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Principles of Networking System

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Introduction to Networking Operating System

Network operating system can be defined as types of software that manages and monitor the activities of different type of software as well as hardware programs. These all are the different programs that used to run on the particular network and it is defined as a NOS (Gupta, 2013). It is the best way which provides the way through which user can connect with the different computer system over the network. The present report is based on the ABC Company. It is an medium size company and the network manager of company wants to open a new branch in Manchester, the Manchester offices located in a modern building, spanning in two floors. Due to the different number of mobile salesmen they need to access the network resources remotely. Further, the report determines the different network operating system principles as well as different terms related to disaster recovery, availability and security. A proper implementation of adopted networking system is being explained with the proper installation and configuration process.



1.1) Manager of an ABC company decided to open a new branch in Manchester. The office is located in a modern building, spanning in two floors. There are mainly different requirements for setting up a proper office. The main aim of the IT director of company is to emphasize on the security, scalability and availability (Kurose, 2005). It is quite essential for them to choose a best network operating system. In order to adopt this IT manager needs to evaluate all the business needs and select a best appropriate system. Further, company can easily manage their new branch and office in the company by adopting best operating system. There are different types of operating system that is open source and free to charge such as:

Microsoft LAN manager: LAN manager is a network operating system developed by a Microsoft that mainly works as a server application. It mainly supports different desktop operating system like DOS, windows and OS/2 clients (McCabe, 2010).

Novel's Netware: A type of NOS that depends upon the XNS protocol. It provides support to the desktop system that is called as a Novell Netware. One of the main advantages of using this network operating system is that is an open source network. Further, it supports different system in the market such as DOS, windows, Macintosh, UNIX etc. (Ogunseye, and et. al., 2011).

Banyan VINES: It is an integrated network service operating system based on the proprietary protocol. It can also derive as a XEROX network system protocol. In addition to this, basically it uses the client-server architecture that enables clients to request specified services like file and printer access from server.

Freespire: It is one of the best open source network operating system. It is based on the Linux operating system and also uses Ubuntu (Version 7.04) at its core. Users of windows somehow feel that Mac OS will feel right at home (Ngai, 2003).

In order to find out the need of remote desktop support ABC Company can use Novel's Netware. It is the best network operating system that can be supported by windows as well as UNIX. Further, company can easily manage their accounts departments by easy sharing of data on different floors. They can also store document that can be shared between the staff of the same department (Peterson, 2011). Further, it has been the most secure, reliable and best performing protocol engine. It provides everything to developer that they need to create such as MySQL database, PHP language, Apache Web server. This entire server can be easily accessed and it becomes the most important requirements for implementing such system. With the help of this network Operating System Company can easily manage number of mobile salesmen for which they need to access the network resources remotely (Odom, 2004). It is the best network operating system that easily runs on windows. It is the best suitable for ABC company as it is medium size enterprise and they can easily get connected with different floors. The set up of computers on different floors can be set up by proper installation of Novel's Netware. It is the best way through which company can maintain inter department communication. In this way, company can keep all their data secure.

1.2) IT director of company mainly requires having best network availability in their company. It is essential for them to keep best resources for the purpose maintaining security, recovery and availability (Kalampokis, Tambouris and Tarabanis, 2013). Disaster recovery can be described as an area of security planning that mainly helps the company in keep them secure form all the negative events. With the help of adopting best network disaster recovery Plan Company can easily respond to an interruption of network services during a natural calamity. With the help of this company can keep their overall system secure and maintain reliability of the system. Disaster recovery involves the series of actions to be taken such as hacker attacks, computer viruses, mistakes in system administration etc. (Hung and Liang, 2001). In the present scenario, ABC Company can use Novell Cluster Services for the disaster recovery implementation. With the help of this they can easily achieve the desired level of disaster recovery. Mainly it requires a stretch cluster and a cluster of clusters. Company can further use Evault backup solutions for the disaster recovery. It is the best way to get the secure, efficient and disk based backups for the Novell Netware environments (Barrett and King, 2005).   The major benefits which company can get by adopting this system is that it provides end to end security as well as offsite protection. It passes on encrypted data before and during over-the-wire transmission. It also mirrors the backup data of company and keep it secure by using offsite locations for complete disaster protection (Rimmer, 2007). It also simplifies all the IT operations by providing flexibility, ease of use, performance and security.



