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100+ Unique Nursing Dissertation Topics and Titles by Expert

23 Sep 2023 1279 23 minutes
Know 100+ Nursing Dissertation Topics | Global Assignment Help

Every student pursuing a nursing degree has to write a dissertation. One of the most difficult steps in starting this document is selecting a topic. It is because the central idea of the paper should fulfill the teacher's requirements and aid you in scoring an A+. To make this task easy, our experts will provide you with a list of 100 trending nursing dissertation topics, so read below!

How to Select an Excellent Nursing Dissertation Topic?

Students need to select an amazing nursing dissertation topic for their documents. The theme of the paper will lead them to high marks and impress their teachers. So, follow the steps given below!


  • Read Requirements:  Make sure to read the professor’s instructions and understand their requirements in detail.
  • Conduct Research:  Find out the trending issues or research gaps in the existing theories. They can turn out to be the best themes for you.
  • Decide a Topic:  After conducting research, pick out a theme that contributes to the literature review, is easy to write, and adheres to instructions.

In three easy steps, students can pick out the best nursing dissertation topic. However, conducting research and finding themes can be difficult. Well, don’t worry, as our experts have already curated a list of 100 dissertation ideas nursing for you! So, check them out!

Amazing Paediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

Paediatrics is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on the special care of children from infants to teenagers. This branch can turn out to be the best nursing dissertation ideas; all you need to do is pick out an interesting theme. So, check out the list created by our experts and pick a good one.

  1. Research neonatal medicine and present new ideas that can assist in providing basic medical care to newborn babies.
  2. What are the risk factors if children suffer from severe acute malnutrition? Also, explain diagnosis and treatment methods.
  3. Explain the clinical profile of patients who suffer from seizures between 1 month and 12 years of age.
  4. How can a medical expert assess biochemical abnormalities in neonatal babies who suffer from seizures?
  5. Research anemia in children up to 12 years of age and explain the risk factors.
  6. Explain the clinical profile of children who are assisted with ventilation in the PICU.
  7. Study the urinary tract infections in 1–12-year-old patients and explain the treatment and diagnosis.
  8. Study the clinical-hematological profile of child patients suffering from cytopenias and pancytopenias.
  9. Study the cases of HIV-positive children and give suggestions to prevent risk factors.
  10. Can antibiotics be useful in preventing mild to moderate attacks in bronchial asthmatic children?

While choosing the UK nursing dissertation examples for your project, make sure to seek your professor’s approval beforehand. Doing this will give you a clear idea of how to fulfill the given requirements and submit an excellent document. But if you want to explore more ideas, then check out the list of nursing dissertation topics on midwives.

A midwife is a nurse who helps with high-risk pregnancies. It offers social support, treatment, and care to the patient and also facilitates decision-making. Students can acknowledge the contribution of these medical experts, as they have contributed to various successful deliveries. Thus, read the midwifery dissertation topics and write an acting project.

  1. How does a midwife help in high-risk pregnancies?
  2. How can a midwife nurse intervene and support doctors in Caesarean sections?
  3. What are the models followed by midwife nurses in the UK to provide care?
  4. Write about how midwives have helped increase the number of successful pregnancies.
  5. A midwife helps women with postpartum depression. Discuss the statement.
  6. Midwifery nurses in the UK should always maintain the confidentiality of information, even with patients' families. Why?
  7. How can a midwife consult a pregnant patient in decision-making regarding delivery and child healthcare?
  8. Describe the role of nurses who work as midwives in the clinical settings of a hospital.
  9. A midwife provides social support to pregnant patients, but how does it help in a successful delivery?
  10. Discuss the risk factors for women who suffer from postpartum depression. Also, explain the treatment process.

After checking out the list of midwifery nursing dissertation examples, Students should read about the themes they like and get a detailed overview. Later, as suggested by our experts, select a nursing dissertation example that fulfills the requirements of the professor and is easy to write. Moving further, we will now offer you a list of coronavirus dissertation ideas for nursing.

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Top Corona Virus Nursing Dissertation Topics

COVID-19 was a period of struggle for everyone. We could sit at home with our families, but medical experts had to risk their lives daily to save our loved ones. Our experts have offered a list of dissertation nursing examples during Corona so that students can acknowledge their contributions.

  1. "Nurses worked as angels and warriors during COVID-19.". Discuss the statement.
  2. Analyse healthcare safety and management in the pandemic period.
  3. Explain the experience of nurses who worked every day to assist doctors and patients during the pandemic.
  4. What psychological impacts did COVID-19 have on children who were inpatients in the hospitals?
  5. COVID-19 has taken a great toll on public health. What are the after-effects that have yet been observed in patients?
  6. What was the impact of the coronavirus on the mental health of nurses and medical experts?
  7. What were the resilience strategies used by nurses to offer social support to COVID-19 patients and their families?
  8. The leadership of nurses is an essential factor in times of crisis. Explain why?
  9. Discuss the clinical profile of children under 5 years of age suffering from COVID-19.
  10. Discuss the clinical profile of old females who suffered from coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a trending nursing dissertation idea for every teacher. You can easily score an A+ if you perform ample research and adhere to the instructor’s guidelines. But if you find the theme difficult, there are always other options. Thus, you will find the dementia UK nursing dissertation examples in the next section!

