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Community Engagement


Community engagement refers to the process in which group of people works together for community in order to address those issues which impacts over its well being. It is community oriented activity that contributes in building positive relationship among community members (Habibi and et. al., 2014). This present report is based on Nando's, an international dining restaurant founded in South Africa in1987. This restaurant is one among the leading company who operates its business at in approximately 35 countries with 1000 outlets. This report is going to provide detailed information on size and structure of Nando's. Further, it describes about its targeted customers according to their offered products and services. It also deeply conducts SWOT analysis in order to analyse their internal as well as external factors which impacts over growth of company. Additionally, need and importance of training and development sessions for Nando's are going to be elaborated.

The sector in which it operates, the size, structure and explain its Goals, Mission and Values

Nando's is a top leading chain restaurant belongs to South Africa. This company is large in size and operates its restaurants in numerous of countries with the medium of outlets. Nando's is mainly offering its specialised Portuguese style chicken dishes in its outlets.

Organisational Structure: Nando's follows flat organisational structure in which there are few or no individuals between top level managers and sub-ordinates working in an organisation. In this context, it will helps Nando's in satisfying its employees needs and requirements which will make its workforce effective and efficient (Baldus, Voorhees and Calantone, 2015). In this structure there are only three levels of management which are managing director, managers and staff members, which helps the chosen organisation Nando's, in saving costs and increasing its productivity. It also helps an organisation in making decision making process easier as compared to other form of organisational structure.

Goals: The main goal of Nando's is to convince its customers that cost which they are paying for its food products is worth it as they are providing best in quality Portuguese style chicken dishes. They want to make reach middle class people by providing them their food products at an affordable rate.

Mission: Nando's mission is to provide best in quality food product to their potential customers at an affordable rate. They are committed to serve their customers with utmost honesty and integrity.

Values: They value and respects everyone comes at their restaurant, whether they are their customers or staff members.

Identify its Customers and What they Expect from the Organisation in Terms of Goods and Services

Food range of Nando's is mainly based on Portuguese theme based dishes which generally attracts only those customers who are aware of this food range. It has been analysed that main customers of Nando's basically belongs to those category which gives high importance to healthy food. It can be said that this type of customer range only is few in number but they easily gets ready to pay high amount for hygiene and healthy food (Mazerolle and et. al., 2012). As per overall analysis it can be said that customer of every has its own expectation from the company. In relation to customer range of Nando's, expectation of its customers towards the product and services of this company are described as below:

High Quality Healthy Food: It is the main expectation of customer who belongs to every range as they loves to get high quality to food products. Customers of Nando's expects from this company to always avail healthy food to them as it will keep them away from diseases.

Economic Prices: Another expectation of customers of Nando's is to offer healthy food to its customers at economical prices. This expectation basically initiates from middle-class people as they good food with fine taste in their budget only.

Quick Services: Nando's offers healthy food products to its customers which generally consumes lots of time to get prepared effectively (O'Mara-Eves and et. al., 2013). Customers of this restaurants expects quick services from the staff of outlet as its quiet boring for them to wait for food for longer period of time.

Include a SWOT or PESTLE Analysis to Support your Explanation



  • Nando's is offering huge variety of dishes of Portuguese food in comparison to other restaurants at reasonable prices.
  • This company holds huge range of franchise network which is beneficial in enhancing its command over customer across the world.
  • The company offers healthy food to customers by using flamed cooking method (Wells and et. al.,  2013). It normally prepares food in open fire that does not contain any fattening element in their food.
  • Nando's holds strong financial position at a market place because of variety of franchised outlets which enhances its revenue criteria.
  • High concentration towards healthy food results in avoiding big range of customers that do not  give preference to healthy food.
  • Huge range of franchises stores leads to mismanagement of employees as these employees are not getting proper training which results negatively on quality of food which is offered to customers.
  • The company is still technically backward as it does offer services of online  booking of food products to its customers.



  • Nando's can enrols into CSR activities for enhancing its sustainability at market place.
  • The company can also go for some more food range like adding variety of breakfast food product to customers in their menu.
  • Increasing number of fast food restaurant like KFC, McDonald's etc. can become major threat for Nando's as  modern day customers feels highly attracted to Junk food which is far better in taste as compared to healthy food items (Sarkissian and et. al., 2012).

Explain about the Role of the Employees within the organisation and how they Support the Organisation Achieve its Goals

Employees plays essential role within the organisation which ultimately contributes in achievement of targeted goals and objective. In relation to Nando's role of its employees in organisational growth are described as below:

Quality Maintenance: First and foremost role of employee in restaurant is to maintain quality of food products which are going to be offered to the customers. It has been analysed that employees are the only one who contributes in achievement of goals of the company that are related to quality (Batterham and et. al., 2014).

