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List of Top 110+ Accounting Dissertation Topics & Ideas

01 Apr 2024 1176 16 minutes
Accounting Dissertation Topics

Accounting is the process of gathering, evaluating, and summarising financial information for an organization. It is one of the most difficult math-based fields. The accounting dissertation remains the most significant component of a college education. The most interesting aspect is selecting a dissertation topic. It is better to choose the most essential topic to begin working on immediately, as it will help you complete the dissertation on time and determine the result. 

If you are an accounting student, you understand how important it is to select a topic for your dissertation that is both engaging and relevant. To help you with this, we created a list of the best 110 accounting dissertation topics to start working on your research. There is also some advice on how to choose a dissertation topic that will grab your interest and amaze your professors. We understand how crucial it is to select an appropriate topic.

Tips for Choosing the Best Accounting Dissertation Topic 

If you are excited to select your accounting topics, you'll need some advice. Professionals in the industry who have written significantly will tell you more about their top advice for picking a topic. Also, if you want professional help regarding topic selection, you can choose our dissertation writing services for better ideas. 

Choose a Fundamental Issue 

A dissertation is a complicated task that requires a certain methodology; it is not like a typical research paper. It is because your accounting dissertation topics ought to be complex as well. Furthermore, if you are working on an important subject, the issue you bring up should be essential rather than at all basic. As it will uplift the quality of your paper.  

Cover a Topic with Sufficient Detail

When selecting dissertation topics for a research paper, you should be succinct and directly to the point. These are lengthy and need to be done with relevant information that matches the topic. The description of your issue should be carefully planned and appear very thoughtful.

Pick a Topic That Interests You

A dissertation is a very long paper and takes a lot of time to complete. It is since writing that it should take hours upon hours. However, there are ways to simplify it.

Your chances of completing the dissertation with excellence will increase if you select an exciting topic. It is what makes you interested in writing more about a specific topic.  

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List of the Top 110+ Accounting Dissertation Topics

Choosing an effective dissertation topic in accounting can be difficult. Selecting a topic requires thorough consideration, analysis, and relevancy. So, for your convenience, here is a list of accounting dissertation topic to assist you:

Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topics 

  1. How can small-scale industries stay in the markets of international banking?
  2. An examination of the results of the financial and banking crises
  3. The results of domestic bank transactions on the international stock exchange
  4. Is there truly independence among auditors?
  5. Regulations for auditing in Hong Kong
  6. The dependence of the private corporate sector in Saudi Arabia on auditing
  7. The auditing process for Gold Airlines
  8. The role of modern technologies in audit planning
  9. Financial statement internal risk audit for segment audit objectives
  10. Exterior auditors and corporate governance: high-quality audits

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Trending Dissertation Ideas on Accounting  

  1. An extensive analysis of how the financial crisis has affected banking and finance
  2. An analysis of the deviation from business standards
  3. The risks associated with dealing with national banks: political and economic
  4. An analysis of banking and finance-related business trends in European countries
  5. Security measures implemented in global financial institutions International banking and finance customs
  6. A thorough analysis of the WTO's role in finance and banking
  7. An analysis of the relationship between corporate strategy and capital structures, comparing multinational banks and regional businesses
  8. Minimizing the chance of a consistent economic collapse in domestic and global finances
  9. The world's reasons for international expats: Islamic banking, other religious
  10. Denominations' financial practices and banking

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Unique Accounting Dissertation Ideas 

  1. Getting the audit and analysis processes ready
  2. The Dunkin' Donuts company's European group marketing audit
  3. New accounting practices
  4. What makes a good auditor? an analysis based on competencies
  5. Operational evaluation and report on indoor air quality
  6. Corrections and Rehabilitation in Florida (FCR) auditing for Human Resources, the Environment, and green management
  7. Agile auditing: benefits and drawbacks
  8. Applying artificial intelligence methods to audit activities
  9. Important principles of auditing: extra services for assurance
  10. Examination of the audit report by the Quality Assurance Council

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Dissertation Topics on Environmental Accounting

  1. Examination of the components that generate shareholder value while taking stakeholders' requirements into account
  2. Oversight of financial agreements by analytical methods
  3. Taking into account a variety of factors: theory, techniques, and tools
  4. Enhancing reporting quality through the use of accounting information system
  5. Evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of municipal control accounting policy
  6. Data and methodological assistance for the strategic accounting development of an economic entity
  7. Utilising a risk-based strategy to regulate and keep an eye on suspicious transactions in commercial banks
  8. Considering online transactions
  9. Harmonisation of accounting practices in the context of economic unions
  10. Internal control and accounting protocols for social responsibilities

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Dissertation Topics on Emerging Accounting

  1. Evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of municipal management accounting organizations
  2. Examination of the components that generate shareholder value while taking stakeholders' requirements into account
  3. Oversight of financial agreements by analytical methods
  4. Taking into account a variety of factors: theory, techniques, and tools
  5. Internal evaluation of reserve formation risks and liabilities in commercial enterprises
  6. Tools for figuring out and acknowledging intangible asset impairments in reports
  7. The consolidated financial statements of the electric power sector are examined.
  8. Financial statements that combine auditing practices and structures
  9. Arrangement and creation of accounting protocols for expenses incurred in outsourcing
  10. Coordinating and providing the forensic audit with procedural support

