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Selling is considered as the main component of business and thus it helps in enhancing the skills and capabilities of workers so that sales can be improved within firm. Sales planning is essential as it provides an opportunity to enhance individual's personal selling skills into practice and carry out effective results in market. Report undertaking L'Oreal which is a cosmetic brand operating internationally (Adamczak, Domański and Cyplik, 2013). Therefore, it is essential for firm to develop effective sales strategy and enable firm to spread its business not only in Europe but also in Asia and Latin America. Here, L'Oreal aims to launch new cosmetic product line and aims to enhance customer range from different age, gender and taste.


a) Businesses use personal selling where sales force is able to sell the product after meeting the potential consumers. Here, sellers aims to promote the product through their attitude, appearance and specialist knowledge regarding the product and thus inform consumers regarding the available product in market and enhance sales. Role of personal selling within L'Oreal is effective as there are wide range of similar products available in market therefore, it will help workers to inform the benefits of the product directly to consumers and thus gain a competitive edge in market (Bozarth and Handfield, 2015). Selling task is considered as an effective way of promoting the product or service in market and thus it involves various components such as identifying the taste and preferences of consumers, seller knowledge etc. which assists in enhancing business performance. 

Also, the importance of information collected by salespeople in relation to L'Oreal that product range of company is unique and targets high class people would result in improving market share of firm. Personal selling within cited firm also aims to support promotional mix and thus marketing team of firm requires to reach towards company's objectives and goals by advertising the products and enhance desired results (Thomé, Sousa and Scavarda do Carmo, 2014). Thus, personal selling plays crucial role in relation to communicate, sell, after-sales service and collecting information would result in improving business performance in cosmetic industry. 

b) Consumers are the end users for any product or service and therefore, it is essential for L'Oreal to identify the behaviour consumers and thus provide them the best quality products so that they can make effective decisions regarding purchasing the same. There are different stages identified in buyer decision-making process such as-

Need recognition- Here, consumers identify their need regarding the product and make decision regarding they need to purchase the product or not (Noonan, 2010).

Information search- In this, consumers search for the information regarding the available product or service within L'Oreal through different sources such as, peers, television, newspaper etc.

Evaluating alternatives- It is essential for consumers to evaluate the alternatives available and thus make suitable choice so that success can be attained.

Purchase decision- Consumers make the purchase decision regarding buying the product or services and thus it impacts upon the sales of firm (Hoyer and Maclnnis, 2012).

Post-purchase decision- Consumers always make a post-purchase behavior after buying the product from company regarding its usefulness, durability, quality etc.

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