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Top 10 Universities in UK for International Students

01 Sep 2022 1114 30 minutes
Best Universities of UK

Make the Best Choice from the UK University Ranking 2022

“Dreams become reality when we put our mind to it”. So, “Don’t be afraid of the space between your dream and reality”. Let your choices sync with the options you look for.

Has it always been your dream, to pursue your career goal at top universities in UK? So, look no more! We have penned down an informative blog for you to sort out your itinerary and decide on the best out of the lot to move ahead with your education path. But, before you mark on the university, you must know - Why is the UK preferred as the best country for international education? And how many universities in UK ranks on top?

In case you’ve not decided which country is the best, then you should know the 10 best countries to student abroad, and then pick a university of your preference.

Why Prefer Universities in UK for International Students?

As we say, you can never go wrong with the UK. It is home to many prominent universities with cutting-edge curricula and esteemed faculty. It is one of the top nations for high-tech education and living that astounds you at every turn and creates a wealth of possibilities.

Besides the thoughts, listed are a few points that justify the question, “Why study at the top universities in UK?”

Premium Education

The UK has a defined history of offering top-class education with some recognised universities, ranking always high in the list of top universities in UK. The country is known for its fine British culture helping the students to refine their logical and creative thinking skills. The place has produced many salient minds in history. They are still known to the world and taught in books. So, do not doubt your thoughts on prioritising the best universities in UK.

Culture Solitary

A home for multicultural diversity, the UK welcomes people from different cultures with open arms and makes you feel at home in every way possible. Be it the classical history, the daylight landscape and exploring or the wildness of nightlife, the UK offers every bit of it to you. Choose any place to pursue your international career or university course with the best schools in UK, it surely would not disappoint you. Experience the cultural values and diversified knowledge with the exclusive British civilisation.

Comfort Cost

The pocket could always be a barrier to your dream career and make you settle for less. But you get relief when you opt for the UK to pursue your goals and success. The universities/colleges offer many scholarships, grants and financial aid, for you to not compromise your will of studying abroad. In addition, the living cost is comparatively on the lower side than the USA and other countries. So, don’t let your budget get in the way of your education and go in for the cheapest universities in UK for international students.

Work Leisure

UK universities offer students an opportunity to pursue internships to enhance their learning and get exposure to the outer world. A candidate is allowed to work for 20 hours a week during the course period and full-time after term completion. The country also provides scholars with a new ‘Graduate Route Scheme’ from the 2021 summer program. It helps to have an earning source while studying and an experience developing practical knowledge skills. In addition to CV improvement even before graduation.

Rapport Improvement

UK universities crown students with a world-recognised degree that is also respected globally. The largest universities in the UK offer a hefty foundation to land the job of your dreams. Schools in the UK prepare scholars to have a grasp of English proficiency that helps them to make their CV stand out in the crowd of applicants. It assures the hiring professional the capability of students to live, work and talk in the language fluently.

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You now understand the benefits of studying abroad and wealth of opportunities the best universities in UK provide for international students. You shall now consider the list below of top universities in UK for a concrete study base and the enhancement of your career.

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Top 10 Universities in UK that you Can Consider

Dreaming big and achieving the goal is what every student aim. So, to ease the process we have listed down the top UK university ranking 2022. Have a look and apply accordingly!

Rankings of UK University

UK University Ranking- Rank 1 - University of Oxford

Some places need no detailed introduction as they go just by the name. One of the renowned, oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Oxford. It is known to produce top scholars and attract students to its own 39 colleges, six private halls, 100 libraries and the world’s biggest university press.

  • As high as it ranks, the admission process is also a zenith, accepting five application profiles of each place depending on the availability. The education institute is also well known for its social life and recreational activities, giving space to students to explore themselves and be all-rounders.
  • This university ranks among top universities in UK and worldwide for medicine and course divisions- social sciences, medical sciences, humanities, philosophy and politics are other prestigious degree courses.
  • The renowned personalities who graduated from Oxford are Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton, T S Elliot, Dr Manmohan Singh, and Indira Gandhi. And the list is never ending of the scholars who left a lifelong mark on the esteemed university.

UK University Ranking - Rank 2 - University of Cambridge

Another name, on the list of top prominent universities around the globe, is the University of Cambridge which is situated in the heart of the historic city of Cambridge. A lifelong dedication and hard-earned place of a group of scholars who left the University of Oxford in 1209, making it a collegiate public research institution. The educational institute is a hub of 31 colleges and 100+ academic departments.

  • Again, just like Oxford, the admission process is not a cakewalk, the application acceptance percentage is 25%, and it is not easy feet and students shall stand out in every way possible and not in scores and academic data. Again, the extra-curricular open a doorway to personality enhancement and fun time.
  • The university offers the top qualified courses that rank top, arts and humanities, engineering and technology, life sciences and medicine, and natural sciences.
  • Along with the high-rank subjects, the place has given the world some unforgettable names. Like, Sir Isaac Newton, Prince Charles, Alan Turing, Charles Darwin, Rajiv Gandhi and a lot more to add to the list of top renowned alumni scholars.

