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Nature of the Legal System in Business-JPM

University: UKCBC College

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Minor Case Study
  • Course Code: H/508/0492
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Question :

Business law refers to the rules and regulations which regulate the working of the companies and punishes the wrongdoer when any wrong is committed. These provide the set of rights to the employees and employers associated with the business. This project is based on gaining knowledge of business law.

  • Nature of the legal system
  • The laws have a potential impact on business.
  • Different legal solutions to the problems of business.
  • Appropriate legal solutions are based on alternative advice.
Answer :
Organization Selected : JPM


Business Law consists important role in every business with the implementation of rules and regulations. Therefore, it is essential for all managers, owners, professionals, etc. It assists to make better decisions which could be applied into the organisation. In UK, there are different legislation includes that ensure the business get success with using systematic work. In order to focus on operations and functions, every enterprise get proper functioning (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017). Present report is based on certain cases that create positive impact on programmes and activities. First section defines case of Queen's Speech at state of parliament in October or November. Furthermore, there is another case of JPM which is a small company started by 3 friends.

For gaining insight information of the present report, it covers different sources of laws. Furthermore, it includes role of government to make law within the statutory and common law. Moreover, it signifies legal advice based on case law or statutes in the process for liquidation. At last, it discusses alternative legal solution that is based on legal framework (Janis, Hovenkamp and Carrier, 2016). Comparison and contrast information are also included to create effectiveness of these solutions.

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a) Discussing the meaning of this statement and various sources of UK laws

Business law consist commercial transactions which consider branch of civil law and deals with private and public sector issues. State of parliament is an event that formally conducts session in UK. It includes speech throne that is known as Queen's Speech. In maiden, state opening and elaborate ceremony with showcasing British history, culture, etc. Furthermore, parliament sovereignty is principle of UK which concentrate to consider legal authority in the business. Courts are unable to control legislation and parliament never passes laws that future level cannot change. Over the years, parliament have passed laws with limited application of sovereignty (Parliamentary sovereignty, 2018). These laws create impact on development of political environment within and outside UK. It considers several acts such as Human Right Act 1998, UK's entry to the European Union in 1973, etc. In this context, following are different sources of laws in UK included in legal sources:

  • Civil laws: Civil laws considers rules and regulations which comprises in different cases. It is related with well-being of particular person and society as well. In this kind of law, generally solutions are made for cases like divorce, property, forgery, etc. Mainly, it includes kinds of cases that needs to maintain quality standards to develop better results. In addition to this, it helps in maintaining systematic work performances. Along with this, case will be solved to focus on effective results and outcomes. In other words, civil laws also refers as legal system administered by courts which developed in England and Wales. With the help of this law, every individual protected in the business to provide several facilities in systematic manner. It assists to acquire rights and duties of particular individual in terms of legislation and common law. For instance, an individual or enterprise agrees to provide goods and services at certain prices. Claims are also brought under consumer protection law (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017).
  • Criminal laws: Criminal laws ensures systematic consideration in UK for development of business. For instance, it is clearly unacceptable to steal from another individual and partner. Majority of criminal laws is codified in Acts of parliament which includes Theft act, offences against person act, etc. Breach of criminal law seen as wrong against society as whole, when it not properly reguulated. When any individual breaches law, it is considered as an offence against criminal prosecution by the state. However, if they are convicted, adequate penalty will be charged (Janis, Hovenkamp and Carrier, 2016).
  • Public law: Public law is considered as branch of civil law under which the state is required to protect rights of an individual from other people or business. For instance, state can impose an anti-social behavioural order. Various laws are imposed on domestic abuse offenders and orders made with local authority. However, breach of public law order may result in criminal prosecution (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017).

Sometimes, criminal and civil law arises in relation of incident. For example, road users due to heavy duty, driving carelessly, causes of accident, etc. In this consideration, civil claim can be bought for damages, negligence, etc. Furthermore, in employment law context all staff members have right to work together within safe environment. Hence, employers have duty to consider protection and safety.

b) Role of government in law making process and how statutory and common law

In order to make law in UK, government play major role in it. It helps to maintain contract with using several rules and regulation that facilitate to develop effective results. Due to inappropriate records of constitution, parliament and government look for legal development procedures. This law implemented in house of parliament which consider discussion among several numbers of people. When all people agreed, act draft and sent into legislation to review about activities. Legislation passes law for the government so that they are also looked towards creative perspectives. Parliament perform their functions in all over the worldwide so that it helps to perform three core functions which represented for citizen interest (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017).

