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Reflective Journal

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: High school
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The study work presented below consists of a structure of reflective statement. These core skills including adaptability, emotional intelligence, multilingualism and working pressure with consideration to subject matter in Activity 1. On the other hand, core skills such as Time management, creativity, planning, problem solving and working with others have been covered up in Activity 2. The reflective statement also includes highlighting the importance of above mentioned skills and how each of these helps in developing carrier development plan of an individual for future. The framework regarding core skills of an individual also includes analysing the importance of each of these skills in developing individual's personality and adaptability with respect to any work environment to which he might be confronted with. Further, analysing personnel's weaknesses to provide a developmental plan to enhance these skills and bring in required modifications have also been considered in the statement presented below.


Core skills

The emotional intelligence theory proposed by Daniel Goleman, consists of four elements such as self awareness, self management, social awareness and social skills(Blood and et. al, 2011.). I have been holding super excellence in understanding the organizational environment and holding a characteristic feature of trustworthiness. This will enable me to deliver super services to an organization in future. Individual adaptability theory states the importance of increased need for an individual to align with new challenges and new working environment. The adaptability feature that is one of the unique characteristic of my personnel character will be very much helpful for the organization in future. Core skills give peoples the ability and the confidence to accept responsibility at workplace. Core skills are four skills that are important to learning in today's environment. At work place, employers have identified all skills as those most likely to be needed in work environment. Firms mainly depend on the core skills of their employees to task flexibly and effectively, skills is the capacity to do something(Grant and Dickson, 2006.).

Time management: Time management is not very difficult, successful time management is the crucial factor to achieving personal goals. It is the act or process of organizing and planning how to distribute your time between various activity. The benefits of time management is  to increase effectiveness or efficiency. Time management helps me to meet deadlines and be responsible. It helps me fit all the various pieces of my life together and complete all projects with an approaching deadline. I have been determining various goals for a given period of time and also develop a strategy to achieve those goals. 

01. Have I done my college projects on time?

(A.) YES
(B.) No

02. Can I manage my routine work on the time?

(A.) YES
(B.) No

Creativity: In work place, creative thinking is important because it helps me look at problems and situations from a fresh perspective. I have taken the creative problem solving , that can apply to foster both creative and critical thinking skills. I have also be able to establish the preferred ways of thinking in all subject area(Kurtz, and et. al, 2007. ).

01. Am I utilising the old used things in an effective manner?

(a.) Yes
(b.) No

02. Am I efficient in exploiting opportunities for future development?

(a.) Yes  
(b.) No

Problem solving: I have good problem solving skills as we  all face problem on a daily basis. I have the ability to solve all problems efficiently and I have the ability to work under pressure.

01. Am I capable of addressing issues related to my routine work?

(a.) Yes
(b.) No

02. What kind of problems irritate me on the personal level?

(a.) Home.
(b.) Professional.

Planning and working with others: I plan my work before I start my work it helps me to organize my work properly. working with  others is a important key skill. I have also ability to work with others. A extensive plan for work activities and projects ensures me tackle all important steps for success.

01. Can I coordinate with others in an appropriate manner?

(a.) Yes
(b.) No

02. Can I accept the ideology followed by others?

(a.) Yes
(b.) No

The core skill is a hidden talent of a person which helps a person to deal in the difficult situations. I am using my strength in to work and in my daily life. These are helping in the daily work and I am surviving in my life by using all these. The time management skill is making me stronger in my studies and in other work, mostly this is helping in the exam time, I can write a paper and exam in a better way so this skill is making me a brilliant student and this is helping me in my studies and in my results(Katz, 2009.). I have potential to fight with my problems but I need support of my friends and family members. I want their support in the initial level and starting. I am having my friends which works for me and they are all supportive so I can survive in my life and in my daily routine work. So I need my friends in my life and my life is does not interesting with out them. I am having good education but I need a support of my friends and family members which are a god gift for me(Peter and Donnelly, 2011.). I have some interpersonal skills which I used in to make relations and problem solving. Time management helps me a lot in my future when I am working on a job, I can finish my work on given time period and I can attain my goals in right time. My whole life have set in the right time and I can achieve my targets and my dreams by this. I have a dream that I have my own BMW and it can be possible via hard work and time management. Another factor is that I am having creativity so I can use my old things in use(Hawkins and Smith, 2007.). As I can use Pepsi cane as a pan holder so it will also help me in the utilisation of my money and it help me in the savings.