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Latest Dementia Nursing Dissertation Topics

Dementia is a condition wherein people have difficulties with memory, reasoning, and decision-making. Offering treatment, care, and support to such patients is difficult. Why? Many times, they forget who they are and do not recall any conversation with the medical experts. So, if you choose the nursing dissertation examples on dementia, you will gain extensive knowledge and learn strategies. Thus, refer to the ideas offered by our experts and select a theme.

  1. Study Alzheimer's disease in detail. Explain the causes, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment approach at every stage of the disease.
  2. What is dementia in Lewy bodies and describe its adverse effects?
  3. How can nurses provide social care to patients suffering from dementia?
  4. Describe the methods of diagnosing dementia and how to treat it.
  5. Is dementia associated with diabetes? Explain the clinical profile of patients suffering from both of these diseases.
  6. Do nurses adopt specific communication techniques for patients with dementia? Explain
  7. Explain the care policy that public hospitals follow for the treatment and care of elderly dementia patients.
  8. Describe the process of tackling dementia. Explain the procedure from diagnosis to treatment.
  9. How can nurses intervene to control stress in dementia patients?
  10. Explain the pain management techniques used for children, adults, and elderly dementia patients, respectively.

Nurses follow a separate strategy for dementia at different ages. So, while discussing the treatment process, make sure to classify it according to stage and life span. Moving further, we will discuss the adult care nursing dissertation ideas.

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Unique Adult Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Adult care in nursing supports people over 18 years of age until they are elderly. Nurses have to be very careful while providing treatment and care and choose resilience strategies wisely. So, if you write your paper on one of the adult care UK nursing dissertation examples, you will acquire excellent knowledge on the topic. So, check out the trending list given below.

  1. Conduct a study on ADHD and describe its effects on mental and physical health.
  2. How do nurses support patients suffering from dyslexia and ADHD?
  3. Describe the symptoms, diagnosis, effects, and treatment of autism.
  4. What factors contribute to adults suffering from eating disorders?
  5. Explain the factors that lead to seizures in university and college students in the UK.
  6. What are the bronchial asthma triggers, and how can early treatment boost recovery?
  7. Explain the causes of adult crying in nursing centers built in the UK.
  8. Explain the psychological issues that adversely affect the mental health of adults.
  9. Many adults suffer from adverse stress, but no symptoms are observed. How can nurses intervene and provide social support?
  10. Discuss how contaminated water affects public health and what the risk factors are.

After offering you a list of adult care nursing dissertation ideas, our experts will now provide you with mental health topics. Thus, continue reading until you find your perfect theme, and if you have queries, contact our dissertation help experts!

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Top Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Tackling mental health patients is not easy, and nurses play a prominent role in providing support and intervention. Sometimes there are high risks, and these experts undergo acts of violence and hazards. The best way to recognize their contribution and learn interesting strategies and concepts is to write a dissertation. So, let’s look at the nursing ideas of 2023 in this field.

  1. What are the techniques used by nurses to treat psychiatric patients?
  2. How do nurses care for older patients who suffer from depression and loneliness?
  3. How drinking and drugs affect adults' mental health in later stages
  4. Women suffering from sexual and physical abuse undergo trauma. How can nursing support them?
  5. Conduct a comparison between urban and rural societies, only focusing on mental health issues.
  6. Unemployment is a factor that boosts mental health problems. How?
  7. Mental illness leads to suicide. Why and what are the resilience support strategies nurses can use for prevention?
  8. Every nurse should know the legal regulations for mental health research. Why and explain these factors.
  9. Children who deal with traumatic experiences at home have a high chance of getting diagnosed with mental illness.
  10. Explain why social pressure leads to mental illness and acute stress in the LGBTQ+ community.

Until now, we have discussed various topics in mental health, pediatrics, and adult care. But, in the next section, our experts will introduce you to the theoretical and latest nursing dissertation topics. So, without any further delay, let’s move ahead.

Best Theoretical and Model-Based Nursing Dissertation Topics

Learning theory is extremely important in nursing. It is because these concepts help nurses make decisions in critical conditions. Moreover, various strategies and models assist them in providing support and intervention. So, we have curated a list of nursing dissertation ideas based on theory and model. Let’s check them out!

