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Emphasis to Motivate Individuals -Ryanair Holding

University: University of Bristol

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3604
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: A80805
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Question :

Assessment will cover certain following areas like:

  1. Analyse culture, politics and power on the behaviour in Ryanair
  2. Evaluate how to motivate individuals and teams in Ryanair
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of how to co-operate and manage in Ryanair
  4. Apply concepts and philosophies in organisation with Ryanair
Answer :
Organization Selected : Ryanair holding plc


Organisation behaviour is a study of individual and group activity and performance. It helps us to understand the nature of humans which is very complex in an organisation (Miner, 2015). Here organisation behaviour of Ryanair holdings plc will be discussed in the report. Ryanair is a UK based company deals in airlines and related service. This report will lay emphasis on influence of culture, power and politics that affects team and individual performance of the company Ryanair holding plc. The report also emphasis to motivate individuals and teams of Ryanair to achieve goal. Also, the report will highlight effective team is better from ineffective team. The report will also discuss about concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour.

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P1 Influence of culture, politics and power on individual and team behaviour

Influence of culture

The influence of culture on Ryanair holdings plc will be explained by Handy's typology

  • Power culture - Power culture is mainly concerned with autocratic leadership. Power is held by the highest authority of the organisation and this authority makes decision (Chan, and Lai,2017). Employees in such culture is judged by their work not by their achievements. This culture follows motivational methods like incentives and bonus. Ryanair did not follow this culture as this culture brings morale of workforce down.
  • Task culture - This culture is different from power culture. In this, teams are formed to perform a special task. In this culture team members are specialised and creative which motivates them to perform task (Kaya,2015). Decision making in such culture is made by whole team and this maintains coordination among organisation. Ryanair holdings plc can follow this culture to accomplish specific task with efficiency.
  • Role culture - Another culture is role culture, this culture is concerned with bureaucratic environment. The employees are assigned power according to authority they have in the organisation. The manager delegates work to employees therefore, those organisations have tall structure can follow this culture like Ryanair. Decision making in this culture is slow because power is delegated to various individuals.
  • Person culture - This culture is mainly concerned with whole organisation. In this culture, individual work is on priority rather than teamwork. Here employees focuses to achieve individual goals like promotion, self actualization need etc. and work accordingly and in return they help company in achieving organisational goal. Ryanair follows this culture suits the best for their organisation.

Ryanair holdings plc follows person culture because this culture satisfy individual as well as organisational goals. But organisation can follow role culture to attain success in the industry they are prevailing. Also, the company can choose task culture for successful accomplishment of any special task. Like to build technician team to minor repair work of aircraft's.

Influence of politics

Politics at organisation affects their working in many ways. Here are some discussed below:

  • Delay in decision making - Although such a big company like Ryanair holdings plc also have internal politics which influence their working as well as decision making. Decision making power of manager is influenced by many employees to satisfy their own benefits. Like decisions related to making teams, or meeting etc are generally influenced by employees.
  • Lack of trust among employees - Because some employees to satisfy their personal benefits influence decisions of the Ryanair. The employees could not able to trust any of their co workers and superiors. Lack of trust thus affects their relationships and they did not like to work together.
  • Organisational productivity - Ryanair is having political interference which is thus affects productivity of the company. Because loyalty towards organisation is almost negligence which increases turnover in Ryanair. And therefore, productivity of Ryanair depletes. Like turnover of pilots, air hostess leads to decrease productivity as the company cannot afford to take off aircraft.
  • Increase in conflicts - Political influence also leads to increase in conflicts because employees are experiencing partiality within organisation. This came out to be a conflict environment among their peers and superiors. Also, conflicts disturbs the relations of employees and this negatively affects on their productivity.

Influence of power

The influence of power will be explained by French and raven's theory for Ryanair holdings plc

  • Reward power - In this power, organisation grant monetary or valuable rewards like incentives, bonus etc. offer to employees. In return employees need to follow their instructions.
  • Coercive power - This power is mainly suitable for autocratic leadership organisations because in this manager shows their power to employees by punishing them. Those employees who did not follow instruction of manager, they will punish and penalise them. Like termination, penalty etc.
  • Legitimate power - This power associates that higher individuals position give them high authority and power to issue orders. All the lower employees of organisation need to follow their orders. This power lacks creativity and interest of employees.
  • Expert power - The power is concerned with person who have knowledge and experience regarding particular task. The experienced individual has a power to issue orders and maintain working accordingly (Hanaysha,2016). This mainly follow in team working where expertise is needed to execute any specialised task.
  • Referent power - This power is different from all other power because in this the power is in hands of person have an image of executive presence and act as a mentor for others. This power is natural in some individuals. Any organisation can refer to this power.

Ryanair holdings plc follows reward power because individuals work in the company to attain individual objectives and thus they work to gain monetary incentives and bonus to satisfy their need and in return they perform task allotted to them which helps Ryanair to attain organisational goals.