Along with this, they perform a legislative functions because own way consist power to amend, approve or reject. This kind of functions strongly linked with representation of functions among the people which receive by authority in democratic countries. Exact means in the parliament consider with engaged to make law that varies and depends on type of parliament system. Presidential systems, individual MPs consider greater opportunities to produce draft before making any law. In addition to this, it is essential to amended and passed that developed with the system and methods. Presidential system consider draft introduce immediately that referred to the committee. Draft laws also more than one committee jurisdiction that denotes in multiple committees. With the help of education draft law and financial implications, political system consider large volume for legislation. Most of the legislation never gets beyond committees (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017).

With the help of these laws, government undertake several benefits which help to take proper measurement to maintain rights and duties in UK. They also consider roles to make legislative council which create integrity within the nation. Statutory laws acts against murder and harassment which strictly followed with using different legislation and maintain overall well-being in the society. For individual, it helps to take proper decisions so that government play important role with certain activities. For jurisdiction, it is important to consist regular process (Janis, Hovenkamp and Carrier, 2016). Traffic rules also need to consider with uniformity that implied and helps to maintain better facilities. It helps to make efficient functioning with goals and objectives. Along with this, UK government regulate legal process to work in systematic aspect and increase creativity as well.

Statutory law is the important term that define written rules and laws that enacted with legislative body. It could be vary from regulatory and administrative elements that are passed with executive agencies (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017). Common law also created by prior to court decisions. If executive sign and bill passed into the law, it is known as statute. Main difference between common law and statutory law is the way in which law has been made. As stated, common law comes from precedent while statutory consist by government. Therefore, judge incorporate in both term.


Advice to JPM with their relevant on their responsibility and implications and impact

Director of JPM needs, to employ within the organisation so that it acts as advisory person on matter of obligation, managing personal information, compliance, etc. It need to be evaluate data types which held at different stores information. Directors need to execute planning to protect and effectively proceed further with legal charges in the chosen business. Furthermore, director also need to assess purpose in which personal data used and awareness creates towards clients and customers. With the help of changes, implementation of GDPR responsibilities of the director is to provide information on demand basis.

They must consider legal basis information that process personal data and evaluate it to check whether company comply with requirement of General Data Protection. Director of the chosen business use guidelines which prepare in GDPR. They need to implement to train existing staff members with important information.

In order to perform functions and operations in JPM company, it can be stated that directors consider potential implications which create major impact on business. Every business consider important role to make successful results. In this regard, present case consider advice given by accountant to make business publicly. In this context, employment and contract law consist for labour law which includes rights and responsibilities among parties to bargain. Contract must be undertaken between employer and employee. This law contain in 1963 which develop in parliament of the UK. It is widely developed forts of employment protection as it introduced requirements and needs of employers to provide reasonable notice before dismissals from work. It also entitles with rights for ones average payment in particular period. In the chosen business, employment and contract starts with employee commences working for employer. It can be in the form of verbal agreement and not require in written form. Law on the contact of employment can consider rules which implied with right for employer. It provides safe and health working environment. Law also consider certain automatic rules which paid on holidays (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017). Apart from this, JPM company make as publicly so that no discrimination must be placed at workplace.

In United Kingdom constitutional reforms post 1997 have marked significant change. The Labour Party inclined towards reforms of constitution legislation under Crown Proceeding Act, 1947 and Parliament Act,1949 which were considered as major sources deriving its power. The government authorities introduced committee and set new proposal with respect to matters regarding constitutional policy. These changes were introduced to formulate political campaign. Some of these were electoral reform, improvement in House of common and House of Lords, introducing bill of rights etc. This led to reorientation of relationship between state and its people. There were several judicial reforms as for instance separation of power forced to detach judiciary from legislation and execution branch of government. The sources from whom it derives its power are domestic political relation and European Human Rights laws.

The structure of democratic society enhanced by its political leaders plays an important role which fosters peace, development, growth, harmony and security of nation. Countries which does not follow democratic form of government had to face huge roadblocks in their way. For a good governance and effective administration of society it is important to encourage new form of government. Good Governance refers to a procedure to make effective decision in administering society and to implement these regulations in the state. Religious or tribal leaders, trade union, financial institution plays a vital role in such case. The main key factors of this concept is decentralisation and democratisation. Because decentralisation helps to restructure the authoritative power of government which can help the government to govern the people on the central, state, district and village level and this can lead to good governance. Democratization helps in good governance as it helps in the formation of the government by the people, for the people and of the people. In it the people select their representative to govern them thus they abide by them.

