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Project Planning and Management

University: University of Leeds

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 17 / Words 4359
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: INFT6304
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Question :

This Assessment covers the following questions:

  • Continental consulting limited is a company that provides advice to advertising agencies. Develop project aims, objectives, and time frames based on the chosen business situation.
  • Make small-scale research, information gathering, and data collection, generating knowledge to support the project.
  • Present the project and communicate relevant recommendations on the basis of meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings.
  • Provide a reflection on the value of conducting the project and its usefulness to support the sustainable performance of Continental consulting limited.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Continental Consulting Limited


Business is an essential operation that is done for the purpose of attaining overall aims and objectives that are set by the company. Small business administration is an effective process of controlling the operations that are done at small level. Although, management of business can be varies from one country to another. Continental consulting limited is a research and consultancy that work as business process re-engineering and potential customers that are associated with small or medium production companies. As the company has been making enough efforts to upgrade the business process that is proving to be key weakness has decided to conduct a market research that is discussed in this report. This project is covered aims, objectives and timeframe based on the theme. Apart from this, data collection methods are also taken into account in context to the project. Based on the research, certain specific recommendation is also been made to reach at certain decision (Kowalkowski, Kindström and Brehmer, 2011).


P1: Project aims and objectives

Project management: It is known as discipline of planning, organising and managing all the resources to bring about the successful accomplish of specific project aims or goals. The major challenges of project management are to attain all the project motives while honouring the preconceived constraints. Basically, it consists of scope; time and financial plan that can be help them to attain their targets in the set timeframe.

Key stages in project management:

  • Conception and initiation: It is the initial stages for a project that will be carefully examine to determine whether or not it would benefits to Continental company. At this particular phases, a decision making group will examine if the project can realistically be get accomplished (Jeston, 2014).
  • Definition and planning:Under these stages, project plan, charter and scope can be put in writing, outlining the blue print of the work to be performed. Team should prioritize the project and calculate the total budgets requirements.
  • Launch or execution:All the research tasks are distributed and all the units are informed of responsibilities. This seems to be bringing up significant data by the analysis.
  • Performance and control:Project manager would compare status of project with the actual plan, as resources performed the scheduled work.
  • Close:After all the project tasks are accomplished and customers have approved the results, an evaluation is essential to determine project success and learn from the history of project.

Advantages of project management: 

  • This project manager is basically manages the project and leads their team throughout the completion of the project.
  • The customers used to provide feedback throughout the project.
  • All kind of services are delivered more efficiently by the managers by analysing the blueprints that is being made before the start of the project.
  • As, the project team members will have improved proper growth and development that will feel a sense of finish and would grow together into a more proper manner.

Importance of project management:

It is crucial for a specified plan of actions or a go to individual for a project things that could simply be too confused for anything to get finish the project. It is essential for the manager to get done the project plan properly. It is based on proper skills and ability to work with a team to get the task attained on time (Hillson, 2017).

Project aims: “Impact of digital technology supporting small business growth and innovation that is especially tailored to Continental Consulting Limited.”

Project objectives:

  • To evaluate the concept of (Mobile) digital technology.
  • To examine the implication of mobile equipment’s upon company’s total sales and their goodwill.
  • Ascertain the overall contribution of mobile technology in growth of continental consulting company.
  • Identify the relationships among mobile technology and total sales during the time.

Research questions:

  • Discussion about the concept of mobile technology?
  • How the mobile equipments impacts company sales and their profitability?
  • What is the total contribution earned by the continental company during the time?
  • What are the relationships among the mobile technology and sales?

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P2: Project management plan

In every business organisation, it is essential aspects for them to set an innovative plan that can assist them in attaining overall objectives within the set limited time period. A project management plan is a formal and approved document that can explain about how project is going to be executed and controlled. It is the summary or a detailed plan and can consists of baselines as well as subsidiary management plans and other strategic documents. Upgrading of digital technology is said to be tough task to the technical aspects and signs which are not easy to determine through unskilled employees. Hence, it is crucial for managers in Continental consulting limited to frame a reliable plan for entire research in context to manage thinks in valuable manner. Basically, it includes all the essential elements that will be consider by the company during their digital techniques such as time, cost, risk, resources, quality and communication (Fisher, 2011). Thus, a detailed description of these elements is mentioned below:

Scope: According to this sections, owner and manager of Continental consulting limited needs to update their past technologies in respect to implement present changes within an organisation, However, IT sectors is have large scope across the nation because of which emergence of modern equipments such as a mobile applications are used for linking people from one destination to another. IT is comes with the latest modification such as computer technology which is a maximum usages tools that is utilised by corporate era for storing authentic information.

Cost: Funds are one of the basic requirements that are playing an eminent role in business operations because almost entire activities of consulting company are required high level of salary, buying of innovative technology consume maximum range of cost. Hence, it is determine that company need to forecast their cost before implementing their plan at the workplace as it assist in reducing extra expenses. The total amount of expenses that might be included in this project research would be 1000 GBP.


