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The success of an organization is purely depends on the satisfaction level of the customers. However, It is necessary to uplift the consumer satisfaction level by rendering fine services. In hospitality industry, quality services plays an essential role because organizations are able to offer the same then it will directly improve the position of the companies. Whereas, quality services can be explained the satisfaction level of the consumers matches up with services offered by the organizations. If both things are on an equal level then it can de be defined as quality services. These services can be provided by identifying the requirements and expectations of the customers. However, organizations need to identify the customer's needs and satisfaction in order to improve them. If the services are as per the needs of customers then it will have a positive impact on the satisfaction level of the customers.

Rationale aim and rationale

The present research project is prepared with an aim to analyze the impact of quality services on customer satisfaction: A case study of Marriott. Earlier, several studies were done on this selected topic but the effective conclusion is still not evaluated.

  • Research questions
  • Research objectives
  • Literature Review

Concept of quality services

According to the author (Akbar and Parvez, 2009). in the hospitality industry, it is very important to provide quality services to meet the need of the customer. In the competitive market quality services increase the competitiveness of the organization. Quality service actually means satisfying the expectations of the customers. Assessment of quality of services is done by the service provider so that they can provide high-quality service.

Investigate customer satisfaction

According to the author, Customer satisfaction is a key to success for the hospitality industry. As a customer who is satisfied will always be loyal to the hotel and will prefer that hotel for visiting again. And best part of customer satisfaction is they do marketing of hotel to the people while talking about them so it is very important that customers should provide good feedback.
Impact of quality service on customer satisfaction

According to the author (Matzler and Hinterhuber, 1998) the entire service sector industry for increasing the satisfaction of the customer they enhance the quality of the services provided by them. In order to achieve the expectations and needs of the customer hotel, Marriott focuses on enhancing the quality standards so that they can increase the customer and surely they will return to visit again to the same hotel if they are satisfied with the services provided to them.

Research methodology

Research approach: In order to analyze the impact of quality services on customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry: A case study of Marriott the research has two approaches i.e. inductive and deductive. With the consideration of the inductive approach, the new theories are generated with the help of gathered data and information.

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