issues related with supply of materials, labour problem, management issue, allotment, funds and so on. But all these obstacles are resolve by the implementation of suitable law at workplace which aids in controlling probabilities of disputes as well as clear various misunderstanding that might create between staff members and employers. For example; there was a famous case related with employee right that is Uber Vs Aslum in which Aslum who was an employee in Uber organization but due to some misunderstanding he’s just file a case against organization and claim for his rights. Therefore, by analysing this incident it has been understood that company needs to follow each or every policies, rules and regulations related with smooth functioning of organization. As it helps in controlling unnecessary issues that might incurred at workplace. For example; Country Pine needs to aware about the rights and authorities of employees as well as facilities which is essential to offer entire staff members at workplace. For instance; safe and secure environment, job security, minimum wages to employees and so on. All these things aids an organization in managing business operations in most suitable manner as well as helps in attaining set objectives in a defined time period without any obstacle or issue.

P5 Justification for the use of appropriate legal solutions

Legal laws are giving an appropriate solutions to various business issues by considering each or every aspect that must be considered while running an organization. Customers and employees both the factor are playing crucial in success of a company due to which it is essential to focus on their choice or preferences in order to conduct business activities in more effective manner. Thus, legitimate bodies are also giving suitable ideas to control problems that is occurring at workplace while involving in a specific contract. Additionally, major laws are applicable on various situations in order to control things in much better way. In fact, number of factors are determined which shows that company is taking several initiatives in terms of laws for accomplishing each or every activities in better way. For example; usage of employment acts like health and safety plays a very vital role in improving the performance of an association. As a result workers can easily encourage managers to implement several facilities related with protection. Along with this company needs to change organizational rules and regulations as per employees and consumer needs or demands in order to run a firm in much appropriate manner.

By considering the norms and rules which is set by Alix Adams also that following of legal laws is really indispensable for resolving major business issues because entire nation is obliged by provisions of legitimate. In fact, it is indispensable to follow each or every act related with business in order to maintain the goodwill of an association at marketplace. Along with this, a book of Adam also states that legal solutions are very much appropriate for corporate companies because it helps in maintaining the professional and personal relations with an employee. In fact, this will support companies in preventing their positive image of company from getting affected. Moreover, an association can easily resolve the issue by staying into their professional limits and succeeded in attaining their target. For example; if any employee is not following policies, norms, rules and regulations which is set by company and initially signed by employee too then company have the authority to terminate them for violating the organizational rules. On the same time, if an association get failed in serving all the facilities and enable to failed in fulfilling their promises then employee have the right to claim for their rights. It shows that, legal laws aids in maintaining strictly professional relations in between employee and employer without any making any personal grudges.


P6 Recommend solutions based on country legal system

Business problems are hard to resolve in better way due to changes in various other internal and external factors as well as it also vary from country to country. Thus UK governing bodies are playing eminent role in improving the performance of whole corporate world by taking necessary initiatives. For example; enacting number of tools and techniques to overcome business issues. Hence , alternative dispute resolution is one of the most indispensable or beneficial tool that is used by company for reducing conflicting situations which might occurred at while working in a team ( Grundfest, 2010). Therefore, some of the major elements of alternative dispute resolutions are described as follows:-

  • Mediation:- As per this term there is a presence of mediator for clearing each or every terms and conditions in detail way.
  • Negotiation :- Presence of both the parties for clearing hidden terms in deeply sense as well as understand each other in much better manner.
  • Arbitration :- In this element professional body is getting involved to reduce chances of mistakes and errors. Along with this helps in improving the performance by accomplishing business activities in professional way.

At last one thing is determined that all three of factors are useful but arbitration is much better than any other elements due to the presence of professional person which plays crucial role in overcoming complicated issues.

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From the above report it has been summarized that legal laws is very much essential for success of an organization because it helps in managing business activities in much better way by considering necessary facts or figures. Basically, their main motive is to protect common people from various type of risk and frauds which is emerging between seller and buyer at the time of contract. Thus , overall report was consist of acts related with contract and employment law such as; consumer protection act, health and safety and so on. By analysing above data it has been understood that usage of business laws helps in running a smooth organization because it aids a firm in number ways. Apart from this reducing conflicting situations that is emerging at marketplace between various members and individuals. Moreover, major roles of governing bodies was also mentioned in this project for understanding their necessary roles and responsibility towards development of company .


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