Amount (GBP)

Cost of Employer (dual role)


Cost of software/ machinery


Installation charge


Testing procedure


Additional expense




Time: As per the present case scenario, Continental company is lagging as per the present market as they are because of 8 year old equipment. Because of which manager needs to set a specific timeframe for accomplishing their update project. In fact, time is basically an important factor for an organisation as it is vital to fulfil the present demands of customers very quickly. This will assist them in increasing overall goodwill as well as image at the given marketplace. Henceforth, after assessing financial budgets of the projects, it has been determine that around 6months would be consume for completion of research.

Quality: Implementation of latest technology is a vital as well as tough process which would need wide range of capital, talented employees, proper planning. As every factors aids in overall management of entre activities but on the same time quality is another crucial factors that is most indispensable components in this process. However, the primary objectives of quality team are to control the probabilities of mistakes that would occur during continuing the process of installation (Doherty Ashurst and Peppard, 2012).

Communication: It is an effective relation which is indispensable for the smooth operations of entire procedure as minor misunderstanding that can be changes the positive outcomes into negative. It is primary part of any research as one of the major aspects in project management plan of choosing firms because of proper coordination and team work among staff members is a sign of great attainments.

Risk: It is an effective event that is having future uncertain which means fluctuation in any factors that occurs anytime and it can affect the agenda of company. It means, a manager required to have creative minds as well as contingency plan for controlling the possibilities of risk.

Resources: It is all regarding material which is need by continental consulting limited to attain their set objectives like human resources, plant or machinery and funds as well as other equipments. All the essential aspects to finish the project such as capital is used for buying all the other resources like skilled labour will be keeping by offering high range of earning.

P3: Gantt chart and work breakdown structure

Use of latest technology would consist of long term process because of which high range of complexity can be avoided. Along with this, it requires particular time period and skilled labour within Continental consulting limited for managing overall risky situations. Hence, work breakdown structure is more reliable tools that are used by an organisation for managing business activities in more reliable ways. The main objectives of these components are to splits the task into various employees or other departments for reducing the work pressure from one team. A manager needs to splits the role among various team members in respect to distribute the role properly so that project can be finish in minimum timeframe (Cheung, Chan and Kajewski, 2012).

Gantt chart: It is known as the horizontal bar chart that is developed as a production control tool. It is used in project management to provide graphical representation of all the scheduled activities that would assist to plan, coordinate and track activities in a project.

Gantt chart

Although, it is made for the purpose of designing the employees regarding the particular time for each and every activities in order to control the wastage of time. These stages would help continental group while conducting business activities such as setting employees mind during the project planning phase.

project planning

Project Planning 

From the above chart or critical path, it has been clearly seen that in order to complete a project of Contiental consulting limited was drawn for the purpose of determining the actual direction of project in order to attain the planning aims as well as set objectives.

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P4: Small scaled research

In case of continental consulting limited is a firm which is not been having skilled employees because of inappropriate capital. Henceforth, it is vital to attain essential data and information regarding the advantages and limitation of digital technology such as, implication of mobile application on business sales. However, various techniques are determined which might be used by company for collecting relevant factors or fact regarding the use of technology at the internal level of an organisation (Adzic, 2011). There are two important methods that are mentioned below:

  • Primary research: It is known as one the fresh data which is collected for the first time by Continental consulting limited. For this purpose, it is vital for the researcher to make use of questionnaire as an example from which data can easily be collected from the customers. In facts, the data is more real because of no any chances of biasness (Primary source and secondary source, 2018).
  • Secondary: The name of this method is used data which is already been published in recent past time. It has been already determine by some other person. Like, factors that can determine is books, article, journals that are made in the early time.
  • Qualitative: This seems to be that data which is required by “Continental consulting limited” by quality rather than any other factors such as, appearance, value of the information at a particular place or condition (Duffield and Whitty, 2015).
  • Quantitative: It is said to be numerical as well as statistical data which is acquired by this tools which is used by company while making any financial decision.

For the purpose of examine the impacts of mobile technology in increase the company sales, it is crucial to conduct a questionnaire.


Q1. What is your initial first choice in terms of technology to execute business activities?

· Newest technology

· Traditional technologies

Q2. Do you really feel like to use most modern tools for the stage assigned job?

· Yes

· No

Q3. Is there any modification in your performance with the use of innovative technology?

· Yes

· No

Q4. Is there any change in customer order with the installations of modern technologies?

· Yes

· No

Q5. Is there any variation in company sales performance?

· Yes

· No

Q6. What is the advantage of using latest technology at the place of work?

· Personal or professional development

· Sales improvement

· Enhancement of goodwill

· All the above

Q7. Any suggestion / feedback you want to give about installation of modern technology at workplace?


P5: Analysis of collected data from the research

Theme 1:-


Newest technology


Traditional technologies


Traditional technologies

Interpretation: From the above chart, it has been analysed that overall growth and development in the Continental consulting limited is increase after the adoption of latest technologies. Only 10% are of based on traditional technology.

Theme 2:-






Traditional technologies1

Interpretation: According to the above chart representation, it has been determine that around 6 members 5 members are not agree with this statements. On the other hand, 25 members are satisfied with the decision making with the innovative technologies.