UK University Ranking- Rank 3 - Imperial College of London

The Imperial College of London is one of the prestigious colleges, that is a member of the Russell Group and is located in the centre of London. The place is not just known for studies but also forms part of the ‘Golden Triangle' for six elite British Universities.

  • The university was introduced to the world in 1907 from a merger of three colleges in London and today, is a renowned standalone place for many students with a dream of graduating from this prestigious college. As high as the college ranks, the acceptance rate is low. It varies depending on the program, for under-grad courses- 36% and post-grad- 27%.
  • The university is quite popular among the students for the courses MBBS, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, finance and accounting and there are many you can browse for depending on your genre. Thus it holds a high position in the list of top universities in UK.
  • The education centre has churned out some cream names Rajiv Gandhi, Brian May, Thomas Huxley, and Alexander Flaming. And many others have stood out in their fields and given additional recognition to the Imperial College of London.

UK University Ranking- Rank 4 - University College London

Another on the list of one of the top colleges for international studies is UCL, situated in central London. The university is all about learning and valued education. Apart from the courses, it ranks on top for being the first founded university in London in 1826, the first to open doors for women and the very first to accept applications regardless of race or religion.

  • The acceptance rate varies from course type but usually is 15.6%. The values are inspired, by the philosophy of Jeremy Bentham, the spiritual founder of the educational institution. And this is what the university focuses on and educates the students.
  • The university is well-recognised for fine arts, architecture, computer science, European social and political sciences, politics and international relations courses.
  • The place has given some top reputed names to the world and a list of proud alumni like Alexander Graham Bell, Chris Martin(Coldplay), Bola Ige, Mahatama Gandhi and many other personalities who are, honored for their great works.

UK University Ranking- Rank 5 - London School of Economics and Political Science

Without a second thought, a highly acknowledged public research university was founded in the late 1800s to improve society against the concerns of poverty and inequality. The education institute falls under the bracket of cream education, to grab a seat is highly competitive.

  • The acceptance rate varies for the Undergraduate program is 8.9% and for the postgraduate 25%. The school is a hub of learning not only the academics but the quality of the extra-curriculum as well. All departments are recognised well around the globe and give students a spirit of competition and to stand out in the world of education and learning.
  • A sovereign university offering extolled degree courses like economics, law, political science, geography and many others set it apart from other colleges and among the top universities in UK.
  • The learning institute has produced some notable names, Pierre Trudeau, Jaime Murray, Ramsay McDonald, B.R. Ambedkar and other personalities who are well-qualified and recognised in their genres.

UK University Ranking- Rank 6 - University of Edinburgh

An elegant and prestigious university, in the beautiful capital city of Scotland, one of the favourite destinations for international studies to study abroad. The educational place is a leading centre of excellence with the history of the oldest university dating back to 1583.

  • The university is known to be the first to offer open online courses to students across the world. Contrary to its ranking, the place is easy to get in the application acceptance of 40% to 50%. It is known to bring out the lurking potential of the students and provide quality exposure learning to them.
  • The university is known for its research-oriented programs and ranking courses for medicine and informatics research. It also provides quality education in science and engineering, veterinary science, arts and humanities.
  • In similarity, to other universities, the university of Edinburgh has some renowned names added to the list J.K. Rowling, Charles Darwin, Alexander Graham Bell, Gordon Brown and many other celebrity alumni.

UK University Ranking- Rank 7 - King’s College London

It is one of the oldest illustrious colleges in England, founded in 1828-29 by a group of famed churchmen, politicians and others. The university gives access to top-class technology and equipment to the students to uplift the research of king’s scientists and external researchers.

  • The admission criteria are highly competitive giving out an acceptance rate of 12.2% to 13% for both undergrad and post-grad levels. Apart from this, the college has specified criteria, for the courses that students must adhere to meet the eligibility of the program.
  • The King’s College of London has a reputation for renowned courses like humanities, law, sciences and social sciences in addition to foreign affairs. There are other subjects too, which kings offer the students to ace and enhance their skills.
  • The place has many celebrated names like Florence Nightingale, Sarojini Naidu, Maurice Bishop, and Adnan Sami are related to the university. They are well-praised, throughout the world and have made a mark of their own.

UK University Ranking- Rank 8 - University of Manchester

Social responsibility is a top goal, the University of Manchester was established in 2008 being the most recent one and yet ranked high in the list of top universities in UK. The place gives the students an insight into research and climate change.

  • It is one of the world’s best leading research academic institutions across the globe with an admission acceptance rate of 56.1%. It is not as easy to achieve as it seems for international students and requires putting in a lot of hard work.
  • The University of Manchester is recognised among the top universities in UK and top education centre providing courses like American studies, archaeology, art history, bio-sciences, accounting and finance and the list does not end here for your career goals.
  • The place has given some reputed names to the world who are still quite famous, Brian Cox, James Chadwick, Joe Abercrombie, Anna Ford and still counting.

