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European Union has unified legal structure which defines about various types of legal system in nation, which defines about to completion of various business functions as per following legal systems of nation. In addition to this, the report will be discussed about discrimination acts which mentioned in its various articles of the country. All female employees should not be discriminated by the employee at workplace and EU legal system protect against it. Apart from it, varied types of legal provisions are mentioned in legal system of the nation. The report will be discussed appropriate suggestion regarding to Medica company who is operating in Europe and furnishing variety of medical services in industry. The company need to follow all legal provisions of EU legal system in respect to providing its various types of drugs products in its multiple members states in proper way.

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European Union has a key role to play in regulating the affairs of all its member states, including the UK. EU law is a system of rules operating within the member states of the European Union. Likes every political body, it has laws which constitute its basic governance structure. The EU refer to the entire economic and social networks of nation of country, which involves all 28 members states (Craig and De Búrca, 2011). As per its law system, variety of legislative provisions are being mentioned in its legal structure by which they can better resolves each country's issues by utilising legal provision given in multiple articles of the nation.

Question 1

Daisy was employed by a large department store located at the high street. Her job involves serving at the tills and putting stock on the shelves, she had worked at the store for ten years. One of her fellow workers was mark who has worked at the shop for similar time. Daisy discovered that Mark has been paid Christmas bonus with some of the selected staffs. She has not been paid the bonus, neither any of females within them colleagues she knows. All of whom were females (Schmidt and Anderman, 2011). Apart from it, she also discovered that Mark received an extra week of paid holiday than she did. Daisy is alleging that she is a victim of sex discrimination at workplace. It is not fair as per legislative law of EU nation. According to EU law article 157 TFEU, the indirect discrimination occurs when there is unreasonable rule of policy that is the same for everyone but has an unfair effect on peoples who share a particular attributes. As per its legal provision, the indirect discrimination is unlawful because some unacceptable situation incurs at workplace. By making discrimination with someone on basis of Sex and status factors in firm. It can be said that, Daisy is a victim of discrimination in the store and other females as well. So in this situation, the store department has done their job wrongfully as per legal provisions, so Daisy has right to take legal action to getting remedy against internal discrimination which has faced by her in the store regarding to making use paying bonus on Christmas (Craig and De Búrca, eds., 2011). So this is not lawful as per EU law article 157 TFEU, so she need to take legal action in order to getting her appropriate amount of bonus and holiday pays as she were expected to be given by company. Hence, it can be said that, in this situation, store department must need to treat with all workers at equality basis, and as per legal system, they have to equal pay to every employee

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