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What Is an Online Proctored Exam? Things to Know

20 Jun 2024 226 8 minutes
What Is an Online Proctored Exam?

Being a student, you must have seen a lot of changes in the education system. Online proctored exams are one example of this. Adapting to different changes has always been complicated for scholars. So, if you are also one of them, it is time to relax. You must be wondering why, right? The answer to this following question lies in this blog. Here, we will provide some of the few things about an Online proctored exam you might be missing. We know online proctoring stresses students, and they need help tackling the situation. That is why we have come up with this blog, where you will find out what it is, what different types of online proctoring are, and many more.

What Is an Online Proctored Exams?

An online exam is a remote system where students can take their tests wherever they reside. So, for their universities, monitoring exam candidates has become possible due to this online proctoring service. The prime purpose of this is to ensure that scholars are giving tests properly and not cheating. This technique was implemented when students started taking negative advantages of online tests.

Through this invigilation, you can now easily take your exams while properly following the guidelines of your universities. There are people who keeps a check on your activity while writing your online exam. So, this was the definition of a proctored exam. Now, you will head towards the next section, where you will read about its different types.

Types of Online Proctored Exams

There are different types of proctored exams, which you must know if you are a student. The university decides how to invigilate the online assessments. Based on that, they conduct online proctored exams. Now, read about its types in brief here.

Live Proctoring

The test makers monitor the candidate's desktop activity during the live session. They use various software to check the student's environment during this time. A human proctor who does this is qualified, and they can observe scholars' activity closely online.

Recorded Exam Proctoring

In this, the student takes the exam, and the session is recorded. After this, the invigilators review it later using different proctoring software. So, this is also a type of proctoring online exams.

There are two types of online proctored exams that you might have to take. No matter whether you are proctored live or recorded, you must adhere to all the guidelines.

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How Do Online Proctored Exams Works?

Whether it is a proctored exam online or offline, there is always a thread of processes associated with it. Here, you will understand about the proctored exam working methods. Live proctoring involves various software which helps in monitoring student's activities.

  • The exam testers organize an online proctoring service.
  • Students being observed via online proctoring must install the software to give their assessment.
  • Before the exam starts, students have to get their ID checked to ensure anyone else is not taking their test on their behalf. In this, students must show their ID and the software matches the photo with their face via webcam video.
  • The next step in an online proctored exam is to give instructions to the students, such as that they should not speak and that using a phone or any other device is prohibited.
  • After giving all the instructions, students can proceed with the test. An invigilator will monitor their activities via webcam and screenshare, and the software will evaluate them.
  • Apart from online proctoring, the exam authorities later check the recordings to ensure that all the rules are followed.

The above points explain how online proctoring works. If you are still confused or need tips for exam preparation, you can approach Global Assignment Help. Our experts can assist you with your queries.

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Amazing Benefits of Online Proctored Exams

You always see the negative side of online proctoring. Have you ever thought about its benefits? No, right? So, by reading our this section, you will discover the advantages of the online proctored exam.


These proctored timed exams can be taken from anywhere remotely. All you need is a stable internet connection. So you do not have to travel to the exam center.

Data Security

The online proctoring system keeps all your data safe, which ensures high security. There are various tools involved, one of them being Proctortrack. It prevents cheating via screen recording, browser locking, and webcam monitoring.

Cost Effective

A traditional exam demands a proper space to conduct an exam. On the other hand, an online proctored exam is cost-effective and saves a lot on operational costs. So, this saves money for test authorities and manages a test properly through online proctoring. 

Saves Time

In offline exams, students have to travel to the exam centers, while in proctored tests, they can take it at their place only. This helps them save time, which can be invested in revision or any other activity. That is online proctoring is considered best among all.

These are some of the advantages of a proctored exam; even studies have shown that it reduces fraud. So, that is why universities prefer to organize proctored exams.

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