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Challenges In Cyber Security In Business

Introduction to Cyber Security

Cyber security is essential for each and every business unit in order to protect the business in an effective manner. Information technology and internet having a large impact on the business but on the other hand it can increase the major security challenges of the business which may have a negative impact as it is in a digital form and mots of the companies use cloud computing hence it is easy to breach into any company's data and use it as per hacker's need . This study would help to know various ways to overcome these things . It would also help us to know that what are the various firms that help an organization to overcome the challenge of hacking and various ways that has been followed by government to reduce the risk of data theft and data corruption.

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Literature review

In this digital world, Cybersecurity become most important because cyber attack can come from anywhere and it can destroy and copy our important files in to computer so cyber security help to secure our company networks, computers and programs to cyber attack and there are many basic challenges that company face in to cyber security. These are USB encryption, third party device connectivity, USB control, data loss prevention, reverse engineering of malware, emergency responses team, breach indicators, disk encryption, application control and mobile device management and there are many type of cyberattacks that face by organization such as APT (advance persist threats) I is long- term target attacks that divided itself in to multiple file to avoid alert, DDoS(distributed denial of service) it happen when server overloaded with requests and aim of switch down the target's network system, Malware, It is known as umbrella term and it gain the unauthorized access means it get access of your computer after malware comes into your computer or device, Passwords attacks, three type of password attack in first one cyber attacker guessing your password that have been done by various programs and second one is keylogging that get all information about you email id and login id or passwords and there are many software available on the market that help to secure your data from these attack like Avast, 360, Kaspersky and etc. These software help to secure many cyber attack like malware, keylogger. Firewalls also help to secure your data from cyber attacks and it comes in some computer or device in built like in Microsoft windows.
In 2016 data breach investigation report a company examined 9000 phishing activities in which across 865 data breach and most of companies send fake emails to test their own employees and best practices for business are keep your software updated because outdated computer crash easily and cyber attacker are fully patched, educate your employees because that help to aware people about cyber attack then they can use various cyber security method to secure their file and educated people easily secure their system, Practice your incident response plan, make sure your company is well prepared for any cyber activities by building effective security. Now a days it become more complex there are many type cyber attack which even don't know the companies and most of companies started to safe their system before the cyber attack that help to secure in future attack and they are using very secure system like UBANTU, KALI and many more Linux operating system that help to secure the data of your company. These operating system isn't easily hack by hacker or cyber attacker. There are three main risks for cyber security and these are Lack of Cyber education, it is an huge problem because most of employees don't know about cyber crime, attack and security so company need to educate their employees about the cyber security and crime than they ready to face cyber crime in future by the help of various antivirus. Employee needs to be informed about threats, malware that try to steal your company data so education is important in cybersecurity and cyber crime in among the employees. Company need to provide weekly education to his employees about cyber attack, crime and security which help to secure company from uncertain conditions. Second risk is Insider threats, these threats come with torrent and any file which download on internet. these threat can delete and steal your files and can use in against the law so you need to download thing very carefully and these threats can destroy and steal also company data for their own profit so company's employees need to very careful work on internet. Third risk is Bring your own device because that help to secure your details and no need to log in your information in to others computer and if you log in your information into other person device then that person can easily hack or file so be careful and carry own device and if company's employee log in their office details in cyber cafe and forget logout then anyone can misuse these details against the company need to provide education to their employees. There are many cyber security companies that provide various type of security products to other companies and this is the one solution to all risks and company can use various operating system to secure company's data. Company need to change all password in to 30- 40 days and use upper case, lower case of word, numbers and symbols in to the password because it is hard guess. Don't use name, numbers into the password these little things can also help to secure companies to cyber attacks and these three risk company need to understand very well