P2 Motivational theories

Motivation can be defined as the feeling through which people do their actions willingly, try to achieve their goals and complete their commitments.

Content theory

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

  • Psychological needs - Psychological needs is mandatory requirement for human for ex. Food, drink, shelter, clothing., sleep. When people needs are not satisfied so they are not happy and they cannot work properly. So Ryanair Holdings plc is provided the benefits to their employees for example provide the medical or educational benefits and insurance, holiday, retirement benefits etc. so employees get motivated and they help to company for increase the profit. This stage is help to individual as well a group of people because they motivate by fulfil the Psychological needs (Allen, 2017).
  • Safety needs - Safety needs is provided the safety to the employees on the work place. Ryanair Holdings plc is provided the safety to their employees for example company provide the training to the employee for manage the machinery and correct use of safety (Hanaysha, 2016). Also create friendly environmental to reduce the work place stress. So that help to increase the motivation in the employees.
  • Love and belongings needs - This needs are help to the employee for increase the motivation. Ryanair Holding Plc is provided the best environment to the employees. Provide the opportunity to the employees so employee are satisfied and they trust to the company or also share their ideas with the company. So company promote the employees by the judege their experience.
  • Esteem needs - Ryanair Holdings plc is encouraged the people by provide the bonus, incentives extra pay and also increase the confidence among the employees by appraise publicly. So this is the best way to increase the motivation in the employees.
  • Self actualization needs - Self actualization is last stage of motivation. Because Ryanair appraise the employee and provide the benefits and rewards. So employees are satisfied and also encourage yourself to achieve more. So employees realizing their potential and increase their capabilities and motivates by own.

Vroom expectancy theory

  • Ryanair Holding plc is provided the benefits to their employee like medical, educational, retirement, provide holidays benefits so employees are motivates and help to increase the goal of the company.
  • Company offer many rewards to the employee. Appraise the employee in publicly and also provide the bonus, incentives, extra pay etc. company promote the employee provide opportunity like transfers, job rotation, promotion etc. so these all rewards is help to increase the motivation in the employees (Neves, and Story, 2015).
  • Ryanair Holding plc is give the good feedback to the employees provide positive vibes so employee get motivated and increase the company performance.
  • Company offer the good time schedule to the employee provide flexible working hours. So employee can work easily. Company also provide the training to the employee increasing the knowledge and help to reduce the work place stress. So employee are motivated and help to company for increase the profits. So this theory helps to both individual and team because this theory is change the behaviour of employees so employee are more concern for achieving the objective of the Ryanair Holding plc.

Difference between content and process theory

  • The main difference between process and content theories is that content theory focuses on employees and people need, in other side process theory focuses on behaviour of employees.

P3 Effective team and ineffective team

Types of team

  • Virtual team - Virtual team is group of people they work together from different areas and lotions and communicate with the help of technology. Ryanair Holdings plc is making the team for the purpose of achieving the goal of the company. This type of team is help to company for provide the best management and also provide the best results with the help of experts of the team. Also, virtual team is communicate by the help of technology such as Mail, fax, video conferencing etc. which helps to company for reducing the operating cost and help to reduce time and money so that is advantage for the company to use this type of team structure.
  • Functional team - Functional team is group of candidates who work on the common task of company and focus on the company goal. In functional team there have one leader they mange the team and provide the responsibility to the team member (Neves, and Story, 2015). Also, leader is responsible for all work that done by the team members. Ryanair holding plc is making the functional team for the purpose of complete the task of the company.
  • Self managed teams - Self managed team is managed by the all team member's they understand their responsibility. Company distribute the work among individual depending on there ability and skills of the employees. Also, employees are responsible for their work and they manage their work and help to Ryanair for achieving the future goal.
  • Problem solving team - Problem solving team is help to company for solve the difficult problem. The member of the team is focus on the specific problem that help to company for generate a profit. Ryanair Holdings plc is making this team for solving the problem (Kaya, 2015). The team is made for the purpose this is temporary not permanent when problem is solved team is also achieve the goal.

Effective team and ineffective team





Effective team is responsible for their task they complete their task in specified time.

Ineffective team is note take the responsibility towards their work and they cannot complete their work in specified time (Neves, and Story, 2015).

Decision making

In this team decision are share in the team members (Kaya, 2015) Team members also provide the best ideas to help the company for decision making

In this team decision are not share with the members and all decision are made by the team leaders.


Effective team is manage the all work in timely and team members is understood their responsibility towards their work. So they easily doing the work.

In ineffective team the manager of the team is distributed the work to the team member. So managers are mange the all works.


Size of team member is 5 to 10

Size of team member is not decided.


Effective team is generally resolve the conflict of the members. They understand the employee needs and wants. And provide the best opportunity.

