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Advertising and Promotion in Business


A business makes its presence in the market by promotion and advertising is the method of promotion. The promotion of a business is a beautiful way by which an business men makes their customers aware of the current products as well as potential ones. These are the strategies to persuade customers. The WPP(wire and plastic products)group is a multinational company of public relations and advertising. Its the world's largest company with around 190000 employees in 3000 offices and 112 countries. This report is based on WPP and its strategies for promotion and advertising. The product portfolio of WPP includes insight of consumer, maintaining public relations, advertising, affairs of public. (Anjum More and Ghouri 2012.), branding and identity etc. Promotion is all about communicating to the target group. All the current trends in advertising and promotion are discussed in this report. This report will help in understanding the marketing communications scope, and importance of advertising and its role,the below line techniques and their use and the plan to integrate promotional strategies.

1.1 Process of Communication that applies to promotion and advertising of WPP

Process of Communication is the essential element of advertising and promotions. The communication process main purpose is to address questions and queries from prospects and to persuade customers. Process that applies here comprises of nine elements. Such as sender,receiver,media, message, ,decoding, encoding,, response,noise., feedback, In this case of WPP , party sending a message to their clients so they are sender, WPP encode the message and it conveyed to prospects that this is the company of ideas and innovations to maximize their promotions. viewers decodes the message and customers are the receivers. Noise occurred because of unplanned distortions in the company and feedback is what the customers gave to them(Buil Chernatony and Martínez 2013). The WPP has a very dynamic communication process as it has wide range of portfolio and communication is the key link to bind the company and customers together. The features advertising, customer promotion package, they create a buzz.

1.2 Organisation of advertising and promotion industries

Advertisement and promotion industry is the most growing industry in United Kingdom. They are organised in five categories. One of the most important categories is advertiser which are considered as clients. Second category is advertising agency which produces and distributes advertisement in United Kingdom. Another category is media which is operated all over the world. Specialized marketing communications services are also provide promotion services in the country. They all provide the best possible advertisement medium in corporate world. They support to make an attractive presentation of product and services.
The advertising and promotions industry works in a centralised system. Other organisation is of advertising industry that produces and distributes the advertising. There are participants in the industry who work as free lancers and provide collateral services: artists, directors, printers,writers, photographers etc. The organisations from the advertising and promotion industries are divided in certain groups, and they are:

  • SPECIALISED ADVERTISING ORGANISATION: these are the agencies for higher types of advertising like financial, industrial, entertainment, phone book etc.
  • GENERALISED ADVERTISING ORGANISATIONS: these are normal type of advertising done by WPP for organisation like logo designs, marketing brands etc.
  • IN HOUSE ADVERTISING: These take tasks to complete individual to individual businesses. There is struggle in achieving every single people through their promotions.
  • INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING ORGANISATIONS: these deals with the social media like internet, Facebook, What's app, television. They have the utmost amounts of customers.

All these organisation work together to attain a common goal and do advertising and promotions

1.3 How Promotion is regulated :

Promotional activities in advertisement industry are important part in United Kingdom. There are some feature which a promotion must have to create a healthy environment. These features are provided according to the UK law. First the promotion must have an accurate description about services and product for which promotion is done. Another regulatory features include that it must be legal and truthful regarding information. The promotion must be descent and honest. It should not encourage illegal, unsafe or anti-social behaviour. Thus the promotion is regulations are done according to the law provisions.

Risk and likely impact of promotion regulates the promotional activities. if there is high risk in the approach then the WPP immediately withdraws the campaigns or edit it(Dharand Varshney 2011). Promotion of activities is completed in three stages like:
pre development stage: in this stage the activities for promotion is done prior to the product is launched in the market. These promotions attract the customers attention way before the product is going to launch in the market. after grabbing their attention WPP take their comments, feedbacks on the introduction of the merchandise.

