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Top 10 Universities in the US to Study Abroad

11 Oct 2022 2202 30 minutes
A Guide by Global Assignment Help - Top 10 Universities in the USA

Get Acquainted with the Best Universities in the US

When a supreme court justice - Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “America is known as a country that welcomes people to its shores. People of diverse cultures.” You must have felt that thought.

Pursuing education on an international level is a dream for many but a reality for the chosen ones. So, when you are one in the crowd! How about you invest in an equitable country to study abroad? To make your search process easier, we provide you with information about one of the world's most cutting-edge hi-tech nations: the United States of America, which is renowned for having some of the best universities in the US. But for you as a student, it could be obvious to think - why the US? Or, What makes the USA better than other countries on the globe? To answer all your doubts and queries, we have curated this blog. So let’s understand the educational world of the USA and what are the best universities in the US.

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Why Study in USA | 5 Constructive Reasons

You are a person with big dreams but are you capable of making them your reality? Then do that with class and good standards. How about the land of endless opportunities and cream education? There is more to it, and to understand why study in USA, you must scroll down.

Global Recognition

The first and foremost point to attract is the world-recognized educational system. All American universities are renowned globally and are funded by top organizations. In addition, the ranking chart is marked with many of the top 10 universities in the US. So, do not shy away from getting enrolled and accepted in the market of high-paying jobs.

Flexible Coursework

In the top American university, you get an opportunity to enroll in your interest of major. But how about you get an opportunity to add a bonus course? The USA lets you explore the curriculum beyond the pivotal boundaries. You have an area to choose your academic curriculum. Given the benefit, switch to some other major if you don’t find the opted one interesting.

Candidature Support 

You have always seen a supportive hand around you while staying at your native place. How about you get the same when you move overseas? Be it accommodation, visa, travel, or language barrier, you don’t have to fill your sack of worry. Best universities in the US has international student affair offices that ease the whole moving process for you. 

Diversified Culture

Language is never a barrier wall when moving to America. But having an experience of different cultures is what sums up the whole point. When the US opens its doors to the world, people of many cultural backgrounds walk in for various career opportunities. They aim to attain an international degree from the list of colleges in US ranked, to move a step ahead in their academic life. 

Complete Makeover

The United States offers a sense of freedom, enjoyment, and numerous chances, just as different nations have their own areas of strength. You don't want to go back after you've arrived. The setting emphasizes personality development in addition to lectures. The idea is to experience a happy ride in a vision of the night.

America is a country of a diverse community, it is a blend of both traditional and modern aspects of life. It has a lot on its plate to offer, and that makes it among the globally modernized nations. Enough about the USA, the vital point is to take the possible course of action for your international studies. So, make a choice and know what sums up the best US universities for international students.

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How to Choose the Best Universities in the US?

Getting well-acquainted with the pros of moving to the USA and getting yourself enrolled as per the US university rankings enough to uplift your educational path? Knowing about the internal and prime factors of universities makes an equal impact. So, as you are equipped with the plus points that make America your priority, now you should understand what to see in those universities before opting for one.

Factor 1: Whereabouts

And it all begins with the location. Before you move identify the area and calculate the distance. Most of the Universities in US offer on-campus accommodation but if your choice doesn’t fall there, then you must look for one somewhere nearby. Make sure your location is within the reach of all your daily needs and when you have to make a run for a lecture in the morning. 

Factor 2: Curriculum

Are you confident about what major you are to pursue? If that is clear to you, start to pen down the universities that offer you a choice of your course from the US university ranking index. Do opt for the learning hub that lets you change the major in case of any dilemma. Look for the right area of knowledge and what comes in addition to that.

Factor 3: Extra-curriculum

Is lifting the weight of books and stationary enough to look for in a college? University is a place to explore your passion, skills, and fun side. Be it music, rap, hip-hop, or sports, it is time you look for the right area providing all or either of these elements in addition to education. Choose the best universities in the US, where you would able to enhance your in-built talent or develop a new hobby. Do not limit your areas to the walls of the library but come and explore that muddy ground or the tune of those instruments or the drama of that theatre.