Theme 3:-






Traditional technologies2

Analysis: From the above graphic representation, it has been seen that about 18% of the total population is in the favour of the decision of latest technologies. While only 12 memebers are disagree with this matters.

Theme 4:-






Traditional technologies3

Interpretation: According to the mentioned chart, it has been analyse that there is huge change in the customer perception after the installation of the latest technologies. Whereas, only 10 members are not in the favour of the decision.

Theme 5:-






Traditional technologies4

Interpretation: As per the above mentioned pie-chart, it has been seen that there is huge increase in the total number of sales in the continental consulting limited. It means that the company is able to generate huge amount of performance with the use of latest technology. Only 8% is not think about the increment.

Theme 6:-


Personal or professional development


Sales improvement


Enhancement of goodwill


All the above


Traditional technologies5

Interpretation: As from the above information, it has been seen that with the use of digital technology there is huge increase in the personal or professional development with 10%, Sales performance to 9 and enhancement of reputation goes on to increase with the 7%.

Trend analysis: It is one of the best analyitical tool that is used to measue the performance of hyphthesized the linear and non-linear relationships among the two quantitative variables. Basically, it is implemented either as an evaluation of variances for quantitative variables or as a regression analysis. It is generally used in those situation when data have been gathered over time or at various level. It is specialized application of qualitative research. These are basic methods which are often an essential part of research methodology. In the areas of digital era, it vital for the researchers to make proper analysis by the help of effective tools and techniques. As this would be basic analysis of customer perception regarding the use of digital technology for the continental consulting limited (Drucker, 2012). A trend analysis is an effective method of analysis that can be allows traders to estimate what will be going to happen with the present stock in the near future time.

Coding: It is an analytical procedure in which all the collected data from the total 30 samples in both quantitative form or qualitative form such as interview transcripts are majore facilitate analysis. It is use for the purpose of analysing the total multiple coders working independently on the similar data.

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P6: Recommendation

It is important for continental consulting limited is to make use of effective communicating results which will assist in overall development of the company in coming period of time. It is essential to make use of vital methods: Such as: Written communication is based suggestion for the company that can be essential for make proper balance with the group. While, Verbal communication can be in the form of Case study, Puzzle games and other methods to trained them effectively. There is another ways which is based on the medium. It consists of report which will be made after the analysing the overall performance of the employees. Whereas, online mode would also be other option that can be helpful for the employees to perform their roles effectively (Pekuri and et. al., 2014).

From the above research, it has been analyse that the entire research is based on one think is to determine the digital technology use by continental consulting limited. It is not so easy process because of the involvement of different complexities such as, Consume maximum amount of capital, skilled labour, technical support and so on. Henceforth, the manager of continental consulting limited required to taken into account few aspects in order to reduce the chances of mistakes and errors. Examples,

  • It is vital to make sure that every employee are entirely trained and updated regarding with the modern technology or use in respect to reduce the probabilities of accidents.In the coming period of time, company tends to require certain specific factors before recruiting employees such as, experiencing, talented labour those would have crucial skills labour the latest technology. Ability to deal with the risky condition can be more vital part for the consulting companies. It would assist in reducing the cost of extra training and program development (Nicholas and Steyn, 2017).
  • All kind of reserve capital before getting associated with these kinds of activities for minimising the obstacles of success is taken into account.
  • Formulation of positive relationship among staff members for mixing the proper coordination among each other while engaged with the team.

With the assessment of specific viewpoints of employees with the motive of using questionnaire method, it has been determine that implementation of digital technology is really indispensable for the future growth of an organisation. Along with the, application of use of latest equipments is beneficial for the overall development of staffs members because it would aids in attainment of overall aims and objectives in near future time.


P7: Reflection for learning and practices

During the research, I have gone through various types of issues and mistakes for the purpose of attaining my all kind of set objectives that is implementation of latest technology such as; mobile technology at an organisation for increasing companies total sales as well as increase in total reputation establishment. Like, when I was asking with the employees regarding the overall installation procedure then some of them are agree on my individual opinion but few are not happy with this as they are finding it as a complicated process. Along with this, capital are also not more effective factors which acts as an barrier in my success direction because of sometime, I have really requirements of technical staffs for the understanding code language of software. Like, few experienced or technical groups are more demanding for high salary and we are failed in attainment of their overall desires. Thus, in attaining my set target of the research, I have encountered as major issues but somehow, I have been able to manage all the things and get overall growth in achieving my overall aims and objectives. It is vital for the researcher is to inform future behaviour specifically related with overall sustainable performance of the continental consulting limited. It would assist the company for the future developments of the plans that is made for the purpose of attaining group goals and aims (Morris and Geraldi, 2011).


From the above project, it has been concluded that managing business successful in tough task for any project manager or the company. For this purpose, all the essential steps that are required for the effective utilisation of project is taken into account. Use of effective research method which will be planned for the successful attainment of overall aims and objectives of an organisation. Henceforth, entire project is move around the installation of digital technology through indicating their impacts on progress of small firms which is faced by the company. Along with these lines, successive to dissect the perspectives of a few part's mangers of an organisation get aware about the need of innovation for employees, clients and in addition accomplishment of entire organisation.

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Books and Journals

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