  1. The theoretical perspectives of nursing are highly beneficial in practice and interventions.
  2. Discuss the staffing policy and other issues in nursing.
  3. Nurses play a diversified role in hospital management, assessments, patient care, and treatment. Explain
  4. Describe the contemporary issues in nursing study and practice.
  5. Are nursing theories effective in decision-making? Explain with examples.
  6. Explain the Roper-Logan-Tierney model in detail. Describe its application in practice.
  7. Describe the uses of Gibbs's reflective cycle in nursing.
  8. What is holistic practice? Explain it using McGill's model of nursing.
  9. Compare Nueman's system, Roper Logan Tierney's, and McGill's models.
  10. Change in public health interventions after the use of the Neuman systems model in nursing

Choose a topic that has extensive research capabilities, as it helps in offering ample information and presenting a strong argument. Another set of nursing dissertation ideas for an excellent document is given below, so read them too.

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Unique Clinical Management Nursing Dissertation Topics

Nurses not only treat patients but also manage the entire staff. Check their clinical profile and make the working operations as smooth as possible. Clinical management nursing dissertation ideas are the easiest to write about. Thus, choose your theme from the list given below.

  1. Explain the clinical profile of patients dealing with metabolic disease.
  2. How can gastritis be prevented in the pediatric population?
  3. The role of community nursing in promoting public health
  4. What strategies do nurses implement to communicate with mental health patients?
  5. Nurses risk their lives daily while offering treatment and care. How?
  6. What are the measures nurses can use to ensure pediatric patient safety?
  7. What strategies can nurses use to provide treatment and care to children with chronic conditions?
  8. What are the pain management techniques nurses use with elderly patients suffering from dementia?
  9. Explain the forensic setting of mental health nursing. Describe the risks and practices.
  10. Many underserved communities have remarkable nurse-led primary care units. Discuss the role and contribution of community nursing.

Until now, our experts have offered you 80 UK nursing dissertation examples. But if you cannot decide on your topic, do not worry; the list continues. Check out the critical care ideas given by our professional researchers!

Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics of 2023

In this section of the blog, we will discuss critical care nursing dissertation ideas. So, check out the top 10 unique topics and start your project.

  1. What are the reasons for an increasing number of cesarian sections in patients?
  2. What are the various types of cervical cancer screening? How do I use them?
  3. How can nurses prevent infant mortality?
  4. Is it important to teach midwives infection control? Why and how?
  5. How do nurses offer treatment, care, and social support to patients suffering from tuberculosis?
  6. Explain the clinical profile of patients who suffer from head and neck pain.
  7. The slightest irresponsibility among doctors has led to an increase in mortality rates in the UK.
  8. What are the factors that lead to maternal deaths after attending delivery rooms?
  9. What are the adverse effects on pregnant teenage patients through physical abuse?
  10. Explain the PCOD and thyroid effects on maternal patients.

After discussing the critical care dissertation nursing examples, now we will discuss the oncology examples. So, let us look at the list of topics associated with cancer care in nursing.

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Cancer Nursing Dissertation Topics of 2023

Treating a cancer patient is one of the most complex tasks. It is because they need to use pain management strategies and adhere to patients' needs now and then. Apart from this, performing screenings and other assessments and interventions is not easy. So, we will advise you to choose a nursing dissertation example on cancer, as you will acquire thorough knowledge. It will be beneficial for you in future cases.

  1. Explain the nursing interventions that facilitate end-of-life decision-making in patients suffering from pediatric oncology.
  2. Describe the various strategies that nurses use to provide social support to adolescent oncology patients.
  3. How have nurses improved their competency and skills in treating cancer patients in the past 5 years?
  4. Explain the clinical profile of elderly females dealing with breast cancer.
  5. What are the methods used to complete cancer screening?
  6. Explain the end-to-end process from diagnosis to treatment for patients dealing with ovarian cancer.
  7. What intervention strategies do nurses use to treat last-stage brain tumor patients?
  8. Explain the clinical profile of prostate cancer patients at different stages.
  9. What pain management techniques do oncology nurses use to treat patients?
  10. What is colorectal cancer? Explain the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Until now, our experts have offered more than 100 nursing dissertation topics. Seeing such a long list can confuse many students. Well! If they have any queries or cannot decide on an idea, they can seek assignment help from our experts. Our team will guide them and resolve all their doubts. Do not believe us? Read for yourself, then!


How Can Global Assignment Help Students to Choose Nursing Dissertation Topics?

Our experts help students with each step of academic writing. So, if you need help selecting a nursing dissertation topic, contact us, we are here to assist.

  • Explain your requirements in detail, and our experts will give you the perfect idea for the dissertation.
  • If you cannot decide on the thesis statement on the topic, do not worry, we will do it for you.
  • Completing research work can be hectic, but not for our PhD experts. So, seek help now!
  • Outlining and structuring a lengthy dissertation can be challenging, but with professional assistance, you can do it accurately and on a budget!
  • Our experts can assist students in drafting every section of the paper, so if you get stuck at any step, contact us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Choosing a nursing dissertation topic is tough. Thus, our experts have offered a list of 100 examples. Select your theme from the given ideas, and if you have any doubts, our nursing assignment help experts can help you at all times.

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