A constitution is an important aspect for effective organisation and development of a state, country or a region. The constitution of Britain holds several written sources like statutes and others but not one of them could be codified in a document. That is Britain do not have a written constitution.

Good Friday Agreement also known as Belfast Agreement came around in 1998. This agreement that was formed between the authority of Britishers and Irish government which included the party leaders of Northern Ireland that explained its procedure of governance. This resulted in dispute which led to disagreements, as the main objective of it was to form new government in North Ireland where power could be shared among the union and national leaders. But later it was said that without taking the consent of the absolute majority no amendments shall take place in it. This theory was also known as principle of consent and was later observed from referendum.

Judicial Precedent of law is referred as one of the major source where law is critically enforced analysing previous decision of court. This precedent is based on principle of stare decisis et non quiet a move which basically means an individual must abide on the decision of court. The consequence of this principle leads to unfair decision where it bounds the person by Judicial precedent. This doctrine of law is also considered to be inflexible where it obligates lower court with the order delivered by its superior court if facts of case are similar.

Moore's Law which is termed as interpretation of observation by Gordon Moore states that the transistor in dense under coordinated circuit. The theory is based on scientific observance analysing a semiconductor that microchip doubles every two years of such transistor. This observation was very crucial during the visit to Intel Corporation as it proved to be a major turning point in the semiconductor engineering.

This empiric measurement led to the development of transistor compactness. It further led to the growth and attached importance in semiconductor sector.

Right to vote is one of the fundamental right provided in constitution irrespective of caste, creed, sex, race or gender etc. where equal opportunity is provided to men. It was after several years that the women for the first time gathered to fight for their rights instead of being victims of the slavery system for the first time woman gathered to fight for their right although they were victims of slavery system and thus they faced discrimination on wanting to take part in various political conventions. The movement empowers them to combat against inequality for their right. This revolution would lead as first step to reinvent existence of woman in society respecting their views, opinions etc. The voting rights are basic rights of individual but still woman had to fight for their existence as an equal gender in the society.

Irish Courts Report indicates that The court of justice in Ireland like other sectors of society, follows the approach of speedy trial and uses innovative ways to make the legal system effective in a long run. The chief Justice of country covers the impact of the vulnerable lower courts where users filing domestic violence cases had huge imprint on country legal system. The services of court were provided remotely to citizens of country especially during pandemic 2020. The number of Irish cell were made keeping in mind prisoners safety in such times.

Police Warrant means the power of the police officer having local jurisdiction of particular locality or under its authority to issue warrant. Where any kind of illegal act is committed that results in the right of an officer to issue arrest warrant which is authorised to them under written documentation by magistrate who gives permission to the police officer to arrest them and restrict their movement by taking in custody of the person.

Whereas police officer may detain any particular individual without warrant in the situations where a person commits an act which is foreseeable or if they seem suspicious. The basis of such action or is the result of an FIR or complaint by the victim in any case so concerned. So police officer can arrest without showing any warrant.

Eye Witness Testimony has been claimed as one of the crucial and best form of evidence in criminal case. The confession of such individual who has seen commission of such act by itself can be relied in court of justice. It is considered to be reliable in the court of justice and thus talks about importance of witness in a case which can help a case to take a major turn in the court. The act seen by the person who acts as the witness has the memory of the incident which is similar to the recordings of those criminal acts on video camera in surveillance. The eye witness is believed to be the potent source of information that result in the conviction of an accused but in reality it can be believed to be best evidence. But sometimes situations arise where an individual makes stories or exaggerates the facts by not being accurate so it totally depends on what person is actually delivering in the court.

Racism refers to the type of discrimination that is based on grounds battling by enforcing improvement, encouraging education and human rights awareness in society. It majorly fosters inequality on basis of race. The actions are committed when a person acts superior by displaying or conducting an act, joking or passing racial comments on another person. Such behaviour is the result of its inheritance, belief, values from where they are coming which shows how deeply embedded racist thoughts are in their minds. It can be an individual, group or association of society operating in such manner. There is no fixed term for racial discrimination but it is social distinctiveness created in society based on their clothes, lifestyle, speech, belief etc. The people who act in certain way which is insulting to the race of an individual are described as racists based on social, economic and political factors.

