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Business Law


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Table of Content

  2. LO 1
  3. LO 2
Question :

This researcher proposal is based on analyzing brand history and its value in the context of GUERLAIN which is a perfume brand. This proposal will assist in determining different research practices to the researcher in order to construct a proper report with appropriate sources.

  • Construct an introduction that determine research aim, objective, overview, significance and further crucial aspects.
  • Provide detailed information over the research by considering literature.
  • Determine a clear methodology of research.
Answer :
Organization Selected : GUERLAIN


In order to define the law of business it is essential to interpret what is business law? It is also known as commercial law. It deals with legal transaction such as laws of agencies and regarding to the partnership. In this report there has been granted advice to Ben on regularize and pattern in term of sale of goods and services. Furthermore, this report also explained the statutory provisions on the remedies and possession of the goods. There are different types of agents and agencies who perform their work on the direction of principle. General features of agencies are also explained through this report. In UK there are different anti competitive practice legislations and the monopolies and competition commission is playing an essential role in the context of monopolies. Apart from this, dominant position is also defined within the EU common market. It also considers provisions regarding to the faulty products. Generally customers use intermediate agreements. Other than these factors, this study characterized many more important factors which are essential in the business law(Beatty, Samuelson and Abril, 2018).

LO 1

1.1 Advice the legal rules associate to the goods and services to Ben's

Antithetical terms which are implied on the sales of goods and services such as :

  • Section 12 : It related to the power and authorities of owner of the products and goods to sell it's to the third party.
  • Section 13 : this section is refers that products has to be in the same way as it was presented and described in advertisement. Company has to be assure that there has not been any changes or modifications in the products colour, brand, name or design.
  • Section 14 (2) : this section is generally related to the quality control of the product and services offered by company to its customer. Consumers will have only that products which will give them satisfaction so it necessary to give the best of the quality to the customer to met the objectives and goals(Loafman and Altman, 2014).
  • Section 14 (3) : it mentions to the suitability for goal. It substance there has to be assure about the goods which has to be sold-out must be suitable accordant to the goal for which it is developed or created.

1.2 Legal regulations on the conveyance of ownership and property to Ben

Legal regulations on the conveyance of ownership and property comes under the act of sales of commodities 1979 and it described under sub division 5 and the name is title and passing of property. These sections describe :

  • If the retention in the goods has transferee to the purchaser he would have a great title to them in case the seller has become failure when the goods are still in the sellers' ownership.
  • if the products are delivered subject to any statement of title or property section of the vendor then the marketer might have a good title to the goods if the buyer becomes failure.
  • The authority to sue a third party for amends or loss of the goods may reckon on who has the holding at the applicable time(Ashcroft, Ashcroft and Patterson, 2016).

1.3 Legal regulations on remedies to buyers and sellers in sale of commodities

Legal regulations on remedies for both parties are various. There are contrary sub divisions under the act which represented remedies under various reasons. Therapeutic of the vendor comes under section 38 and 39. Section 38 furnishes that the unpaid vendor has a security interest on the good or they have the power to conveyance the goods for the worth when he still has the ownership of goods. Section 39 mention the authorities of non-paying vendor. Remedies of the purchaser comes under section 48B (1), 48C (1) and 48C (2)

1.4 Investigation of good obligation lawful rules and legal provisions for defective products

Merchandise obligation is described under the act of consumer protection, 1987. this act is used when the product is not as same as they explained. Defective products are considered in two cases such as :

  • when a good is not as a same way as it was described in the law or contract.
  • When a product is harmful or dangerous for the consumer's health.

In existing proceedings, vendor is susceptible to fixture or renew the products by his private expenditures and also give the expenses regarding to medical to Ben because of the accident, family members have injured.

LO 2

2.1 Measure the variation between kinds of agreements regarding to credits

Credit agreement refers an action which is related to either credit dealing or credit assurance. It may be in the variety of credit sales and form of bank loan. Agreements can be divided into different parts such as intermediate agreements, small agreements, and large agreements. These all parts are generally differentiated by the term of payment such as small agreements usually below rupees 15000 while intermediate agreements are between 15000 to 250000 and large agreements are above 250000. small agreements are paid through micro loans. Furthermore, there are respective others agreements regarding to credits such as improvement credit holds and public curiosity credit. these agreements are done between the buyer and the seller. Generally it is done to cleared the payment methods. It is not possible for a person to pay the large amount in one install. So it is the agreement by which both are agreed about the instalments of the payment.

2.2 Examine the judicial regulations on failure notice and expiration authorities

Rights of termination to the consumer are described under the act 1974. According to these rights, consumer can change the terms and rules of the credit agreements before contracting or within 14 days of agreement. It is necessary to inform the lender about the cancellation or alteration of the agreement. If Claire do not inform the lender about these modifications then lender should transmit the notice of the arrears to communicate that what should be finished to correct and give them instructions that what situations will be happened in not acting the enactment.

2.3 Generic features of agency and deviation between kinds of agents

Generally there are eight characteristics of making great agency such as digital expertise, data driven, storytelling and Design focused. It is the geographical point where agents done their activities on the interest of principles or other person. It can be developed through different manners but mainly it is created by two perspectives such as by agreement and by operation of law.

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