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Models & Concepts of Managing Human Capital and Leadership

University: London University

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MAN 283
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Question :

As a human resource management consultant, you are invited by the Unilever company and advise them on the possibility of taking their HR practices to the next level in respect to compete more effectively at the marketplace. In the particulars the board of directors would like you to address the following tasks:

Task 1

Provide or implement appropriate HRM models and evaluate the approaches of the company in the management of its human resource.  (900 words)

Task 2

Evaluate the HR functions in the company which comprises recruitment and selection, HRD, motivation and performance) in context to human resource initiatives. Provide appropriate recommendations in order to improve the activities. (1800)

Task 3  

 On the basis of criteria identified in the previous tasks, evaluate a number of HRM software programs that are available off the shelf and evaluate which one of these software programmes would be mostly provide advantage to the organisation.  (650 words)

Task 4

With the help of the advice to the organisation evaluate the characteristics of effective leaders taking into consideration all the issues identified in the previous tasks. Draw on the relevant models to justify your analysis. (650 words)

Task 5

 Provide presentation, citations and referencing

The work will be submitted in the report or in the essay format.

Assessment criteria

  1. Capability to identify the HR issues to the performance of the Vodafone company.
  2. Depth analysis of the identified issues.
  3. Explain the issue faced by Vodafone through implementation of relevant theories and models.
  4. Ability to achieve a personal synthesis by drawing relevant conclusions and making recommendations by the analysis and evaluation of the appropriate facts.

Report structured

  1. Table of contents
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Discussion/ Literature Review
  5. Conclusions
  6. References
  7. Appendix

Learning Outcomes

Evaluate the important functions of Human Resource Management, workforce management, people management, and intellectual capital management

Explain the systems and structures that support effective workforce management, people management, Human Resource Management, and intellectual capital management in a variety of cultural contexts and through a variety of case study examples.

Provide a detail workforce management, people management, human resource management, intellectual capital management plan, and design a valid recruitment and selection system for appropriate cultural contexts and labour market scenarios.

Provide in-depth evaluation the systems and tools which are used in the various interpretations of management of the labor force and the conventions which may be used in these various contexts.

Generate awareness of the research in the evolution of human, people, workforce management of resources and the related challenges facing organisations in a variety of cultures.

Answer :
Organization Selected : Unilever


Human resource management is the process of recruiting, hiring, deploying as well as managing an organisation employees. HR department is usually responsible for creating, putting into the effect and be making policies which help in governing the organisation with the proper use of resources. The term human resource was mainly use in 1900 and widely use in 1960 to describe the people who work for the organisation(Agote, Aramburu and Lines 2016). HRM focuses on employees management which emphasis on the employees assets and enhance the performance of the company. The present report is based upon Unilever which is an consumer goods company and its headquarter is located in London UK. There product include Food and beverages, cleaning agents and products. The company is one of the oldest multinational companies and its product are available around in 190 countries. To manage the company the firm should develop HRM models which aid in making effective policies for betterment and growth. Along with this, HR have different function such as recruitment and selection for betterment and growth. The HRM software plays an vital role in improving the efficiency and productivity of the company in a well define manner. At last this report covers about the effective leadership which help in motivating the employees to achieve the common goal.

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Application of appropriate models or concepts

As per the view point of.... in every organisation HRM plays an vital to motivate and encourage the employees to achieve the predetermine goal in the well define manner. In the context of human resource this is consider as one of the vital assets which is directly link to create better working culture which empower to put contribution towards accomplishment of desire aims and objectives. For the organisation like Unilever HR policies optimize manpower contribution which maintain the competition with the existing industry. However there are different approaches which is used by the company which is used to improve the productivity of the firm. Moreover these models are related to selecting the qualified personal who are working for the company and to motivate, train manpower to enhance there competency at the work. In the case of Unilever human resource mainly focusing to improve the capabilities, driving workforce strategy to build the manpower and the relationship to adopt best position for the company. In order to understand the different approaches different scholars has proposed different models which explained down below:

In relation to the different models, the focal point is managing every personal for improving the efficiency by using different motivation factor and the system for the company. Each and every individual have the capabilities to perform the activities which is present in the organisation. The Guest model is consider as the human resource model which was developed by David Guest in year 1997 which is known as the most efficient model. In this particular model claims that HR managers have specific strategies to begin with which help in determine the certain practises and executed with the better outcomes. Along with this, Unilever management to introduce such model as it improve the performance and financial outcomes by making changes in policies and regulation. By looking inversely, financial result depend upon the employees performance which turn out to be the action oriented. Further this model stated that behavioural aspect result the employees commitment quality and flexibility which turns are impacted by the HR practises. These are tune with the HR strategies which is invariable aligned to the organisation.

Another model of HR practises which Unilever should used is Warwick model which was given by the two researchers which are Hendry and Pettigrew. Like another human resource management model works on the different elements which are macro and micro environment of the business. This is concise of business strategies and HR practises which improve the current position of the firm and also aid in developing sustainable business model to increasing the revenue of the company. The main strength of this model is to identify the environmental influences on the HRM and help in mapping the interrelation between the internal and external environment of the company. Hence this facilitates the organisation to achieve the alignment between the internal and external performance of growth.

Apart from this The matching model must be consider by the organisation like Unilever as this help in contributing the work effectively and it is also evaluated by using appropriate techniques and method. In the case the HR manager can offer rewards basis on the result and performance of the employees. As the result this will increases the productivity of the organisation and able to manage the demand and supply present in the market. As per the matching model this process is totally depend on the HRD procedure and programme present in the organisation. Further this is believed that the whole HRM is the cyclical process which depend on every activities(Bailey, C. and et. al., 2018) . Each function which occur in the company has the value which is very identical for acceding the organisational objectives in the well define manner. This model help in improvising the rules and regulation of the company and believe in using different approaches present in the company. Beside this it is use determine the mutual goal, mutual influences and the respect, reward along with the responsibility to fulfil the needs and requirement of the company in the efficient manner. Furthermore the aspect which is consider effective in handling the analytical approach is to evaluate the performance of each and every individual which are based on the outcomes provided proper training and development programmes in order to obtain the maximum profit and market share in the well define manner.

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Critically discuss the organisation function:

 As per the author.....HRM is known as the function within the organisation which emphasis on the recruitment, management and providing guidelines to manpower the company to achieve is organisational aims and objectives. The function of the company is to deal with the issues in term of hiring, compensation, performance and safety of employees who are working in the organisation. In the context of Unilever there is premeditated approach to manage the people and the work culture which is consider efficient management method which enables the workforce to contribute effectively towards achieving the organisational aims and objectives in the well define manner. The traditional method of HRM involves planned exploitation of the staff with the new function involves in the completion of work for betterment and growth. There are different roles of HR which are explained down below:

According the view point of... Recruitment and selection is the process of captivating, screening the potential and qualified candidates based on the particular job. The main objective of the company is to attract the qualified applicants and also to encourage the unqualified applicants to opt themselves out from the market. Before starting the process of recruitment the companies mus have proper staffing plans which should be depend upon the annual budget of the organisation which have long and term goal in the well define manner. Unilever management should put emphasis on the recruitment and selection process which is very much essential to each and every organisation because this help in reducing the cost of engaging incompetent, unmotivated and unqualified employees. This is crucial for the company to reduce the employees who are nor working effectively to achieve the co

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