Gambling is an agreement of wager by agreeing on certain amount, value with vague result at any event. Gambling must be legalised based on certain grounds which support this view. Firstly, that such types of practices are taking place at a larger scale where authorities making the laws are unable to prohibit this act. It is widely assumed and believed that the practice of gambling is mostly in the hands of the people living in the underworld like terror financing. If it gets legalised, then the main root problem of black money in a country can be curbed from where crime originates. It can help in the generation of huge amount of revenues by state authorities which are used in many social, economic and political functions.

Central Park Jogger case was one of the most controversial criminal case regarding assault and rape of woman in central park of Manhattan, America. Where five black and Latino men were convicted for this criminal act with imprisonment of 6 to 12 years but later the decision got void due to the confession of an inmate in jail of being guilty. This case became concern of national interest about criminal behaviour, its conduct towards woman, violence in society etc. This resulted in racial discrimination, inequality and emotional trauma on victim. Due to which the injured party was compensated with approximately $41 million to have a settlement of the case in 2014.

Capital Punishment administer as form of justice in society. There are chances that after enforcement of death penalty people will take law more seriously and offender committing heinous offences will be executed setting example for whole society which will help to combat crime from its root. This form of punishment was practised since ancient times like public hanging. Most of the countries like Malaysia follows no mercy rule. The nature of such punishment must be absolute and indiscriminate. Other factors supporting this form of punishment is discrimination on basis of race where minority section of people are unable to afford legal aid which leads the higher authority to dominate its will on the poorer section of society. Due to which a certain section of people is only punished even for the crimes that they have not committed which demonstrates the unfairness done to them. The legislation enforcing death penalty is enforced after longer trials which lead to injustice on part of victim. Speedy trial in such case must be encouraged with quick enforcement of punishment in numerous cases before the court.

Along with this, every employee must entitled in written statement of the main employment terms in every two months of starting to work. Contract of employment made with job offer which is not considered in written form. When they started in working, it implies and accepted within the job that offered by employer (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017). Terms of services carefully to sure that such employment contract breach which is defensible and tray in other consideration. Apart from this, other options included with possible mediation and bodies. If employees are not solved dispute, legal action in JPM must be taken against other party. However, when employer breach contract, it is advisable that matter must be solve in informal way that especially suffered with some financial lose. Employer also entitled to make claim in initially time so that tribunal in response must be provide that incurred for maintain proper compensation for damages of financial loss. For example, if employee not provide enough notice so that employer can claim for extra costs which incurred in employing staff to take work of such employees for lost revenue (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017).

In addition to this, the chosen business need to follow health and safety regulations for their employees to regulate successful outcomes. Proper facilities must be implement to take care of them in business environment. Assessment of risk must be consider as health and safety of its workforce. For example, adequate lighting, heating, ventilation and workspace. Proper clean conditions must be applied in JPM. Along with this, staff facilities including toilets, washing facilities and refreshment. In order to implement equal opportunities regulation, the chosen business must consider equal pay act which protect men and women who perform substantially equal work without any discrimination. Equal work means not comparison included in term of skills, efforts and responsibilities (Freudenberg and Boccabella, 2014). Furthermore, this act prepare to reduce discrimination in employment on the basis of provision of training and education on the basis of age, disability, race, religion, sex, etc.


a) Legal advice based on case law

In respect to look for present case of Champion Ltd. it is important to move for North London site to make way for development of new stadium by premier league club. Due to financial problem, customers of the company decline due to bad image. They continuously taking loan from banks so that petition of their also reduced (Tepe, 2016).

i) Whether creditors has legal powers to do threatening and process for liquidation

