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A Handbook of 100+ Unique Social Issues Topics

27 Oct 2023 1927 16 minutes
Social Issues Topics

The future of any country is determined by the various aspects in which the people conduct themselves. It is the core reason why various universities provide current social issues topics to students for their assignments. They want the youth to be aware of how these issues impact the life of an individual. Hence, the children are able to develop critical skills of approach these problems. Therefore, this blog is specially designed to provide a brief list of social issues to write about for students to help them write their essays.

How to Select Impressive Social Issue Topics for Essay?

Students need to explore the current social issues topics vigilantly and write their essays. It develops their ability to think clearly and work towards the betterment of society. Therefore, writing about social issues today gives them consciousness about various events happening around the world. The process to select these topics is important and hence, you will read about it in the pointers ahead.


Research is a crucial element in determining your area of interest. When it comes to current social issues essay topics, you need to be more critical about your research as they require in-depth knowledge.

Trending Topics

If you need your essays to gain recognition and the audience to connect more to your content, you should choose current issues. Since social issue topics are more emotional in tone, they are read by many people.

Personal Touch

The personal touch you add to your writing is called your writer's voice enables you to connect with your reader. Social issues today need a voice that can reach as many people as they can.

Essay topics in English can be critical to come up with. Many college and high school students face writer’s block and have a hard time thinking about community issues to write about in a project. Therefore, we have given a brief of social issues examples for students to draft their paper.

trending social issues


The societal gap between various groups is the significant reason for the economic imbalance in the society. Hence, it will remain among the trending social issues essay topics to write about. You can explore various aspects of inequalities such as race, sex and ethnicity.

Health and Well-being

More than half of the world faces problems with healthcare facilities. Hence, it is a generic social issues examples for students to write and highlight the solutions for people facing these issues. You can select topics like access to hygiene facilities, healthy lifestyle, mortality rate, death and disease and many more.

Water and Sanitation

The scarcity of freshwater will always remain among the best social issues topics to write about. Along with the temperature rise, these topics tend to gain momentum. You can explore these problems in the areas of water stress, drought, improper sanitation and so on.

Peace and Justice

Conflict and violence are a major problem across the globe. They disrupt the peace of a nation and affect people adversely. Hence, if you want to write about social issues today, you can explore this theme. You can include war and its effects, exploitation and torture, and many more for your essays.

Financial Inclusion

Around 1.7 billion people around the world are excluded from the financial sector of our world. It is among the relevant social issues in 2024. Hence, you can write about different factors of the economy that cause such problems. You can include livelihood, community action, socio-economic status and other factors.

With the above examples, you can now analyze the social issues list of topics 2024 in the next section. It will provide you with assignment help to write your projects.

social issues topics for assignment

List of Top 100+ Social Issues for Your Essay

It can be challenging to find relevant social issue topics in 2024 for academic assignments. Choosing an adequate subject is crucial to submit a high-quality essay. When you want to obtain a degree from a reputable university, it is crucial to submit flawless and excellently written assignments. Therefore, to aid you with dissertation help for your next academic project, here is a comprehensive list of social issues to write about, that you can browse for ideas.

Social Issues Topics Related to Social Media

  1. Should social media platforms ban the spread of fake information?
  2. To what extent is social media dependency harmful?
  3. Is it appropriate for employers to monitor their employee's social media accounts?
  4. The ethical considerations of businesses using Facebook accounts.
  5. How does cancel culture impact mental health?
  6. The dynamics of cyberbullying: understanding the roles of the victim and the abuser in online environments.
  7. Should children be permitted to have social media accounts?
  8. What is your opinion on memorial pages for the deceased on social networks?
  9. Tips for staying safe while using the internet.
  10. Is modern society placing pressure on individuals to participate in social networking?

Social Issues Topics Related to Health

  1. Is enough attention being paid by employers to the mental health of their employees?
  2. If a person cannot afford medical treatment, what options do they have?
  3. What are the reasons for higher obesity rates in some countries compared to others?
  4. Can a ban on tobacco advertising help in reducing smoking rates? Debate this topic.
  5. How effective are psychoactive drugs in treating psychological diseases?
  6. How does being disabled affect one's social status? Discuss the issue of stigmatization faced by individuals with disabilities.
  7. Does gender play a crucial role in determining one's health?
  8. What are the major health issues affecting African Americans and Hispanics?
  9. Discuss the expectations and challenges faced by child-free women in a society that is predominantly kid-centered.
  10. What are the arguments for and against the contemporary issues in nursing?

Social Issues Topics Related to Education

  1. Exploring the enhancement of cognitive abilities through play.
  2. Comparing the effectiveness of group studying with a personalized approach.
  3. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of online learning and traditional classroom instruction.
  4. Investigating the benefits of Waldorf schools in education.
  5. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of smaller classes in schools.
  6. Examining the effectiveness of textbooks versus online learning in middle schools.
  7. Assessing the stress associated with religious education in grammar schools.
  8. Debating the role of teachers as voluntary parent figures for students.
  9. Discussing the dangers of using forbidden substances and their impact on students in schools.
  10. Highlighting the importance of cross-class interactions between younger children and older students in school.

