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7 Different Types Of Assessment of Learning Followed in the Universities of UK

27 Feb 2019 5662 5 minutes
Assessment of Learning

7 Different Types Of Assessment of Learning Followed in the Universities of UK

Nowadays assessment has become an integral part of education. It bridges gap between teaching and learning processes. In simple language assessment can be termed as process of gathering data. More precisely, it is a way which gives instructors various methods to gather data about their teaching and how students are incorporating it. The information can be gathered by using various methods, such as assignments, pre-tests, examination, and many more. And, on the basis of each of them, the overall performance is evaluated. This whole process is known as assessment. Here, we have discussed the different types of assessment of learning which are being followed in various universities of the UK.

Types Of Assessment In Education

There are basically six types of assessment of learning. There are distinct features between each of them, based on different parameters. Here we have discussed all types of assessment methods.

1. Diagnostic Assessment

It can be also termed as pre-assessment. It allows the teacher or professor to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and skills of every student. It is beneficial in finding out the issues and difficulties students are going through. It cuts down the students' frustration and boredom.

2. Formative Assessment

Formative assessment includes a wide range of methods that professors use to evaluate the comprehension skills, learning skills, and academic progress of a student. It helps them know in which subject students are struggling, or the skills they are failing to develop. In short, it is the data collected to improve the scholar's learning.

3. Summative Assessment

This is the form of assessment which gives professors, parents, and even the pupil, report regarding their performance and progress. It usually takes place when the syllabus gets over at the end of the academic year. The information is generally obtained in the form of grade or numeric values. It gives a brief idea about student's knowledge, and skills.

4. Confirmative Assessment

It is the another assessment for learning which is used to determine that whether the student has maintained the level of competence over the time or not. It is done by collecting, examining, and interpreting the data or information collected. It generally occurs after formative and summative assessment.

5. Norm-Referenced Assessment

It is also known as standardized test. It is taken to determine the rank of student in comparison to others. The report is generated on the basis of performance which is compared to a hypothetical average student typically of same age or grade level. The process to calculate the score is called "norm-process" and group is known as "norming group."

6. Criterion-Referenced Assessment

This kind of assessment of learning is used to evaluate the scholar's performance by comparing it with a pre-determined criteria or standard. It is mainly applied in elementary and secondary education, however a few universities of the UK have start implementing it in their own curriculum. If the student scores more than the set criteria, then he will pass otherwise fail.

7. Ipsative Assessment

In ipsative assessment, professor evaluates the student's performance on the basis of his previous score. With this method, students try to improve themselves by analyzing their current result with the previous ones. This boosts-up their self confidence as they don't get compared with other students. This is mainly used to evaluate the score of assignment. No matter students have written it on their own or took assignment help service from professional writers.

Assessments of learning are the different measures to know how students are learning and if teaching methods are effective or not. Undoubtedly, it enhances the skills and learning capabilities of students. So, no matter which one is being followed in your university, you should know each of them and keep excelling your academic grades.

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