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Business Law and it's Impact on Business Operations - Country Pine

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1803
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/9862
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Question :

This report throws light on the reading of business law and the impact that it has on business operations. This will provide advice to new and existing businesses both on problems relating to legal advice. These recommendations are provided to Country Pine with applied knowledge of related legislation. Following areas are addressed:

  • Inspect role that legal system plays in operations of Country Pine.
  • Explain the effect of laws on working of the company.
  • Suggest solutions within the legal framework for problems faced by Country Pine.
  • Recommend legal solution grounded on legal advice provided to the company.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Country Pine


Business laws are managed and developed by governing to monitor and regularise commercial enterprise activities. The written document will cover English legal system structure and contrary beginning of law and role of system of rules in order to make and explicate laws and legalisation with application of statutory and common laws (Cohn, 2016). This report will also demonstrate impact of worker obligation and legalisation on business with befitting judicial mixture for the case of CP connected with circumstance.


P.1 English legal system structure and different sources of law

According to this English Legal system, there are two types of laws like Criminal law and Civil law. This law has own different branches in the court. The criminal law are applicable when the domestic claimed to the people (Bernstein, 2017). The court has to be consider as civil law. In the United Kingdom, they do not have any other legal system in which old politician has in depend order to improve their legalisation in nation. There are three separate laws are applied in United Kingdom and this law are managed by the present judge.

Different sources of law:

  • Law in EU: It is that when some laws are controlled and managed by the European Union. The rules and regulation are associated in this country and followed by the organisation in the European market (Kitagawa, 2016). The Laws from European are included such as trade union and Employment Act. These types of laws are applicable in the European county.
  • Common Law: The common law is considered as an ethical consumer that are helpful for the ancient law and this law are applied in England and Wales. With the help of this law, they easily arrested by the government and take serious action to the criminal.
  • Statutes: These laws are used for the parliament in order to create a dynamic rule and regulation that would be followed by the people of England (Ghemawat, 2016). These laws are originated through the UK parliament. The government provide the laws related bills and draft and can be making proposal and afterward, they are giving approval to royal assent. For Example In 1996, they are associated
  • Civil Law: This law is useful for the locale people in which any wrong activity and wrong commitment made by people (Yaxuan, 2017). This law is managed when it is less than 250000 and injures is less than 50000.
  • Legislation: This is an important part of parliament and creating a new law which is based on the parliament rules. There are two main parts of parliament: House of Lords and House of Commons. Total 650 members are present in the House of Commons. They are defeine as a geographical constituency.

P.2 Government role in making laws and application of common and statutory laws

The organisation always follows the rules and regulation which are made by the government like statutory law. These laws are made for a specific reason of solving the problem people such as business related issue, community related and society etc. These laws are maintains the requirement statutory laws (Choy, 2016). This statutory law are known as government provision.

This process is approving the bill in the parliament in step by step as follows:

  • First reading: This is the initial stage of reading the bill and the House of Commons proposes the bill in the parliament.
  • Second reading: This is the second reading, the proposal and bill are discussed by the MPs and afterwards, if any queries arise, then sending the bill to House of Lords. They carry out a voting process.
  • Committee stage: The voting process plays an important role because the parliament has decided to any change is required in the bill (Dantressangle, 2016). Finally, the bill is approved by the members of parliament.
  • Report stage: They provide the relevant suggestion and opinion in the bill. Some person who were not present in pastime so that they also give their opinion in which they also able to change the bill pattern.
  • Third reading: In this stage, the discussion on the bill is conducted by MPs and they will change the order of bill and then finally submit the bill.
  • Stage of approval: this bill is passed by one chamber and represented to the another bill. The bill is passed in both House of Lords and House of Commons. This is the last stage of approval.
  • Conversion: - The final stage, where the legal document is approved by some houses gets an approval from royal accent (Dantressangle, 2016). In addition to this, royal accent give final submission on bill with the help and advice of ministers.
  • Employer's legitimate commitment: - In this context, Word related to safety and Health - Legal document known with well-being and safety attached to UK full. It is the responsibility of boss that to keep up wellness and security in the organisation (Singh, 2016). Individual necessarily to make lawful courses of action in the work surroundings with the goal that no personnel single can get injured.
  • Workers remuneration ; Enterprise condition to give covering offices to the representatives. It is incorporated into the act planning under the labourer's wage enactment. It is the duty of a commercial enterprise that to screen risk of its profitable force single (Karpoff, 2018). That aide in encouragement their verve and power them to feel secure and bonded. In the same way, employees new to give its advantages related to health care and deducted form representative compensation.
  • Equal opportunities : In this context, each organisation necessarily to give break even with chances to all staff single, there ought not to be any sort of separatism on the bases of age, race, belief and so on (Katznelson, 2018). Commercial enterprise inevitably to assurance that compelling against segregation hones follow in the on the job surroundings entirely.
  • Harassment ; Aggravation at the work situation is wholly illicit and if any such case come about in the organisation then business concern will be subject to face results for the same. Provocation act evidently clear up that such sort of annoyance are disallowed in the endeavour. Badgering plan of action fictional character the statutory committees of manager.


LO 2 Employment rights

B. Impact of contract and employment law

In English legal system is most important at the time of contract and employment law, if the employees are law employed (Yaxuan, 2015). The worker working in administrative district pine have different rights and facultative such as rates of wage, leaves, work time etc. The Structure needs to create various plan of action considering all the employ rights. Organisation also provide cracking and services to people for which it is essential to consider user correct or related laws which mention to right to choice, correct to be known, substitution or refund argumentation.


LO 3 Legal solution of the case

Country Pine has been in operation as a sole trader, the occupation team recommended to conveyance CP into a limited or certified institution (Choy, 2016). There are various alteration or legal requirement of an enrolled institution which inevitably to be reasoned by Directors of the organisation. In the same way, to be focus on role of director of the company are as follows :-

Role of director

  • To be follow organisation rule mention in article of association.
  • Keep the record is change
  • Felling the account
  • To be pay corporate tax

All such are role of a director should engrossment on independent justice to alteration overall on the job situation to make effectual determination. In this context, director policy-making, state of affairs, judicial, social and scientific factors should be managed and contained by commercial enterprise which assists to ensure that competent to intended are held and such proceedings are in admiration of the formation (Dantressangle, 2016). On the other hand, Country Pine is focused on collecting capital in different methods:

  • Crowd funding: This is a different method of capital and loan pre-order contribution. This is to be inculcated the different factor of contribution and manage the work on time.
  • Angle investment: In this way, to be focus on investor who are willing to invest on small organisation or new start-up etc.

In this condition, Country Pine are also focused on there conflict and issue to increase the current market network. There have been many a situation when few of the flat large number consist defects or harm (Singh, 2016). Generally Polish businessperson made monetary fund to Country Pine but CP was alert that with the alteration in supply it might be accomplish able that it may develop a struggle situation due to choice of flat packs supplied. It may be manageable that there can be a legal difference betwixt suppliers and arrangement.

P.5 Justification

Country pine is focused on each and every factor related to internal as well as external legal aspect and change as per the need of legal department. There must professed businessperson, decision maker and other worker who can handle all the lawful writing, records and other requirements to operate business activities legally.

The Directors essential to perform their duties efficaciously so that organisation can operate its purpose legally (Karpoff, 2014). The Country pine also needs to discourse issues related to battered or defected goods indefinite quantity by Polish provider. It is most important part for shorting them outside court. This is beneficial and helps to increase profit or productivity. It is complete focus on avoid the damage of the company image in market place. Legal factor is help them and protecting them for long time period.

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