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10 Best Countries to Study Abroad

12 Aug 2022 1345 22 minutes
Make a Right Choice with Global Assignment Help to Study Abroad

Know Which Country Is Best for Study Overseas[Benefits + Budget]

‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. So, don’t waste any more time and begin to work for your career goal.

Are you planning to study abroad? Or have you already begun with the procedure but are stuck in the dilemma of choosing the best country to study abroad? Or are you here to share your experiences with us? Scroll down to know the profound reasons:

Why Book Your Seats to Study Abroad?

Everyone has desired plans after finishing higher schooling, and all work hard enough to reach their goals. If you plan to pursue further education from international universities/colleges, then you are at the right place, my friend. But have you ever given it the slightest of thought? Why should you travel away from home and fulfil your dream?

Global Exposure

Are you bored of the same story every day and need to see another side? It has to be a yes! Your ticket abroad gives you immense options to get exposure to the global market. It helps you get a perspective of another world and see things differently. You will start to cherish little things and will adapt more flexibility to different circumstances. It’s not wrong to globally expand your world of learning and living.

Language Skills

Is language always a barrier for you? It is what a new country breaks for you! Since you are one of them who is surrounded by individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds, it makes sense that moving to another country will allow you to learn new languages. Studying abroad grants you an opportunity to learn a native language and offers various lingo courses as well.

New Culture

You might have travelled to another country for pleasure and leisure and might have been fascinated by different cultural norms. But imagine being a part of it and inheriting that culture from inside. When you fly abroad, you will get to experience a whole new world overall. You will find yourself indulged more in the native culture and will understand the place in a better way.

Friends for Life

Upset about leaving your friends behind and flying abroad? Don’t be sad, as the best part about other country is you get to add new friends in your life that stays for a lifetime. You get to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds who after a point become an important part of your life. The friendships made abroad cherish every bit of your time. As, the time goes by but the fellow mates you add in life do not go away far from your sight.

The list is big, but it’s on you what you take in. Here are a few reasons why you won’t regret moving abroad to pursue your future goals. But, now the point is, have you decided on the country to move? The benefits you avail will remain the same and the culture varies depending on the country. So, we listed here the top 10 countries you can think about depending on your dream career and decide on the best countries to study and work.

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Listed Top 10 Countries with the Best Education

Here, we have penned down the ten best countries you can opt for to fulfil your future goals and add on an experience of life long journey. Just like, if you think to pursue a management course then, the best countries to study MBA are USA, Germany, UK. Likewise we have mentioned below a list of top universities you can think to avail your further education. Come, take a look.

The United Kingdom

The UK is one of the top countries to opt for pursuing education and has been ranked in the list of most renowned universities. The city gives exposure to all sectors and an experience that is hard to beat. UK universities and colleges offer world-recognised degrees and teachings with an innovative approach and are known to be the best countries to study MBBS.

The top universities like the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, UCL(University College London) and many others offer exceptional learning and exposure.


Australia has emerged as the most liked destination for students to pursue education and to become one of the best countries to study engineering. It is globally recognised as a diverse and welcoming country. Each Australian university has a flexible education system that focuses more on out-of-the-box thinking and practical learning rather than theoretical. The country is known for its open beaches, blue waters, and cultural diversity gives an additional benefit to the students apart from the easy immigration policy.

The well-known universities in Australia are the Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of New South Whales and many others.

The United States

America is a well-known country to study from, offering quality education and tremendous opportunities to scholars. The education institutions give a scope of flexibility to take a final step for opting for a career major. The universities provide an experience of real-world working culture as it lets you pursue one or more internships alongside your studies. The country is known for its rich cultural diversity to explore various cultures, inherit them in your learning process and lifestyle and come out to be renowned best countries to study psychology.

The top universities in the US are the University of California - Berkley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Illinois Institute of Technology, and there are many more names to add to uplift your career goals. The country also falls on the list of best countries to study interior design and tops the best countries to study business.


Another country that justifies the top universities and tops the list to be the best countries to study computer science in the world is, Canada. It is the place of diversity, culture, economics and natural habitat. You must have seen many of your friends or relatives opt for Canada to continue further studies. Do you know why? The answer to your curiosity is that the country offers a higher standard of living and education at a nominal cost in comparison to the other countries. Canada has numerous programs that provide financial support in the form of scholarships.

The high-class education universities Canada offers are the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of Montreal and many others that give enough scope to the students.

New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot to offer students being known as the best countries to study AI with a world-class education system. The education system here is derived from the British education system that is similar to the Indian Education System. As a country, it is very safe for the students to pursue a career and gives several options. The country offers a remarkable international education experience to students and helps them connect with the diversified culture. The universities in New Zealand make sure the course curriculum they offer is both practical and contemporary.