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Social Issues Topics Related to Criminal Justice

  1. Explain why punishment doesn't contribute to the reduction of crime.
  2. Explain how strict laws can make gun possession safe?
  3. What are some ethical issues that arise when implementing punishment for a crime?
  4. Is crime biased according to the age of an individual?
  5. Make an argument against capital punishment.
  6. Capital punishment is a topic that elicits differing opinions in society, resulting in conflicting viewpoints.
  7. What are the advantages of using the death penalty as a punishment for criminal offenders?
  8. How does the lack of education increase the crime level?
  9. Does the use of the death penalty for murder result in justice?
  10. The critical problems and hidden pitfalls of prison system.

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Social Issues Topics Related to Gender

  1. The obstacles that prevent girls from getting quality education in African countries.
  2. Why are so few women pursuing careers in STEM fields?
  3. The major challenges that women face in the workplace.
  4. How do women in sports fight for equality?
  5. The role of media institutions in promoting women's participation in sports.
  6. The contribution of women in the development of the global economy.
  7. The role of gender diversity in promoting innovation and scientific discovery.
  8. What can be done to make cities safer for women and girls?
  9. International trends in women's empowerment.
  10. The role of schools in teaching children appropriate gender-related behaviours.

Social Issues Topics Related to Violence

  1. Battered Woman Syndrome as a theoretical explanation of domestic violence effects.
  2. The American Psychological Association's stance on domestic violence.
  3. The impact of domestic violence on children's psyche.
  4. To what extent does violence in media promote violence in society?
  5. Do you agree or disagree that violence on television negatively affects children's behaviour?
  6. Signs of abuse and abusive relationships in domestic violence.
  7. Social initiatives to address and solve the problem of domestic violence.
  8. How domestic violence affects children's social and emotional development.
  9. The role of dominance and "power plays" in relationships to help domestic violence victims leave their abusers.
  10. The knowledge and attitudes of nurses regarding domestic violence, and how it affects their ability to identify battered women.

Social Issues Topics Related to Migration

  1. The impact of 19th-century industrialization, technologies, and business strategies.
  2. The importance of diversity in backgrounds.
  3. A critical response to the article titled “Inequality and the American Dream.”
  4. The challenges faced by undocumented workers in the United States.
  5. The difficulties faced by children in foreign linguistic environments.
  6. Global population issues and their effects on our country.
  7. The impact of illegal immigration on America.
  8. The correlation between unemployment, illegal immigration, and involvement in crime.
  9. The effects of migration, immigration, and emigration on religion, women, and minorities in Egypt.
  10. The economic contributions of slaves compared to present-day legal and illegal immigrants.

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Social Issues Topics Related to Animal Abuse

  1. The importance of animal protection laws
  2. The necessity of strict laws to prevent animal abandonment
  3. Factors that affect the adoption of shelter animals
  4. Overview of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  5. Overview of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) across decades
  6. Human cruelty against animals and how it violates their rights
  7. Different types of human cruelty towards animals
  8. The issue of unknowing mistreatment of animals
  9. Animal rights from a philosophical perspective
  10. How to curtail violence against animals

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Social Issues Topics Related to the Economy

  1. Why is economic growth important for a country's development and well-being?
  2. In what ways does the distribution of income and wealth affect the economy and society?
  3. How can governments promote economic development while also addressing social and environmental challenges?
  4. When do financial bubbles form, and how do they impact the economy and financial markets?
  5. To what extent does international trade benefit both developed and developing countries?
  6. What are the potential consequences of automation and artificial intelligence on the labour market and economy?
  7. How do cultural and social factors influence economic decision-making and outcomes?
  8. What role do natural resources play in economic development and sustainability?
  9. When do economic sanctions become an effective tool for achieving political goals, and when do they become counterproductive?
  10. How do economic systems and institutions impact economic growth and development?

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Social Issues Topics Related to Racism

  1. Should Critical Race Theory be taught in schools?
  2. Does the current education system contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline?
  3. Is enough being done to prohibit hate speech in public schools?
  4. Should private schools be allowed to have their own set of rules regarding discrimination, hatred, and racism within their premises?
  5. Did the Supreme Court rule correctly in Brown vs the Board of Education?
  6. Do educational institutions in white communities have better access to technology and resources compared to institutions in communities that are populated by people of colour?
  7. Does education plays a crucial role in opposing racism?
  8. Does access to technology affect the academic evaluation of children of color?
  9. What is the “Banality of Racism” in education?
  10. Was segregating the schools by race a good idea with bad implementation or a bad idea on the whole?
essay on social issues

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