Development Plan

What are my future goals?

I want to be a successful man who have a luxury life, friends and family person. I want to be a banker.

Where I am now regards to my skill?

I am having various skills so I have to utilise these in my personal life.

My view for my current situation?

I am really glad with my life and achievements but I have to be more aggressive to achieve my future goals.

What appeals to me?

New challenges, I like new challenges in my life and I have to adopt these challenges to make my life better.

How can I polish my existing skills?

I have to use my skills in problematic situations which can make them more define and gives an idea for use them in a better way. So I have to increase my work and if I does not get the a way to utilise my skills so I have to help my society in their work which can give way to utilise these.

List of strengths with respect to above mentioned skills:

  • To be able to manage activities assigned with respect to given time limit.
  • To ensure each of the activity assigned is completed before time.
  • To be able to design plans for displaying abilities that deliver unique characteristic features highlighting creativity.
  • To be able to pursue each of the activity in a manner that deliver maximum usage of available opportunity.  
  • To be able to convert various threats into opportunities for enhancing carrier.
  • To be able to work efficiently as a team member for achieving common goals.
  • To promote the ideology of working with others as a single team.
  • To be able to motivate others to accept each of the weakness as a base for enhancing future.
  • Ensuring none of the opportunities are wasted and applied effectively to enhance various strengths and converting weaknesses into areas of strength.

Weaknesses on the basis of the above mentioned skills:

Less confident: As stated above there is a lack of confidence in me. It is very tough for me for reaching at a conclusion as I found very much tough to get the relevant content or the information and this depreciates my level of confidence.

Writing: I am a weak student and I am having less writing skills and this is affecting when I use Facebook and other social media.

Hesitation: I am having a personal problems and so called weakness that I am getting hesitation in when I address some new peoples and when I am facing a group of peoples.

Nervous: This is an attitude problem which I have, I got nervous when I take peoples in front of me. When I have some task to do in my daily routine I have got nervous and got stuck how to deal with this condition(Green, 2014.).

Shiver: This is a personal kind of disability which I have, when I am nervous and got stuck my body has start shivering and this is very bad thing for me.

3 Areas of personal development

Here is three areas which have to be developed:

Decision making: I am very bad at decision making as I get nervous while taking on spot decisions. This is due to my short tempered nature. There is most of the time lack of knowledge regarding the concerned topics and this creates a situation of wrong decisions. And also due to less focus on the topics also makes me a bed decisions maker. Decision making requires a personnel to be efficient in drawing a clear picture of situation prevailing to take appropriate actions for bringing in required modifications. It indicates how strong is the personality possessed by an individuals.

Group Discussion: This is a biggest weakness which I have, I can not make discussions in a group on the another hand I can explain my feelings personal but I can not make in a group(Thomas and Hodges, 2010.). Group discussion skill must be possessed by an individual to be able to continue working in international business organizations. This quality enables a person to put forward his own ideas and recommendations before number of individuals. Standing in front of a mass group and expressing own self is required to be possessed as a quality for enhancing carrier in global market.

Communication: It is a personal weakness of mine that I does not communicate easily with unknown person and I am having problems for this, I can not make a direct introduction with new peoples I have hesitation. When I address some new person I got stuck and this is making me ashamed in front of peoples. This is a making effect in my life, I have less friends and I have only those peoples in my circles who knows me when I am a kid. So it is a typical thing and factor for me and I am struggling in my daily routine life so it is very important for me to overcome on this weakness. Communication skills are an important area of concern for various organizations. Flow of information must flow between various team members to enable the process of exchange of information between individuals.


I would hereby like to conclude that the inter personnel skills possessed by me as well as that of my friend determine a unique carrier developmental plan for both of us. There are certain areas that require enhancement in strengthening the inter personnel skills. The core skills possessed by my friend as stated are not sufficient enough as it requires enhancing the personality with respect to accepting working pressure in business environment of which it would likely to be a part of. Moreover, it is required to learn how to adapt with changing conditions with respect to business or social environment by keeping a broad mindset for aligning with the same as this would surely enhance the characteristic features of individual considered.


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