Factor 4: Monetary

Another aspect and a vital one is the pocket. What you see is not always what is offered to you. The price tag is not the reality of universities. Most of the learning institutions in America offer numerous scholarships and financial aid to ease the stairway to your dream. The zeal of attaining a higher education especially overseas from the top ten universities in USA could cost a fortune. So, you must invest good time to research the tentative living and tuition cost. 

Factor 5: Placements

Why are you planning a way to study at a top American university? To be an entrepreneur, writer or musician or artist, or scientist! The point is to stabilize your future and have a fulfilling job that fills your bank account. So, before you enroll, look for universities with better placement opportunities. You can either research or can have a good chat with alumni. Know what that learning institute holds for you and your future.

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Factor 6: Support Program

When abroad, what reliefs you the most? A helping hand or some great opportunity. A major number of the best universities in the US offer you a place like home with support options for academics and areas apart from that. They provide programs like counseling, advisory, orientations, support health groups, etc. Classrooms are not the only place defining study life in America. You don’t have to dig under the burden of your responsibilities when you can get all the help.

Making a choice is not everything but the right one is all that accounts for greater learning and growth. So, you must take in all the mentioned pointers to uplift your study abroad plans by choosing the options that benefit you in every way. To ease your way we shall now proceed to get you recognized with the US university ranking list for 2022-23.

A Reflective Book to Top Ten Universities in USA [An Insight]

The USA is one of the elite countries for cream quality education and high-class living. Now that you have a good idea about why you should opt for the USA for international studies and the factors to consider before you move to any of the renowned American universities. You must now get equipped with the list of colleges in US ranked to set a globally known career path.

Top 10 Universities In The Us

Rank 1 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)

“Mind and Hand” is what defined MIT. A highly ranked learning institute founded in 1861 with a small circle of science lovers and problem solvers. What makes it stand out and on top of US university rankings, is the principle of educational innovation and technology. 

  • Fee Structure - The ranking university of America stands at the price of $77,020 excluding financial aid for you to study there. It is inclusive of tuition, housing, and food in addition to the tentative cost of books, essential supplies, and personal expenditures.
  • Top Courses - The notable majors the university offers you are Business Analytics, Aerospace, Microbiology, and Artificial I The list does not limit to just these.
  • Elite Alumni - As the university ranks in the list of premium education it also creates a balance by delivering renowned names like the first African-American woman Shirley Ann Jackson, Robin Chase, Andrea Wong, and many others.
  • Acceptance Rate - The admission area qualifies with an acceptance rate of overall 3.9% and for students who apply before the deadline is 4.7%.
  • Accommodation - Though university life has its charm of living away from native life but undergraduates must reside on the MIT campus for a complete year.

Rank 2 - Stanford University

A public welfare educational institute and a private research center by a California senator, founded in 1885. It came into existence as a memorial of the senator’s only child. Stanford aims to uplift civilization and humanitarian aspects.

  • Fee Structure - The commonly known west coast ivy league college tag its price at $74,570 which is inclusive of books, supplies, and personal expenditure. Out of the total amountthe tuition cost stands at $52,857 yearly. 
  • Top Courses - The top-line streams Sanford offers include Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Medicine, Data Science, and A The list is quite lengthy for you to opt for the right major.
  • Elite Alumni - The notable learning university delivered some globally celebrated names like Sally Ride, Reese Witherspoon, Sundar Pichai(Google CEO), and Mukesh Ambani. 
  • Acceptance Rate - The admission criteria is very difficult to qualify for Sanford with accepting less than 5% of applications. 
  • Accommodation - Stanford university believes in bonding and making life-long relationships. First-year students must live on campus and the institute also assigns neighborhoods for living.

Rank 3 - Harvard University

A dream for many but hard work for a lot. An Ivy League college founded in 1636 carries a long history along. The private research university is known to welcome academic enthusiasts and elites who are prone to deliver the utmost caliber personally as well.