As per the above case, it can be stated that Champion Ltd. Paid and move for its site. They are fully experienced for financial issue which faced for development of new stadium by premier league club. After moving to new business, financial issues declined so that results develop successful results with low revenue generation and reducing profits. The chosen business default with numerous occasion to pay their payment for bank for loans. Relocation is important decision at this time (Janis, Hovenkamp and Carrier, 2016). Therefore, list of money lenders included for several creditors. Nowadays, the company has the worst condition as creditors which threatening company for winding up. In the present case, it has been seen that directors responsibilities must be manage sensitively. Winding up petition is legal action which taken by creditor for Champion Ltd. Against the company, they can take process of liquidation because of high power possess by them (Arbaugh, Cox and Camp, 2018). Creditor also have issue of petition in court so that it will hear on particular date and endorsed to serve it in registered office of the enterprise. It will advertise in the gazette after a period. With respect to make legal regulations, it can be stated that creditors can seek to appoint an insolvency practitioner as liquidator. It is very expensive option for creditors and considered and last resort so only it used with all people approaches to retrieve debt that failed. Courts never look on debt recovery process rather than they are unable to pay its debts. Hence, it considers situation of wound up and liquidation. In a collective process, it can be used to collect in the business for assets and deal among creditors (Palmer, 2015). It helps to secure creditors and costs so that proper functioning will develop with company ban accounts.

Along with this, there are several parties included in it that assist to make proper support to take legal action in present case. Therefore, public knowledge, suppliers, lenders also want to cease supply so that exacerbating with the company problems must be solved. Petition also publicised before insolvency rules follow. In the process, issue must be served firstly and advertise within seven working days. Later, in the Gazette it must be undertaken at court where it is either dismissed or approved (Perry-Kessaris, 2016). Once advertisement has been made, other creditors of Champion Ltd. must support petition. If the company has dispute in term of debt and slow process of the court not make proper order. Company also need to seek with restrain advertisement. Therefore, they should seek with urgent advice from solicitor and licensed for insolvency partitioner. The chosen business also seek into creditors and voluntary liquidation so that they must look at administration. Furthermore, if the business is unable to put on proceedings, petition is advertised publicly. It must be consist in seven days after services (Kraakman and Hansmann, 2017).

In the present case of Champion Ltd. has main reason to petition which is advertised for other creditors to see about business which make insolvent to the company. However, there is no advertisement so that court not grant any order of winding up. Advertisement itself also consider in public document so that detailing information must be included with registered addressed. It is submitting the petition and address date of the future for winding up. It is possible to apply for validation order by the court to unfreeze (Finkelstein and Balotti, 2015). Beside this, court would need to take substantial amount of evidence and information to assess the situation.

Once the order granted, liquidator investigate the company and their directors to ensure about company situation. In results, it can be stated that results of fraudulent trading on director part will be consider to look at transactions over the last two to fiver years. There are certain cases in which compulsory liquidation occurs (Berger‐Walliser, Barton and Haapio, 2017). Due to quite different voluntary liquidation, it involves limited liability partnership that unable to pay debts properly in process. Therefore, it being forced into liquidation by the court. This is usually initiated by creditors that is known as winding up. Creditors get paid either by forcing the directors to act or gain access in assets of the business. This situation occur when Champion Ltd. unable to pay debts so that court concluded equitable wound up. Information must be hand over that usually asked to attend official receiver in interview. Creditors possess legal power to create claim for amount of Champion Ltd. As per this regulation, court consider orders to an insolvent company into the compulsory liquidation. This is very harmful situation for the chosen business in respect to avoid circumstances company. There are several ways of liquidation, in which process of bringing down or closing in the particular business with proper distribution of assets to creditor (Allen, 2017).

It occurs when company becomes insolvent and get defaulted with numerous occasion while paying their debts. There are following ways to liquidate business:

  • Members voluntary liquidation: This procedure applied in the situation in which directors and shareholders of the solvent in which business decide to close their company. As results, business is able to repay towards existing creditors and shareholder. It is just opposite method as Creditors Voluntary Liquidation as here members of the enterprise. With the help of mutual agreements, running business close down to focus on and maintain effective work performance (Scholes, 2015).
  • Creditors voluntary liquidation: It is the winding up process in which insolvent enterprise has more liabilities. Furthermore, there are assets is also reduced continuously so that it is important to focus on agreed. Liquidator is appointed with chairperson and process has been carried successfully (Trevino and Nelson, 2016).
  • Compulsory liquidation: In this consideration, company wide up with selling of assets and repay to creditors. Claim must be consider with issue and request of petitioner. Common basis for compulsory liquidation is taken when business is unable to repay their debts on time. When court feels that issue solved with compulsory liquidation, it can be stated that debt must be repaid on time and when court feels it is equitable to wind up company (Posner, 2014).