There are various challenges faced by businesses in cyber securities like dissatisfied worker “Internal attacks are one of the biggest threats facing your data and systems,” states Courtney Thompson, CTO of Green House Data. As dissatisfied employees of an It business firm could get an opportunity to heck or supply company's data to its competitors resulting loss of data for the company the solution to this is by reducing the accounts exploitation and identify all the privileged accounts and credentials and delete them who are not in use and accounts of all the employees who have left the company should be terminated as soon as possible said by Adam Bosnian. In banking business also a dissatisfies employee can easily use the details of any customer to transfer the amount to another account which is not easy to trace and it not easy to track the account detail of the person in whose account the money has been transferred . Second are irresponsible employees who forgets their mobile , laptop or any other devices unlocked in a public place are also responsible for the cyber crime because the information could easily be copies or forwarded to a person who could misuse the data said by Ray Potter CEO of safe logic. The solution to this issue is that companies should give a proper training to their employee on cyber security best practises and offer ongoing support said by Bill carery. They should also make sure that employee should a strong password including both numeric and alphabetical words while setting the password for their devices and accounts. For example an employee(A) of a big company left his phone at a public place which is found by another person(B) of same business but different company in this situation B who found the A's phone could easily access personal data of the A and could use it for business purpose or sell that data to someone else for money. Third thing it that everything is in digital form hence it is very difficult to catch the real culprit because it is easy to change the information protocol address by using various software which are used of hacking purpose namely Nmap, jhon the ripper, Null byte etc. are some of the basic hacking software . For this sheriffs uses a team of professional ethical hackers who works for them and trace those unethical hackers. So a hacker is almost untraceable if he\she has a better working capabilities and have a good knowledge about the numeric coding of computers . Fourth is data formatting which means that a hacker would enter into company's website and would clear all the data available on the cloud account of that company which can cause huge losses to the company these kind of work is done by mainly those who have some kind of personal grievances with the company are could do anything to harm the company to counter act on these kind of companies have their own cyber cloud and their own space and their own security software which are hard to breach .Fifth is software update which means that there in always be someone who will break the security codes of a company to prevent this employees of the company will have to update their software and security system according to the updates which are available in the digital market . A weak software could be a reason for the breach of hackers into the company. Sixth is that a hacker can easily access to any company around the globe which is connected to online as the company is registered online .The company have its data and information available on the net a hacker could easily access that sitting from any part of the world for this businesses have few layers of walls such as firewall and other security system which are not easy to breach example Microsoft windows original windows have a single security firewall breaching that a hacker would easily do piracy of the window and sell it into the market this is the reason. in this dynamic and high technology world many companies are facing the cyber security issue these issue can be presentation of losses , the USB which can pass the message to one person to another. So in that context many author argue many say it is useful in doing the smart work some say they have m,any disadvantage also as cyber attack and tracking is done by these devices.

So the company brings many solution for this problem that they get solution by having the Wi-Fi. SD , Bluetooth to minimize these problems. There many anti software system which prevent the data for loses. These software can also prevent the anti wires enter into the devices. The companies also having the emergency team to handle the situation whenever its occur. These cyber securities prevent from the damages like infrastructure destroy. The companies are launching many smart phones apps by which thy can prevent the cyber attacks in their phones. social media is one of the biggest reason for the cyber attacks. So company has to prevent its data by updating their technology. Some organisation use the cloud computing because of its lesser cost and time. Another aspects is protects the information rather than information. The company should save its information so it can be fully safes and not give the full emphases on the system only.


Many author argue that what are losses from these risks like they can have the financial looses, proprietor any personal information loses. They argue that even some time it is difficult for the attackers faced difficulty to track the company information and system. So they find the weakness of the company and than attack them. So company should control the information from external as well as the internal. The supply chain of the any business enterprise should carry in effective manner so that there is no scope of the cyber attacks take place.

Many authors say the new technology brings the new treats of the cyber attacks. The devices which are newly launches in the market has the more risk of cyber crime. so organisation should make policies to not use the mobiles,tabs,laptops in the office hours.

These are the some of the drawbacks of the technology but the technology brings new concept to the business world as they make the work more easier and less costly. If any new concept is coming in the market there are always merits and demerits of the technology. So we cannot criticise the technology for only its few demerits. There are many benefits also to this technology. Every single organisation is dependent on the technology and having the centralised data storage in this systems. Occurs can be take to prevent these losses so that company can protect its data as well as the the employees interest from all these attacks. Many companies are coming with new ideas to make the solution of these cyber attacks. There is GPRS services which protect from the cyber attacks. GPRS can correct the mistake during billing and give the indication of the cyber attacks.

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Cyber crime is big threat to big organisation with highly talented employees as in a hacker's world the one who is able to break or breach the binary coding of any software including the firewall and other securities of the company can use their data to harm them . As most of the top businesses have faced cybersecurity issues . There are many organization which are dedicated to work in this field with the help of government and other officials working in this field they help other firms to keep their data safe . This is not limited to the various organizations, even countries and other nations are working in this sector in order to keep their data safe as seen above. This case also tells us about various type of hackers and reasons behind the theft of work and other issues that can be a good base for a crime to be committed on the counter part this case tells us about various ways and measures that has been made by government to protect people from cybercrime.


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