  1. Product starting: This is the key stage of promotions.. this is the initial stage of product and this is the time the customers fate is decided this stage defines whether the clients will be attracted to the customers or not. however the ads have to be lucrative too.
  2. Promotions to be oriented offers: These are used to carry out to provide offers to the clients . They are especially don e to provide attractive offers. But sometimes the up to date discharge of the merchandise.

1.4 Current trends in advertising and promotions, including the impact of ICT on WPP.

Today information technology has changed the way of advertisement and promotional industry. One of the major current trend is real time bidding and programmatic approaches through online advertisement. Another new trend in promotion and advertisement on WPP is native advertisement which takes advantages from the way people use the platform. Other trends include Video advertising, Targeting,Localised and geo targeting and mobile advertisement.

In today's scenario advertising and promotions are media oriented. The aim of WPP is to maintaining the old clientele and top grab the new ones. The online promotions is the fastest way through which the customers are attracted towards the campaign(Dholakia 2010.), they educate them about what is trending and which brand is growing and becoming popular. this has been the most popular trick to interest customer as it gives special deals and take suggestions from customers. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is proved to be the another trend in advertising approach. Globalization here causes a perplexity on whether they should focus on global advertising or domestic advertising?
Will stipulation of ads be useful?
Amount of consistency needed to reach customers?

The effect of ICT in WPP advertising and promotion is very crucial in gaining brand success. Information and communication technology has proved to be beneficial in the success as they have their own short films for promoting brands(Diamond 2011), it creates a buzz among customers through promotional activities.

2.1  Advertising role in integrated promotional strategies for a business product and decisions.

Advertising play a vital role in promotional strategies for the business organisations in United Kingdom. Being a leading advertisement company WPP plc has an effective advertising plan to make an promotional strategies. For example of advertisement of a soap, the company uses posters, television and banners in promotional activities. If these medium of advertisement are effective and attractive then maximum customers will buy the product and promotional strategy will be successful.

Advertising is the portion of strategies of promotions, it plays as a tool for the promotion of mass media and different types of advertisements serve different purposes of communicating with prospects. It serves the purpose of reaching to customers via radio, business directories, movies,TV, websites etc. through advertising consumers can be reached on a very large scale(Lee and Lee,2012.). It also helps in building personal relations with the customers through e-mails. And wishing on them on their birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Advertising shows the strengths of the product to the customers its helps in promotional schemes so as to reach to the targeted customers(Haque Ahmed,and Irfath 2010). It helps in boosting the credibility in the minds of clients.

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2.2 Explanation of Branding and how it can be used to strengthen the business product launched by wire and plastic products

Branding refers to a characteristic of product which attaches a customers with the company. It is done with the creation of logo, symbol or a slogan. This is done to for differentiating their products. Its not about creating a target audience(Heerdeand et. al., 2013), its about the creation of the prospects of the organisation to determine them as the only product or brand that will provide an effect for their problem. The use of branding is as follows:

Branding helps the company to make its customers loyal as it fulfils the customers expectation and it creates a common expectation from a product of company and the company do researches and development(Kim2013.). The differentiated products gives the competitive advantage to the company and the consumers are provided with the new and improved products.

2.3 Advertising strategy Creative aspects . Evaluation of the strategies to address the successful advertising campaign

As advertising is a dynamic medium so creativity is needed in advertising so as to create attention. Without innovation and a creative approach its impossible to survive in the cut throat competition in this competitive market. The four aspects of creative advertising strategies is as follows:
the product must be relevant according to the needs of the consumers.
Gives a promising value to the customer.
Brand message should be co-operated it should not infer the meaning of the brand message.
the advertisement should revolves around the product only(O'GuinnAllen,and Semenik,2011). Product should be the centre of it. These strategies are to be evaluated to be the successful . If the customers get impacted by it.