UK University Ranking- Rank 9 - University of Warwick

Another in the list of top universities in UK, a well-renowned name for quality education and on-mark exposure. It came into action in 1965 as a huge part of a government initiative. The university invests more time in student welfare by providing them with campus facilities and other services.

  • The education institution has a strict admission policy and is evaluated on past academic achievements and scores. The acceptance rate for both undergrad and post-grad programs is 14%.
  • The University of Warwick is verified to offer top program courses like accounting and finance, classics and ancient history, and creative writing and there are a lot many to the list.
  • Along with the esteemed subject areas, the place is recognised by popular alumni like Ruth Jones, Tom Goodman-Hill, Wendy Alexander, Ritula Shah and so many more. The university can be your top choice for its links with the business and industry sectors.

UK University Ranking- Rank 10 - University of Bristol

The last in the list but ranking on top among the other universities, founded in 1876. The University of Bristol is one the renowned name to enroll both men and women on an equal basis. The place gives the students good values and greater learning by blending academic excellence with an independent and modern thinking spirit.

  • In the initial phase, it was recognised as the first female-only university across the globe. The acceptance rate is 67.3% making it partially less competitive in comparison to the other oldest universities in UK. Although the eligibility criteria vary depending on the programs.
  • The university is perceived as offering top courses like accounting and finance, business and management, economics, and advanced computing. Also varieties of courses for undergrad and graduate programs.
  • The educational hub has offered many popular names to the world, like Chris Morris, Sarah Jane Brown, Arnold Ridley, and Susanna Reid and the list is ongoing. You can be the next in line to graduate from one of the best schools in UK.

Stop waiting and fill out the application form.

Now that you know where to apply as per your budget and course preference and keeping in mind the list of UK universities. But is that enough? You should also know the challenges you might come across and what you can do under those circumstances. Scroll to know!

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Facing Challenges at the UK University- Know How to Overcome

Every place has hurdles to offer and the UK, as a country is no less. ‘Challenges are what makes life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes them.’ The list of UK universities gives you an insight into the education but there’s a lot more to place. Moving out of comfort and facing the outer real world is what makes you a real person. It gives you a reality check and also teaches you how to tackle uncomfortable situations. Know the challenges you can face and what can you do about them.

Home Left Behind

The first and foremost problem is homesickness. If you are a pampered child or leaving home bothers everyone. Moving to a domestic city or international country makes a lot of difference to emotional stability. Things are not as fun and easy as it seems from far away. You are thousands of miles away from your loved ones, missing out on their birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and many other events. The choice is yours. All these experiences can break you into pieces or you can do something about that.

How to Overcome - Don’t be disheartened, now that you have moved out, find that fun in the current surrounding. Make the best of friends who can uplift you and give you the comfort of home. Explore the old and new parts of the city with them, and make them a part of your celebrations. And, in no time you will find yourself out of the feeling of homesickness.

Cultural Gap

Another challenge is the cultural difference, you are brought up in a certain way and the country you are planning to move to has something else to offer. Every place has its aestheticism and it could be difficult to engrave that inside you and fit in the same. After getting into one of the top universities in UK, you may not find your co-students behaving in a manner that you might have lived in the whole of your life. It could be tedious for you to get equipped with that culture and you may not find yourself ready for it yet.

How to Overcome - To your surprise, it takes a few days or just some months to come from that cultural shock. To get accustomed to it, you should involve yourself more and learn it to the core. Inheriting a new thing would only open the doors for you to be able to fit in easily and break the cultural barrier.

Your Language

Are you fluent in the English language? Would you say yes without any hesitation? But, to give a reality check, there is a big gap between knowing the dialect and speaking it with the natives. Moving to the UK and knowing the language is not enough, the British accent could make it tough for you to survive. You took the admission based on the rating of universities in UK, but now you need to rank in the communication skills to be an integral part of the UK crowd.

How to Overcome - Don’t think of yourself as unfit rather, work to fit in. The solution to this is everyday practice. You can also enroll in the language course to become an expert in British slang. The classes gives additional homework like writing an essay or articles to prepare you for fluency and better communication. You can also seek professional essay writing help by native writers for better scores in the UK University,

A Look at Finance

Have you ever managed your finances? If no! Then you have a problem there. Moving abroad and into top universities in UK can give you a hard time with money if you lack management skills. The change in currency, conversion and getting conned by the native retailers are some points that could get trapped. Managing finances is not a cakewalk, it takes some refined expertise and you can face these issues with each passing day. This factor can make your living a task and everyday expenses can easily bring down your morale.

How to Overcome: Before you move, sit with your parents and get accustomed to the skills of money management. Once you are out, you are all on your own so spend wisely. Do not be sparked by fancy stuff and invest in the essentials. You can even take a part-time job to keep your finances in place. It is advisable to choose the cheapest universities in UK for international students, so that student loan doesn’t consume all your first year’s salary after placements.

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A Subtle Thought to Inherit from Experts [Point to Mark]

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