2.1 )In order to adopt Novel's Netware network operating system a proper implementation is required by company. It is the most secure and best performing system. In order manage 30 computers of first floor as well as 20 computers on second the ABC Company needs to adopt Novel's Netware. A detail plan for the implementation of Novel's Netware is as follows:

Hardware requirement: The hardware requirement for running a VMware is inflexible in nature rather than a dedicated servers running on a single operating system. It mainly requires a two or more processor x86-based server with two network interface cards. In order to implement such system it mainly requires a sufficient memory and disk space. Further, it provides a comprehensive support of most of the desktop operating system in the market. It also involves DOS, Windows and Macintosh etc.

Minimum system requirement:  It mainly requires server-class PC with a Pentium* II or AMD* K7 processor. In addition to this, some of the most important requirement which are required for minimal performance is:

  • 256 MB of RAM
  • A Super VGA display adapter
  • A DOS partition of at least 200 MB and 200 MB available space
  • 2 GB of available disk space outside the DOS partition for volume SYS
  • One network board
  • A CD drive
  • A USB, PS/2*, or serial mouse

Software requirements: As per the network configuration there are some of the most important information or software which are required by a network administrator i.e.:

  • NetWare 6 License
  • NetWare 6 Operating System CD
  • Read right to the Security container object for the eDirectory tree
  • DOS and CD drivers (required if the computer does not boot from CD)

A NetWare 6 Operating System CD can be designed by making a bootable floppy diskette using the MKFLOPPY.BAT program located in the INSTALL directory of the .

Network board and storage device properties, such as the interrupt and port address (required if not included in NetWare)

The backup methods: One of the most important responsibilities of company is to maintain proper backup of data. For backup of data they can use Evault Novell Netware Backup solutions. In addition to this, they can also use Novell Cluster services in order to achieve best level of disaster recovery.

IP address allocation for all the computers and servers including network printers:

  • IP address and domain names (required for connecting to the Internet):
  • An IP address
  • An IP address of a domain name server
  • The name of your domain
  • For IP addresses and domain names, contact your network administrator and Internet Service Provider.

Security policy: There are various security policies used by company while implementing such network operating system. Password management policy is the best policy through which company can keep all their data secure. There are some of the main security policies used by the company while using Netware i.e.

Public key infrastructure service: with the help of this key public key cryptography and digital certificates a Netware environment can keep secure. It mainly allows administrator to manage certificates and keys for secure socket layer (SSL) security. It helps in building the working public key infrastructure on the network.

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Secure Authentication service: It provides key management for the SSL services. With the help of this authentication recognizes and protects the end user and easily keep their system secure.

The Audit system: It helps in monitoring and record user's access to network. With the help of this network audit the overall management of company can ensure that the network is secure.

With the help of following all such requirements company can easily manage all their network operations.

It is quite essential for ABC Company to evaluate best disaster recovery plan through which they can easily ensure the business continuity even after human intervention and/or natural disasters. Company can further use Novell cluster services in order to keep their data secure with the unauthentic server system. By using stretch cluster company can easily manage their business operations. With the help of adopting best disaster recovery Plan Company can easily come up minimize the disruption of business operation and need to ensure the level of security. One of the most important recovery plan used by company is Evault Novell Netware backup solution. It is the best technique through which company can get secure, efficient and disk based backups for the Novell Netware environment. There are various benefits of using this plan i.e.:

  • Open-file backups: Evault open file manager ensuring smooth day to day operations by the full support of open file backups.
  • WAN optimised performance: speed backups and reduced storage costs are one of the main advantage through which company can easily backup the new and changed data blocks.
  • End to end data security: Data is encrypted before and during over-the-wire transmission. It supports in keeping all the information secure.
  • Web based centralized management: It is the best way through which ABC can manage their computer through a secure and centralised system. With the help of this data can be accessed from anywhere and it provides mirror to backup data to keep it secure.

By using this technique company can easily simplify all their IT operations and provide full security, scalability and availability of authentic data. They can further use different methods checklist testing, simulation testing, parallel testing or full interruption testing. With the help of this company can easily test the overall system and its running functions. All the functions needs to properly run and implemented.



3.1 & 3.2 Installation & Configuration of NetWare

Step 1:  Start installation software

At the time of installing the NetWare firstly a network administrator needs to insert a bootable NetWare CD. The process of installation will start automatically (Clark, 2002).

Step 2: Select settings

It is necessary to select the option by default that installation will continue with automatic defaults.

