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60 Innovative High School Debate Topics 2024

24 Feb 2024 425 12 minutes
High School Debate Topics

What is the most common phobia in the USA? Terrorism? Planes? Umm. Public speaking? Yes. Now you have guessed it right. According to the survey, public speaking is a fear of citizens above all else. It is necessary to practice speaking from an early age to develop useful skills. One essential way for high schoolers to develop that skill is through an old method called debate. Classroom debate stimulates high school students’ critical thinking and analytical skills.

Debate provides the perfect opportunity for students like you to practice your skills, like conducting research, logical structuring, and preparing arguments. It helps you build confidence and foster collaboration with peers. For that, you must prepare relevant and argumentative high school debate topics. It will help you have an idea of that topic and prepare your logical arguments. Selecting the right topic can be a key to success. Here, in this blog, you will be introduced to 60 innovative and good debate topics for high school designed to captivate students and stimulate discussion.

Benefits of Debate for High School Students

For a high school student, the fundamental purpose of debate is to help you express your thoughts in an organized manner. It is all about listening to others and yourselves so that you can gain a deeper understanding of their arguments and gain new preservatives. Most Americans believe that debate helps voters understand the candidate better. It is a way that allows you to gain information and learn numerous aspects of that. For an effective presentation, you must pick essential debate topics for high school. It will help you construct a good point. But first, you must understand the benefits of debate in your personal and professional lives:

  • It develops critical thinking skills among students.
  • It improves your communication skills, speech delivery, public speaking, and poise.
  • Increased student's ability to retain things in mind.
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence, among others.
  • It enhances your teamwork and collaboration skills with your fellow mates.
  • You gain the confidence to speak up for the truth when the discussion promotes false information.
  • Learn to state one's point graciously with manners, without offending anyone's sentiments.
  • It promotes open-mindedness, as you are exposed to different perspectives and opinions.
  • It helps you gain tolerance and understanding, along with appreciating others' perspectives.
  • It helps you identify errors in others' theories and arguments and enhances your observation. 

These are the benefits of debate, and it is crucial for your personal and societal growth. It is important to embrace debates as a way to grow and develop. To challenge your class, you need to find the perfect topic for your debate. For that, you will learn about debate topics for high school students in the next segment.

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List of 60 High School Debate Topics 2024

What can be debate topics for high schoolers? The ideal topic should be relevant to students lives, with supportive data and evidence to support claims. For that, you need topics for your preparation, so now let's get into great debate topics for high schoolers.

Educational Debate Topics for High School 

  1. Why should final exams be abolished?
  2. Why do students have to wear school uniforms?
  3. Math is a critical subject
  4. Private schools are better than public schools.
  5. Schools must eliminate dress codes
  6. Why is there a need to go to college every day?
  7. Co-educational schools are not better for students
  8. Schools should be allowed to ban a few unethical books from their libraries.
  9. Religion has no place in education
  10. Sometimes,it's okay to cheat on exams

These educational debate topics will help you bring up innovative ideas and points that you can deliver in the class.

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Business Debate Topics for High School

  1. The voting age should be lowered to 16 by the government
  2. The US ought to implement a national healthcare program.
  3. In democratic societies, censorship is occasionally acceptable
  4. Freedom of speech legislation ought to protect hate speech
  5. The government ought to make up for historical bigotry and slavery
  6. To aid in the fight against climate change, the US should impose a carbon price
  7. It is time for the US to start disarming its nuclear weapons
  8. The US ought to go to a popular vote system and do away with the electoral college
  9. Voting by inmates should be permitted by the government
  10. Our prison system needs to be revised so that rehabilitation takes precedence over punishment

These are the business debate topics and will help you conduct debate in the classroom. Business is a genre that comes up with various innovative and intuitive arguments.

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Life and Ethics Debate Topics High School 

  1. The death penalty should be abolished
  2. Boys do not face any peer pressure, whereas girls do
  3. Vaping and cigarette smoking should be banned 
  4. Action for humans who are eating animals
  5. The United States should launch a national healthcare initiative
  6. Censorship is sometimes permissible in democratic democracies
  7. Hate speech should be protected by laws pertaining to freedom of expression
  8. The government should compensate for past racism and enslavement
  9. The United States should impose a carbon tax to help in the fight against climate change
  10. The government should allow prisoners to cast ballots

These life and ethics debate topics will help you talk about sensitive genres and bring up confidence in front of others.

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Entertainment Debate Topics for High School 

  1. Every time, the book is superior to the film
  2. Parents should monitor their children's whereabouts using their cell phones
  3. Researchers ought to work on creating a means of eternal life for all people
  4. E-books are inferior to paper books
  5. Cameras for surveillance should be installed in the classrooms and hallways of schools
  6. All zoos and museums ought to be open to the public
  7. Other planets support sentient life
  8. These days, people rely on technology far too much
  9. Regardless of gender, everyone should be on the same sports team
  10. Internet service providers must be required to adhere to net neutrality

With these fun debate topics for high school, you can easily conduct and start your preparation. They are fun and make your surroundings chill for a while. These high school debate topics will help you boost your confidence.

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Environmental Debate Topics for High School 

  1. Must fracking be outlawed?
  2. Is universal healthcare the answer to the issues facing the medical field?
  3. Is it appropriate for pharmaceutical corporations to actively market to consumers?
  4. Is eating meat morally right?
  5. Should the protection of endangered species come first?
  6. Do electric vehicles offer a way to cut emissions?
  7. Is veganism a better moral and health choice?
  8. Should junk food and sugar-filled drinks be subject to taxes?
  9. Is eating organic food truly healthier for you?
  10. Should public spaces be off-limits to smoking?

These environmental high school debate topics will help you conduct an interesting debate among students.

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Government Debate Topics for High School 

  1. The government should increase the minimum wage.
  2. Basic income is necessary for society.
  3. Companies should consider the diversity quota.
  4. Companies should disclose the gender pay gap in society.
  5. Companies should ban unpaid internships.
  6. The government must force the companies to disclose their carbon footprint.
  7. Monarchy should be banned.
  8. The voting age should be lowered to 16.
  9. Is it essential to spend money on exploring space?
  10. A flat tax is better than a progressive tax.

These can be controversial topics for students, but with them, you can generate good arguments for your opening statement. 

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Debate does more than help the students develop an interest in a topic. It enables them to sharpen their critical thinking and consider new concepts that they have not encountered before. In short, debating can help you retain information more efficiently because it engages your mind to think more. We hope that our assistance has helped you select high school debate topics and know the benefits of conducting a debate. The above topics allow you to connect with and relate to your relevant debate topic.

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