Strategies for advertising:

  • Ad Copy: It is used by the advertisers to add key phrases for the advertisement happens to be created. This is an exceeding method not just to pronounce in which ad link takes, but to create advertisement to look as attractive as it possibly can to attract the individuals and attach them with the ad and the brand.
  • Brand strategy: it is the strategy to deliver the brand message to the customers. it includes all the communication you make to make the customers aware about the brand.

2.4 Working with ad agencies

Working with an advertisement agency is an important part for any business organisation to promote the product or services. The company as advertiser has to provide all the information to advertisement agency. On the other hand, the advertiser has to establish flexible relationship with the agency. The agency must know about the advertiser company to customise its promotional activity according to client.

  • To be with a successful ad agency, means to keep a smooth connection and operate with creativity. You will find four fundamental rules which organizations of business should follow.
  • Setting goals: Every promotion has an explanation that must be very obvious between the advertisement company and the organization. If the goals of the advertisement ain't be utilized, then they are likely not able to get them organized within their capacity.
  • Covering the bases of budget: Your budget choices are to be very nicely kept between the agency and the organization. People from both the sides are supposed to know all the explanations for each and every costing , the all inclusive costs.
  • Staying in contact: It is positively assumed to have good communication between the organization and the ad agency. Such a great relation ensures the success of the advertising agency(Schaeffler 2012.). There must be constant interactions to clear the sudden creative faults among them.
  • Establishing specific timelines: The timelines for each project are a result of discussion between both the parties, the ad agency and the organization. It is mentioned in the conditions whenever a campaign starts, so that there won't be any faults which would delay the project.

3.1 Explanation of the primary techniques of the line promotion and it 's use in integrated promotional strategy

Below the line techniques of advertisement company like WPP plc are the way in which the promotional activities are done other than radio, television, billboards, print and film.These techniques include direct mail campaigns, trade shows and catalogues, and targeted search engine marketing. They are used by the company in promotion of a product as they directly convey message about product or services.

Primary Technique

Use in Integrated promotional Strategy

Direct E mail marketing 

Direct mailing can give mixed results to the company and it is an appropriate way to communicate with the targeted market.  These types of marketing campaigns have to be design professionally and they have to hire professional writers to communicate.   Create message which would compel the intend of customer that he cannot ignore. The cost of the direct mails are totally based on length of the you  systematic process but normally they are lesser than any form of above the line techniques.

Marketing form one door to another

Company can use this type of marketing technique where takes sales to the personal level. This is a most commonly used form of the last line of the promotion (Shannon shannon 2011). It has a need of extremely trained staff for sales who has the information to make a relationship in the market. 

External field marketing 

This type of marketing is having a need of the person which are having an expertise in the make a connection with the people in the markets. They are having an expertise to make a proper communicate with the customers which help to increase data base of the customers via making external marketing activities.  

3.2 Various technique and tools which used in the line promotion

Other below the line promotional techniques are Trial Generation and free Sampling,Free/Extra Product,Premiums, (Door to Door Selling),Coupons,Rebates,Promotional Pricing,Trade-In,Loyalty Programs,Contests and Sweepstakes,Demonstrations,Personal Appearances,Sponsorship which are used in advertisement industry and promotional activity.


Use in integrated promotional strategy

Promotional Pricing

Most of the organisations are using this type of promotional technique according to this technique a company can reduce their cost and prices which helps to attract their customers and it help to increase the sales of the products in a quick manner. So it is power full promotional techniques which can be used by  a company for short time of period to boost the sales. 


It is a type of promotional techniques in which a retailer company provide an option to the customers to buy a product via exchanging an old product with them. It creates an interest of the customers in the deals which help to the company to grow up their sales on the initial level. So it can be used by the company for limited time of period. 

Loyalty Programmes

Customers are offered rewards in this technique of promotion, such as discount on price and free products on purchase of a major product, and other activities are known as loyalty programs. 

