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Analyze the Implication of Financial Pressure on NHS

Organization Selected : NHS


Critically discuss national and local factors that create financial pressures on the NHS which is mainly emphasized in South East of England

The National Health Services are growing under the financial force in between the year 2010 to 2014, the health spending are maximised by 1.2 percent and this rate will continue to be similar till the time there is no effective parliament formulated. This is far away from the annual growth rates which was approximately 3.9 percent in the preceding years of 2010 thus they are not able to cover the demands from the economy. The most important pressure on NHS is related with budget factor as they are mainly struggling in order to reach at a deficit of £2.6 billion.

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It is very difficult to analyse the implication of financial pressure on health and care services offered to patients(Fulop, Walters and Spurgeon, 2012). The national data of NHS composed of acute services related to care and with the little informations about the community based employment. While the attention is mainly paid towards explicating the restriction towards patients who are having access to health care services. The patients should not be waited for longer time for getting treatment who are suffering from diseases such as Vitro Fertilisation. There should be changes implemented in the services which are offered to customers as they are important in order to provide effective care services to their patients.

The (NHS England) administrative are having lower cost of operations then making comparison with other countries. According to the data there was least money spend on administrative services in NHS while compared to France and Germany. The private sector is mainly focused towards on providing front line health care services to all their potential customers and this will result in enhancing their overall values. At the similar phase the back office and administrative section plays an important role in keeping the services of NHS going through. The HR and payroll facilities are executed through the sourcing of different medical supplies and also making the GP practices carried out and the facilities in the hospital industry should be stocked (Lawrence, 2017).

The lack of funds available with NHS England is not the only challenge which is faced by the health care. There are different factors which are affecting the quality and availability of quality patients and the implications of all the factors will be intensified as the major challenge of financial industry. There are different ways by which financial pressure can have positive impacts by analysing the financial situation, Spending on the decisions of the health care, generating response and providing effective services to health care patients. The funds can be generated on reserves and also the cross subsidies which are available. This is an important factor in order to provide effective care services to patients (Taylor and et. al., 2015).

The financial pressure are also developed when the patients not not receiving effective treatment for the disease from which they are suffering because health commissioner at the local level are not providing them funds because they feel it is not appropriate. The decisions are mainly based on the evidences as they are cost effective or clinical. The denial factor can also be a good thing for the health care patients if they are not given effective treatment on the other hand it can be a bad factor if the care services are not effective. Denial is closely related with selection but the selection is based on the skill and characteristic of person who is being treated and the denial is based on the quality of treatment which is given to the health care patients. The example of denial is linked with the factors of selection as they are very less factors which are denied in almost all circumstances(Poverty, 2014)

The National Health services of England like any government fund care system had a very limited budget so they cannot be paid for the potential treatment which are offered to the care patients. While some countries are having clear list of benefits which can be availed by people but there are no guaranteed given to these services. People can avail the rights which are stated in the Constitution of NHS which is composed of the rights to receive all the services related to health care free of nay cost, certain services will be offered without wastage of any time, safe and clean business environment and the treatment of drugs recommend by the doctors of NHS if it is appropriate.

NHS is influenced by both the local and the national decisions but the appropriate services should be provided to patients according to the disease from which they are suffering. Apart from the legal requirements of funds all the treatments are provided to patients so they can be easily cured from the disease which they are suffering (Zheng and Congdon, 2012). This implies that treatments which are given to patients are entitles by the national framework and legal treatment. Are you looking for an expert to write my assignment for me We are able to help out thousands of students with assignment help from experienced Canadian writers?

Deflation is also a vital factor which impacts on the health care patients as sometimes the institutions are refusing to provide treatment to the patients and instead of them they are sending them to some other in order to get treatment from the disease which they are suffering. There are two different ways by which financial pressure can be deflected which is local authority may deny from giving treatment and they can transfer them to other institutions another is related with executing GP practices to the hospitality sector.

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For the health care patients this can be a situation of anxiety or uncertainty as the patients are transferred from one place to another in order to get their treatment. The outcome of this can be related with delay in health care services and there can be frustration among the care workers as they had to repeat the same thing again and again(Brown and Osborne, 2012).

Thus it can be concluded that there should be sufficient funds available with NHS by which they can provide treatment to the patients and also there should be systematic plans developed by which effective services can be offered to patients.


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