List of Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. Determining the sector's driving forces in Saudi Arabia through mobile banking
  2. Crisis management: security breach in online banking
  3. The mobile banking solution offered by Easy-Pay employs a customer-focused marketing approach.
  4. Innovative banking for mobile
  5. Problems with cryptography and online banking
  6. Mining and Customer Relationship Marketing in the Banking Industry" by Chye and Gerry
  7. Internet banking's effects and results, the banking industry's use of biometric scanners, and the fusion of e-commerce websites with banking systems
  8. Experience with accounting and reporting for leasing agreements both domestically and internationally
  9. Compliant financial reporting: reasoning and building methods
  10. IFRS and US GAAP: convergence issues

Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics 

  1. Citibank's e-business strategy and capabilities: online banking and shopping
  2. Using Ameribank's online banking
  3. Using Safaricom for mobile banking
  4. The impact of internet banking on bank profitability
  5. How to use online banking to keep customers loyal?
  6. Kenya, a world leader in mobile banking: operational risk in traditional and online banking
  7. UAE's banking sector's online activity
  8. The role of the chief information officer in online banking and Mobile Banking
  9. Adoption: Issues and Resolutions
  10. The shift from traditional personal banking to Internet banking

If you do not have the idea to frame your dissertation topic then you can search for accounting dissertation examples for placement ideas. 

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List of Dissertation Ideas on Management Accounting

  1. Managers can benefit from managerial accounting analysis: a mid-term practice solution.
  2. Managerial accounting's advantages for managers.
  3. Financial and managerial accounting: applicability, particular managerial accounting concerns, and the role of ethics in accounting.
  4. Managerial accounting's budget variance analysis.
  5. How the marriage of IFRS and GAAP may affect managerial accounting.
  6. Administrative accounting: disparities between managerial and cost accounting.
  7. Comparing financial and managerial accounting at Insurance Australia Group.
  8. Limited: an overview of managerial accounting systems and organisational control.
  9. How do merger models incorporate managerial accounting? 
  10. The significance of managerial accounting in the business setting: an overview of management accounting principles and ideas

Trending Dissertation Ideas on Accounting  

  1. The Use of Managerial Accounting Performance Measures to Show Management's Performance.
  2. An analysis of the motivations of British investors through the application of behavioural finance.
  3. The UK's business debt calculation factors.
  4. The role of private equity and loan markets in UK SME components funding SME components of asset pricing in the United Kingdom.
  5. Capital and financial structure of UK enterprises.
  6. Corporate governance and investor safety in the financial markets of the US and EU.
  7. Politics' impact on asset values.
  8. Internet banking systems have unstated disadvantages, particularly when it comes to electronic bank-to-bank transactions, dual-factor authentication, and security.
  9. Accounting data segmentation in the audit of wholesale companies.
  10. Enhancing the procedures for audit sampling rationale.
  11. The evolution of accounting and reporting practices in business enterprises within the framework of sustainable economic growth.

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Multidimensional Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. The reaction of financial markets to COVID-19.
  2. How do different incentives affect how mutual funds implement risk-taking strategies?
  3. What was the reaction of the financial markets to Biden's win?
  4. How do fintech companies affect the financial services sector?
  5. Current advancements in financial engineering.
  6. What effect does IT have on competition in financial services?
  7. The effect of corporate governance practices on the capital structures of emerging nations.
  8. What effect do interest rates have on the FTSE?
  9. Does the development of IT impact R&D spending for businesses?
  10. Behavioural finance has a role in investment decision-making.

Dissertation Topics on Management Accounting

  1. Technology tools' impact on managerial accounting: lessons for organising the provision of public goods.
  2. Student perceptions of computer-based assessment in management accounting.
  3. A financial argument in support of the need for managerial accounting systems.
  4. The relationship between controllership and managerial accounting.
  5. The role of management in managerial accounting services.
  6. Management accounting cost allocations.
  7. Do SMEs in the UK outperform large corporations in terms of profitability?
  8. The financial frameworks of EU and British corporations are contrasted.
  9. Financial markets and financial intermediation are both temporary and permanent.
  10. Creation of the accounting balance sheet method.

Dissertation Ideas on Internal Accounting

  1. Electronic commerce, consumer search, and reducing retail costs.
  2. Retailing is regulated through parking levies.
  3. Online vs. in-store retailing: e-business and conventional.
  4. Earliest modern: the medical systems, retailing, and consumption of London.
  5. Amazon and its competitors in the online book sales market.
  6. Why are human resources an essential component of the marketing mix for retail?
  7. The Economics of Corporate Social Responsibility in Retailing Public Goods: Business Etiquette and Manners
  8. Strategies for attracting new clients to online banking.
  9. Worries about online banking service fraud.
  10. Accounting is organised through distant outsourcing.

Here, we have discussed the latest accounting dissertation topics, which will help you advance your thoughts to the next level. These ideas will help you directly connect them to the paper.

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