  • Fee Structure - The notable university of the USA is open with a tuition cost of $51,143 without any financial aid. But if you add on the room and meal planit sums up to a price of $74,528.
  • Top Courses - The renowned courses the university offers are Social Sciences, Biology, Mathematics, and H The list is long just like the rank.
  • Elite Alumni - Harvard, the name is enough to describe the level of education just like the renowned personalities Mark Zuckerberg, John F.Kennedy, Margaret Atwood, and Conan O’Brien. 
  • Acceptance Rate - Being the Ivy League college, the admission criteria are quite tough with an acceptance rate of 3.19%
  • Accommodation - Being a diverse culture, it is the policy for freshmen to stay at Harvard housing to mingle with other students.

Rank 4 - California Institute of Technology

Globally known as Caltech university, notable as a science and engineering institute. It was founded in 1891 with a motive to create a balance between premium academics and activities enhancing personal growth and development.  

  • Fee Structure - The high-ranking university offers an equal price tag of $77,718 for both residents and non-residents. This cost comprises tuition, room, board, books, supplies, and other expenses. 
  • Top Courses - The prestigious institute offers world-recognized learning and knowledge with the courses like Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and M There are many other majors to choose from.
  • Elite Alumni - Caltech is a notable university with a list comprising of some of the notable and esteemed names Howard Hughes, Frank Capra, William Shockley, and Amy Mainzer.
  • Acceptance Rate -Nothing comes easy, nor even admission into Caltech University. It is competent to get into with an acceptance rate of 6%.
  • Accommodation - The university gives compulsory housing to students for the first two years of the course. The place offers lottery accommodation as well.

Rank 5 - University of Chicago

When falling into ivy does not describe the elite name, but the university of Chicago defines it. Established in 1890 and is renowned for its highly acclaimed research programs. One of which is a revolutionary discovery of the link between cancer and genetics.

  • Fee Structure - The university fee model is quite expensive, with an amount of $81,531. The structure includes tuition, books, supplies, and room and board. A few other expenses also come under the price.
  • Top Courses - The popular academic courses the university offer, are Arts and Humanities, Life Science and Medicine, and Natural S The index is vast to enroll for your choice of course.
  • Elite Alumni - The place is not just about education but globally known with the favored list of names like Carl Sagan, Thomas Sowell, James Watson, and Satya Nadella. 
  • Acceptance Rate - The university opens its doors to academic elites by offering an admission acceptance rate of 6.5%. Making it an accessible to all educational institutes.
  • Accommodation - Just like the university doors, the housing is at the residential campus and is mandatory for the first two academic course years, exempting the transfer students.

Bonus Point - Former American president Mr. Barack Obama taught at the Chicago University Law School for 12 years.

Rank 6 - University of Pennsylvania

In 1740, the renowned Ivy League, another well-known American varsity, was established. An author, diplomat, and scientist Benjamin Franklin, a global figure, was the founder of the prestigious educational institute.

  • Fee Structure - The high-class elite learning institute provides its service at a sticker price of $83,298. The expensive amount includes, room, board, books, supplies, commuting, and personal expenditure.
  • Top Courses - Being an ivy league is not just credit but is defined by the offered majors. That includes Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support S
  • Elite Alumni - The famous American university has given some globally known names to the world like John Legend, Donald Trump, William Carlos William, and Elon Musk. And the list has a long way to go.
  • Acceptance Rate - An ivy league carries a lot of weightage, and Penn university is no less. It is highly ranked with an admission acceptance rate of 6%.
  • Accommodation - the University of Pennsylvania provides on-campus housing for four semesters, excluding summers.

Rank 7 - Princeton University

Located in the suburbs of New Jersey, Princeton is a private institution. Founded in 1746, Princeton University is a premier research university. The area has a lot of beautiful architecture and a lot of natural habitats, which helps pupils learn more. 