Improves Customer Experience: Employees also helps organisation in improving its experiences of customers while using the products and dealing with them. It can be said that employees has major contribution in retaining customers of restaurant by making their visit to restaurant enjoyable and rememberable. As a result, positive customers experience retains them to remain loyal with company which ultimately enhances profitability of company.

Explain about Training and Development and Why this is Important to organizations

Training and development sessions are highly beneficial for the company as it helps them in improving skills of their existing employees which contributes in satisfying its customers. In relation to Nando's, the popular restaurant is conducting various kinds of services to its customers such as sales training, skills development session, employees training etc. In relation to Nando's training and development sessions are highly important for this organisation in order to maintain its presence across the world. Some of its effective importance are described below:

Enhances Employees Performance- Training and development sessions are highly important for Nando's as its improves the skill of available workforce of restaurants. It can be said that with improved skills employees are easily able to perform their job responsibilities in less period of time (Johnston, Becker and Paton, 2012). As a result, they are able to achieve their targeted goals and objective in more effective manner.

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Increases Sustainability of Company:  Importance of training and development session can also be seen in the sustainability ratio of the company. It has been analysed that training and development sessions helps Nando's in improving their existing products and services which contributes in enhancing customers satisfaction of the company. As a result, improved customer satisfaction helps in increasing sustainability of organisation at market place because satisfied customers remains loyal with the company for long duration of time.

Select a Role from your Chosen organization & Explain the Importance of this Role to the Organisation

Nando's is an international level restaurant in South Africa that deals in Portuguese cuisine. Manager of Nando's restaurant performs following roles as explained under:

Organise and Implement: Most vital function of a manager is formulation of various policies and their implementation for growth. Also managers at Nando's are responsible for production management and ensure adequate amount pof raw materials and food stuffs to feed their customers.

Direct: Provide necessary directions to subordinates regarding improvement of food facilities,changes in menu etc. and provide them ample amount of guidance and knowledge so that they can achieve their future goals and responsibilities (Balestrini and et. al., 2014).

Perform interpersonal role: Manager of Nando's like every manager performs interpersonal role which is further divided into three categories namely figurehead- one who has different social, ceremonial as well as legal responsibilities, leader – a leader is a person who provides direction to his subordinates by leading and setting example.

These are some important functions that are performed by manager of Nando's to help it achieve its targets on a timely basis.

Explain the Skills and Knowledge Needed to Carry out the Role

Every job or role requires some set of skills for efficiently working in an organisation. Skills and knowledge required by managers of Nando's include:

Good Communication:  Communication acts as a lifeblood in every business concern. A manager should definitely have excellent communication skills so that he is able to convince people to do a given task.

Problem-solving and Decision Making:  As Nando's is an international cuisine based restaurant it is expected to face many problems on their daily basis (Caldwell and Foth, 2014). Therefore, its manager should be capable enough of handling these issues on daily basis.

Commercial Awareness: If managers of Nando's want to progress and expand, it is important that managers are aware about organisation's aims and objectives and also have an understanding about the sector Nando's is operating in. Managers should possess ample amount of knowledge and skills about political and economic factors that may affect its working.

Explain what Training and Development Requirements Need to be Considered.

It is important for organisation to consider overall need and requirement of training session in the company. In relation to top management of restaurant main need of training which are analysed and considered by them are described as below:

Expertise Coaching: It is important for organisation to avail expertise coaching to its employees in order to develop their skills effectively. In relation to Nando's, it is important for its employees to avail expertise coaching to employees so that they can get aware about their specified job role.

Advanced Equipment: Further, it is required by organisation to consider need of equipment while providing training to its employees (Collier, 2014). In relation to Nando's, the company only offers training to employees works in its franchise store with the help of advance technology and equipment as outlet of this restaurant are spread across the world which requires updated technology to communicate effectively.

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As per the above mentioned report, it has been analysed that community engagement is an effective process that helps organisation in achieving targeted goals and objective with collaborative working. It has been observed having appropriate knowledge of mission, values, goals and objective of company helps top management in increasing profitability of company. In addition to this, Swot analysis helps company in identifying available opportunity for company which helps in enhancing their profitability ratio. Apart from this, it can be said that by identifying expectation of customers company as well as it employees can easily enhance satisfaction level of customers. Along with this, training and development session contributes in improving skills of employees which will directly enhance their profitability ratio. Hurry Up IT students! Take our Matlab Assignment Help Online UK from IT professionals.


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