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Areas in Which Artificially Intelligent Machines Are Surpassing Humans

05 Oct 2017 7503 4 minutes
Artificially Intelligent Machines

Areas in Which Artificially Intelligent Machines Are Surpassing Humans

The machines that utilize Artificial Intelligence are the most sophisticated and are surprising the researchers daily. It is seen that several tasks can be performed better by these machines when compared to the humans. The experts have even claimed that they might steal our jobs in future. However, there are some specific areas in which these machines are exceptionally brilliant and should be employed on a mass scale as soon as possible.

Wondering what those are? Read this blog till the end and sate your curiosity!

Diagnosing skin cancer

It was found at Stanford that the AI machines could decide whether the tumors are malignant or benign just by looking at their pictures. The results these machines give are accurate most of the time, and eventually these machines are giving tough competition to the team of skin specialists.

Managing farms

Some researchers have tried taking help of AI machines in order to determine the light and nutrients needed by the crops to attain optimal taste, texture, and color. The results were amazing as the machines could judge these parameters accurately, and thus contribute to farming activities as well without the involvement of humans.

Playing poker

In January 2017, a Carnegie Mellon designed an AI system and challenged some of the world’s best poker players. It was surprising to witness that this system named Libratus knew exactly when to fold and at which point to bluff. In three weeks tournament, it won nearly 2 million dollars and surprised everyone.


Facebook had come up with the chatbots to negotiate with the humans to divide hypothetical objects. And, it learned how to initiate interests in the objects that the FB users didn’t like at first. But they were recently shut down because the chatbots named Alice and Bob were in the process of developing their own language which could not be entertained.

Find new uses for medicine

These extraordinary machines are readily helping the researchers in drug discovery. If they continue at the similar pace, the cost of finding new drugs to treat diseases will reduce considerably. Recursion Pharmaceuticals AI system studies approximately 1k features of cells infected with rare diseases and accurately determines whether the existing meds can treat them well or not.

These were a few areas in which these machines are becoming more adept at than humans.Yes, this is a bit scary, but with adequate control, we can reduce the human involvement in every field. We hope you liked reading this blog. If you did, then keep a close watch on our blog section as many more interesting ones are yet to come.

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