ii) Amber Ltd. On the possibility of getting injunction

Legal advice

In order to focus on the Amber Ltd. Case, it can be stated that there are several aspects in which injunction could get. Mr Anderson was appointed as CEO in Amber Ltd. which consider confidential information. Mr. Anderson was employees and entered into contract that specify certain employment restrictions among them to serve 12 months of notice period to terminate him (Vargas, Dasari and Vargas, 2015). This is because, he has taken up contract with Beta company after transitional arrangements with Amber Ltd. He entered into contract that specify into the restrictions. He suggested that it should be completed within May 31st 2016. Termination of contract define as to ending up agreements or contract that prior and fully performed by one party. There are several ways exist of contract termination such as impossibility of performing contractual obligations, prior agreements, breach of contract, etc. Mr. Anderson breach the contract which helps to fulfil the needs of agreements (Bird, 2016).


It defines to an equitable remedy that consider in the form of court to compels a party which refrain with specific act. Party which fails from the complying to the injunction which includes penalties such as civil and criminal. In this case, interlocutory related with Mr Anderson which refrain by court orders. It helps to prevent to do certain acts. It considers final determination of previous case so that they are unable to make any contract with Beta Ltd. This is because 12 months of notice period has not been submitted (Loafman and Altman, 2014).

b) Recommend alternative legal solution to suggest in a based on legal framework and Compare and contrast effectiveness of these solutions

The concept of ADR mechanism is able to provide substitute conventional sources for resolving the disputes in more competent manner. This solution is the best practice to resolve various types of matters like Civil, commercial, Industrial and family, etc. Alternative Dispute Resolution uses third party who act as neutral and helps the party to communicate, discuss the differences and resolve the disputes. There are various forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution that can be implement to resolve the matter more accurately and effectively (Chappe, 2014).

In the above case, Amber Ltd can used them in place of Injunction as the process of Injunction is harmful for both the parties. Further, it will help Amber Ltd to limit the cost of litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures are collaborative and allow both the parties to understand each other situation. It will help Mr Anderson and Amber Ltd to come up with more creative solution that a court may not legally allowed to imposed. It helps Mr Anderson to express it situation without any fear of court and it can reveal true and confidential facts that can not be disclosed in courts. There are various types of Alternative Dispute Resolution that can be applied by Amber Ltd and Mr Anderson to resolve their disputes these are:

  • Negotiation: It refers to self counselling between the parties to resolve the disputes between two parties. This process has no rules and follows predictable pattern and it is the simplest mean of resolving disputes. Mr Anderson can use this method as there is ample opportunity of presenting of case in this form of model. Further, this mode of redress-al of dispute is economical and the simplest form. It will benefit both the party as it is less time consuming and can easily resolve the situation.
  • Arbitration: In this technique of redress al parties refer their dispute to third party known as arbitrator. It is less formal than a trial and decision made by them are called” Award”. The motive of using arbitration is to obtain fair settlement of dispute outside the court without necessary delay and expense. Amber Ltd can adopt this strategy to resolve their matter with Mr Anderson as it is more reliable and accurate in compare to other forms of Arbitration.
  • Mediation: In this process of Alternative Dispute Resolution an impartial individual or party is involved and act as mediator for resolving the disputes between them. The motive of Mediator is to help parties to communicate effectively by eliminating personal grudges or issues. Amber Ltd can use mediation as it is more reliable method than Arbitration as it involves no arbitrator. Further, it helps in reaching solutions more fast as compare to other forms of ADR. More over it depends upon Mr Anderson and Amber Ltd to follow the decision or not and if they are not satisfied they can opt other solutions (Wang, 2014.).

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In the present report, it can be stated that business law is most important element that assists to develop effective results. It governing and monitoring activities of the enterprise to make effective decisions in it. With the help of key regulation and norms, different cases has been solved of present report that assists to meet with innovative results. Contracts are also important consideration that make furthermore, it summarised about different parties consideration those included offer, acceptance, mutual agreements, etc. It is also articulated about case of Amber Ltd. And Champion Ltd. to denotes proper solution and advise in systematic manner. Hence, winding up process has been undertaken which enforceable with different aspects. They can also apply injunction to focus on resolving issues.

Along with this, roles and responsibilities of directors has been followed to focus on proper contract undertaking activities. In order to fulfil obligations of contract, it can be stated that systematic work develop in systematic manner. However, termination or breach contract arises when parties not fulfil their obligations. In the present report Amber Ltd. Apply for Injunction.

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