Step 3: Accept license agreement

Read and accept all the license agreement

Step 4: Select OS configuration options

At this step a person can accept the default installation setting or manually configure the some server specific parameters. If a person desires Default, the NetWare install will evade to the following settings: DOS partition=500MB, NetWare SYS partition=4.0GB, Load Server at reboot=Yes and automatically detect hardware device drivers (Mansfield and Antonakos, 2009).

Step 5: Select Pre-Configured NetWare AMP Server

A user may need to select the desired pattern through which they can forward with the installation process.

Step 6: Give the server name

It is quite essential to give the server name as per the requirement and then select location of the cryptographic file and click Next.

Step 7: Specify IP Settings

Enter unique IP address and then click next to proceed with the steps

Step 8: Specify DNS Name and Name Servers

Enter the host name as well as domain name with the Name server information & Click next

Step 9: Specify eDirectory

It is essential to decide whether a new is created or this server will be installed

Step 10: Reboot

Click Yes to reset the server

After completing the entire steps user need a web accessible database quickly and requires a proper configuration. For this purpose user needs to go through the URL where PHPMy Admin is located (Shinder, 2001). After completing this step it mainly needs to provide a new table name. Specify the fields and field's types. In order to move on it is necessary to ude the web interface to add, delete, modify and query the database. Further, ABC company can use such sources with the help of Mozilla and Novell tests easily indicate that MySQL running on Windows. It can only support 50 users.

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By configuring any system there are various test results expected. As per the above represented functions the overall process of implementation as well as configuration can be clearly identified. At the time of configuring this networking operating system there are various key open source components. It mainly includes NetWare 6.5 are Apache Web server, MySQL database, PHP and Perl scripting languages and Tomcat servlet container (Stoyles, Pentland And Demant, 2003).

Further, Apache web server helps the company for better performance and also improved web based administration. It includes new modular architecture that mainly allows the functionality to be added or removed at runtime depending on developer preference. In addition to this MySql Database ultimately provides the optimal data repository for dynamically accessed web content using PHP (Ou, Sia and Hui, 2013). PHP scripting provides a scripting language through which WebPages can easily interact with databases with focus on server-side scripting to collect form data. Finally it provides all the flexible and reliable operation through which company can easily go through the best performance. In addition to this, different data centers ensure that overall data is safe and always encrypted at the source and over the wire. Further, ABC Company can easily install this network operating system in order to gain expected results (Smed, Kaukoranta, and Hakonen, 2002). With the help of this they can maintain security, scalability and availability of data. Different floors from different company can easily manage their computer stations. They can further store the documents in their account department and easily share their all the information between the staff of the same department (Mitchell and Jolley, 2012). Manchester University can easily span their business on two different floors and network manager can also allocate the minimal amount of support. For this purpose the need of remote desktop support is essential


4.1) Company needs to establish the performance baseline for their system and it is the best way through which company can establish a performance baseline. While setting up a performance baseline, user must select the sampling interval and the server from which they can monitor the performance (Jaikumar, 2004). It is the best effective way through which company can measure their growth as well as performance. Performance baseline mainly requires the amount of disk space as well as a server on which the overall function runs. According to this, user can easily monitors the performance of all the log files as well as easily get the useful performance information.

4.2) In order to monitor the performance of the proposed solution or Novell NetWare user needs to optimize the server performance. Monitoring the performance of server mainly allows isolating the performance bottlenecks and also helps in resolving the server problems. Monitoring is the key tool for performance monitoring at the server level from the server console (Mitchell and Jolley, 2012). To simplify the access to key parameters there are different performance indicator through which company can measure all the error logs and all the user accounts. Becoming familiar with the server's day to day performance and its characteristics response can be defined as a unique performance indicator. Further company can monitor the performance of Novell NetWare by following different onscreen performance indicator. Servers Up Time can be set up through which person can easily detect the power failures who brings down the server (Peterson, 2011). Total cache buffers are available for file caching.

4.3) With the help of using different ways and techniques company can effectively manage and monitor all their business operations. They can further get all the services and updates from the Novell NetWare server. In addition to this, it is the best way through which different networking employees can easily maintain the overall performance of company (Jaikumar, 2004). By using different performance indicators company can know their total server processing capacity. It is the best effective way through which company can grow and develop better system. They can maintain proper communication in between two floors by overall security and safety.


From the above report it has been identified that ABC company can easily manage their new Manchester branch with the help of adopting Novell NetWare network operating system. They can further maintain proper security of data as well as reliability and integrity.


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