 4.1 Various process for formulation of the budget for an integrated promotional strategy

Operational budget method is easily the most proper procedure to formulate appropriate budget of sales and related promotions. Various three major steps in the this process to come up with a best budget for the firm's integrated promotional strategy.
Process of making the budget including the following steps:

  • First Calculate or make an estimation about all the costs of the promotion activities. These can be calculated by studying all the marketing objectives.
  • Second step include the calculation of the cost which ad agency can charge from the company.
  • Third step include the all the actual costs re compared from the planned cost in order to find out any variations. More the budget will be planned more it will give fruitful results to the enterprise.



Step 1

Only at this step, the entire approximate cost for the promotions involve entire types of marketing stuff, production and medium of marketing expenses are always calculated.

Step 2

Here, the costing is completed at this step and the transactions are ought to be made between the companies and ad agency also.

Step 3

 Actual final step following the step that is premier from the promotions. All the costing through out the premiere are mustily compared to the budget which is already planned, and it makes the company reconsider the budget , or else the prior budgeting shall continue. 

4.2 Development of a promotional plan for goods and services.

  1. Create the look: It is the first step from promotions must be taken to create an interesting picture of the goods and services within the consumer's mind. It must be of such a kind that the customers would be amazed to know more about the product or the company.
  2. Picture the look: In this period, the image from the product is to be presented in front of the public(Shimp,and Andrews,2012. ). The pictures need to be thrilling, lucrative and attractive. The must have part of the costumers' minds once they know about it.
  3. Prepare the organization and product sales brochure: Sales brochure for the product should be produced by the organization and employees must be present in stores nearby in order to create awareness about the product in general public, and promote the product and its sales.
  4. Additional promotional helps: This step of the process include catalogues , view cards, website short takes, company site, etc. An obvious concept of the merchandise and the company is constituted in the mind of a customer person in this step .
  5. Monitoring and promotional plan: This step have been carried out in their order, the examination of the promotional plans and works are did with feedbacks and questions from everyone considered and very attentively handled.

4.3 Plan for the integration of promotional techniques into the proposed promotional strategy





Pre- Promotion 

The promotion of the upcoming product have to be done. The general public must be made aware of what is the product all about. Consumers of the similar products must turn their attention towards the detailed information provided about the upcoming product of the company









During Promotion 

The product is to be introduced in the market and must gain the attention of public and turn them into the consumer of the product. Brochures with the information about the company and the product shall be provided to the general public.











Post Production

Sales must be observed and the feedbacks are very essential for the company. Customers' suggestions for making it better shall be considered seriously. Give them loyalty gifts and contest to win.














4.4 Techniques for measuring campaign effectiveness

Campaigning is done to promote the products and to create awareness among the customers and potential customers.

  1. Awareness and Recall: Uses of photographs and images from video clips are able to aware people and recall of your targeted audience. The company can also test messages called attitudinal measurement(Schudson 2013.). The company can determine the emotions that the ad message has invoked in the viewer.
  2. Inquiries: The advertisement campaign effectiveness can be calculate by lots of inquiries received by the company during the campaign period. Asking for the source is a way of the inquiry . Online ads that customers click through to get to the company's website or product page are easily traced by the online ad vendor from the ad.
  3. Internet: Digital form of internet advertising poses special measurement challenges that the internet industry and ad are attempting to refine. Impression measurements include clicks and unique visitors.

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To communicate with customers the best possible way is through promotional activities and through advertisements. They are the dynamic force that helps in linking customers with the company. All the activities done for promoting and advertising of brands to achieve a common goal, and to build a customer relationship via communication which is profitable to the business. These two are the survival links of the business in the markets, its on the firm to choose the strategies which will help the firm in branding and make the customers loyal towards their brand. In this report it has been studied that the overall success and fame of the business entirely depends on how they advertise and promote their products and services. The promotional strategies and their importance has been analysed with the help of branding plans and targets and templates for the same. The report here comprises of the promotional strategies and IMC and ICT techniques used by WPP. The importance of promotion and advertising has made the company a well recognised brand.

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