  • Fee Structure - As promising as the academic, so is the fees to study at the university. The net amount for the annual year stands at $68,044 which is inclusive of tuition, housing, rooms and boards, academic books, and other necessary expenses.
  • Top Courses - The university lives up to its name and offers impressive and distinguished majors like Public Administration and Social Service, Engineering, Computer, and Information S
  • Elite Alumni - Princeton comprises a list of highly renowned names and in delivering the world with top and famed people like the first African-American woman Michelle Obama, David Matthews, Oliver Ellsworth, and Jeff Bezos.
  • Acceptance Rate - The university has a 5.6% total acceptance rate, placing it in the category of premium education providers. 
  • Accommodation - The educational institutions not only take care of the learning but the living as well. As per Princeton policy, the students of the first two years must live on campus.

Rank 8 - Yale University

Yale University is a well-known name on the list of ivy league colleges established in 1701. The third-oldest educational institution in the United States, it was the first on the list to grant a Ph.D. in 1861. The learning institution supports scholars' intellectual curiosity and fosters their inventiveness. 

  • Fee Structure - The prime educational institute has a price tag of $76,645. The net cost of studying at Yale includes all the requirements of tuition, housing, food, books, supplies, rooms, and boards. 
  • Top Courses - The types of majors an institution offers define its reputation. Political Science, History, Economics, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology are included in the list.
  • Elite Alumni - The university ranks not only in knowledge but also in producing globally celebrated names like George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, and George H. W. Bush. 
  • Acceptance Rate - Students who can handle challenges and exacting workloads qualify for Yale. One of the most selective universities has three acceptance rates: 6.5% overall, 5.1% for regular admission, and 13.8% for early entry.
  • Accommodation - The housing policy is quite specific and strict at Yale university. First and second-year students must stay within the campus. Exemption to those who are married or at least 21-year of age.

Rank 9 - Cornell University

An 1865-founded, Cornell is a private, prestigious Ivy League university. Elite university's goal is to discover, safeguard, and spread learning and knowledge across the world. A hiking track runs across the university grounds, giving the campus its unique appeal.

  • Fee Structure - The university provides exclusive education at a price tag of $78,992. The annual cost comes bearing tuition, room and board, books, supplies, and other additional expenses.
  • Top Courses - Cornell is highly recognized in the public eye for students who want to pursue courses like Hotel Management, Engineering, and A
  • Elite Alumni - The celebrated names are what help a university rank high. In support of the notability, the personalities that mark the list are Ratan Tata, Toni Morrison, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Bill Nye. 
  • Acceptance Rate - Admission to Cornell is not a cakewalk, but a milestone to achieve with a selective admission process and an acceptance rate of 10.7%
  • Accommodation - Cornell university has a mandatory policy for students to stay in on-campus housing. The ones who do not wish to adhere have to go through the off-campus lottery with the permission of the residence life office.

Rank 10 - Columbia University

It is a private research university in the Ivy League, established in 1754. It is located in upper Manhattan, a prime area of New York. For a lifetime dedication to research and innovation, the educational institution seeks to provide students with an excellent education.

  • Fee Structure - The ivy league college is the prestigious name in the list of top-ranking universities of 2022 with an admission cost of $77,603. The amount is inclusive of books, supplies, room, board, and other miscellaneous expenses. 
  • Top Courses - Popular majors at Columbia University include Business Analytics, Biotechnology, Corporate Law, and A Additionally, the learning offers a wide variety of other courses.
  • Elite Alumni - The place has given the world many popular and globally reputable names like Barack Obama, Alexander Hamilton, Neil Gorsuch, and Alicia Keys. The index carries many more names. 
  • Acceptance Rate - Balancing the list of elite colleges, the Columbia university is very picky and selective for an admission acceptance rate of 5.2%
  • Accommodation - The university follows a strict policy for the freshman year. They are prohibited from living off-campus if they are not residents.

Hopefully, the above-listed information is a well-guided stairway to choose from the best US universities for international students. The attributes give a brief insight into all the queries and doubts a scholar may look for while browsing for the colleges. Take down notes of all the details and make the right choice.

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