Ineffective team is cannot take good decision so members of the team is generally not agree with the decisions.

Ryanair holding plc is making an effective team because effective is more suitable to achieve the goal of the company.

Tuck man theory

  • Forming - Forming is first stage of team development. In this stage team members know each other they understand the work and their responsibility. Ryanair holding plc is select the members according their knowledge and also select the leader of the team who manage the team. Leader of the team is managed the all responsibility also manage the members.
  • Storming - Storming is the second stage of the team development. In this stage members are trust each other and they share their ideas to the leaders (Hanaysha, 2016). Also, team leader is provided the best guidance to the members and help to complete the task of the Ryanair holding plc.
  • Norming - In the third stage team members are comfortable with their work and they share the ideas to each other. Also in the team they establish a new rule, values so that help to team for perform well and achieve the targets. Team is establish their own identity (Allen, 2017). Team leaders is provided better opportunity to their team members so that help to members they work independently and also increase the profit of the Ryanair holding plc.
  • Performing - In this stage team members are more focus on their work and they are motivated to other as well. Members are clear their objectives and they support their team members. Also, they help to company for increase the performance and profits.
  • Adjourning - In the last stage team members achieve the goal of the company and complete the task of the company. So satisfy the employee company can reward them and also planing for farewell party. Soi employee connected with each other and also they are happy for working together.

P4 Concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour

Concept of organisational behaviour will be explained by Path goal leadership theory. The leaders in accordance with this theory provide help and motivation to their followers. The subordinates hence accomplish their task effectively and efficiently. By the use of path goal theory leaders can improve performance of their sub ordinates and this will directly impact on productivity of the company.

  • Directive leaders - This leader gives proper guidance to their employees. They make employees understand about process need to follow to accomplish desired task. The leaders supervise employees for efficient working. This style is suitable for guiding inexperienced employees because they need proper guidance.
  • Supportive leaders - This leadership styles gives attention on needs of employees. The leaders are very friendly towards employees. They respect every employee and support them whenever needed (Tarigan,and Ariani,2015). This style of leadership is suitable for solving personal and professional problems of employees. Also, these leaders motivate them to work in efficient manner.
  • Achievement oriented leaders - The leaders of these style sets challenging goals for employees. These goals can be long term and short term both. Employees work hard to accomplish these goals and they also solve various problems of employees related to task accomplishment.
  • Participative leaders - This style of leadership is very essential to motivate employees of organisations. The leaders ask employees to participate in decision making process by which they get innovation suggestions. This way leaders show participative nature to bring attention and engagement of employees towards organisation.

Ryanair holdings plc follows supportive leadership style to accomplish goals of their entity. As the leaders or managers are so friendly with their subordinates (Allen,2017). The employees able to share problems with managers. The efforts of leaders in Ryanair guides their followers in order to improve their performance by motivating them. Also, the productivity will increases by efficient and effective work done by subordinates with the guidance of Ryanair leaders.

Philosophies of organisational behaviour are discussed below as:

  • Autocratic philosophy - In this philosophy managers controls whole organisation and instructs various task to employees. The employees are bound to follow orders of managers otherwise they will punish and penalise them (Neves, and Story,2015). This threat make them work according to orders of managers. Ryanair holdings plc follows this philosophy only in times of urgent work or internal politics.
  • Custodial philosophy - In this philosophy, managers use fringe benefits, gratuity and pension to motivate employees. Management uses economic resources to satisfy personal needs of employees. So, they work harder to accomplish organisational goal. In this, the employees are not dependant on manager instead of that they are dependant on organisation. This philosophy is adopted by Ryanair holdings plc when they observe demotivation among employees.
  • Collegial philosophy - This philosophy focuses on people who works as a team. The employees are self sufficient to take decisions and can manage their work on their own. Managers motivates the whole group of employees towards goal achievement by giving ownership of handling their task in their manner. Ryanair holdings plc follows these philosophies in their subsidiary companies, they are Ryanair DAC, Ryanair sun, Ryanair UK etc. to achieve a group goal (Koning, and Van Kleef, 2015).
  • Supportive philosophy - In this type of philosophy, managers focuses to maintain good relation with employees. They allow employees of organisation to participate in process of decision making by asking them about suggestions. The managers are good listeners and follow two way communication all over organisation (Allen,2017). By developing human relationship in Ryanair holdings, managers motivate employees to accomplish their task in efficient manner. This leads Ryanair towards growth and success.

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This report was all about Organisational behaviour and company here emphasised was Ryanair holdings plc. This report was begun with political, cultural and power that influence individual as well as team. For explaining these influences French and raven's model and handy's typology were discussed. After that Content and process theory of motivation was discussed. The report also covers a proper explanation of effective team is better than ineffective team. Then report explains about concept of organisational behaviour by path goal theory. At last the report emphasised on different philosophies that is adopted by organisations to attain goal.


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