The high-end universities of New Zealand are the University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Otago and many other renowned names you can explore to attain a quality education.


As a country, it is one of the most diverse nations in the world in southeast Asia, with 137 spoken languages, 878 islands and a multi-ethnic culture whole comprises why Malaysia is a hub for knowledge. It aims for high-quality education with a lower cost of living and study. The catchy part is that the country opens pathways to universities overseas like America, the UK and many other countries. Studying in Malaysia is a complete package of fun, boredom, heavy heat, expensive culture and cost-effective courses.

The top universities the country provides students are Universiti Malaya, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysi and many other renowned education centres.


Germany, a country of long past and rich history, a blend of classic, and contemporary lifestyles, and a mix of urban and rural, is what makes you fall in love with every bit of Germany. If talked about education, Germany doesn’t stand back in line when it comes to learning, and the native universities are in high regard across the globe. Studies in Germany offer huge potential and a wide range of high-exposure courses and have a name in the best countries to study aerospace engineering. One of the top significance is there are no or less tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees.

The highly known universities are the University of Munich, Heidelberg University,

The Technical University of Munich and the list doesn’t end here for Germany to be a known education hub.


With alps in your backyard and snow in your footsteps, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries offering quality education to students. It might not be the first option but can not be the last on the list. The country is ranked as one of the most innovative and competitive economies in the world providing a wide range of study programs. It is a multilingual country, speaking a total of four languages gives considerable options to the students to choose from.

The Switzerland universities rank on the lists of the quality education institutions. They are the University of Zurich, the University of Geneva, and the University of Bern. and there are many added to the league for career growth.

The Netherlands

A small country but one of the best countries in Europe to study situated in the heart of Europe, home to over 200 nationalities. The place is renowned for its international outlook and world-leading innovation. Although the native language is Dutch, residents often speak English which makes the learning analytical debate and hands-on experience. A degree from a university is valued quite high and gives a vibrant and free-spirited culture opportunity to the students.

The high-class universities offered by the Netherlands are the University of Amsterdam, University of Groningen, Utrecht University and a few others allowing leading growth in career and learning path.


France is an ideal place to study abroad with an essence of rich culture, gastronomy, architecture and tremendous student life. The country offers the most prestigious educational systems at every level. France offers diversity and welcomes everyone with the open arms making you fit right in the crowd. It also gives the privilege to avail of low tuition fees and getting trained by the top and renowned training instructors. No matter where you come from or what you want to study, France would never let you down and will make you equipped with the best of the best education and learning.

The most renowned educational institution that France offers is the University of Paris, University of Bordeaux, Universite Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and many other universities qualifying the standard education and is known to be one of the best countries to study architecture.

Have you gone through the above points to opt for the best country to study? Now we need you to pen down some crucial things to keep in mind before you bring out your plans in the final stage.

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Planning to Study Abroad - Checklist to Mark!

Now that you know and have narrowed down the college you want to apply to, you will experience an adventure of a lifetime that won’t make you look back. But, before that, there are things you need to keep handy.

Keep the Passport or Visa Safe

Although we are aware of your competence, there may still be a chance of a mistake..So, before you purchase the tickets, make sure to arrange for the processing of your passport and visa applications. The validation takes time and many procedures. There should not be room for any error for it to get rejected. Keep a thorough check on all the details and be handy with all the required documents.

Keep a Track of Health

The time is to book an appointment with your doctor. And smart thing is to be transparent and have everything on paper. It’s important to know the immunization requirements of the country you are planning to fly to and be updated with all the required vaccinations. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the prescription and a note signed by your doctor for your prescribed drugs.

Big Yes to Travel Insurance

Wouldn’t you like to be safe and insured in case of an emergency overseas? It is essential to have an authentic health and accident insurance policy to fly abroad for studies. But certain things are covered only under travel insurance. So, don’t compromise with that. It offers coverage in case of flight delay or cancellation, lost luggage, or theft of personal stuff.

Be Updated to Research

Flying to a new country and being clueless about everything? Due to this reason, research is necessary. Before you fly prepare notes, browse the city culture, food, places to visit and stay, currency policy, code of conduct and many other things as per your requirements. Don’t be a stranger in a foreign country and look at every corner with the known facts and findings.

Keep up to Extra Money

More is not less in this scenario, and it's better to be extra and above all when it comes to the money factor. You are travelling abroad for studies and not a holiday, you can not decide a particular cost that could incur. Pay a visit to your native bank to tell them your plans and save your account from blocking. Don’t forget to set up a bank account to ease the flow and account of money.

Are you enjoying the blog? Are you finding the information apt for your plans? Time to pack light and say goodbye to the dear ones. A single decision can break or make a career path for you.

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