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Pedigree Adoption Drive

University: Australian National University

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This report leads to cover the detailed analysis of Pedigree adoption drive which is the trustworthy and faithful loyalty program as in this most of the people are committed in order to help shelter dogs by finding loving homes for them. For this, it also tends to has some sort of adoption fees as pedigree provides a chart recording a line of ancestors which is either of a person or of animals as this chart is used as the proof of superior qualities.

  • What is the objective of the Pedigree adoption drive program?
  • What is the name of the app which is developed during the program?
  • What are the challenges which are faced during the program?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Pedigree

The pedigree adoption drive is adog adoption program in which most of the people are committed in order to help dogs by offering them loveable homes and shelter. Pedigree adoption drive tends to has three core objectives including increasing awareness of the plight of homeless dogs, improve adoptions in the process and tends to generate donations for dog shelters. For this, there motive is that every dog deserve a loving home as they are the providers of food and affection for pets and for this, pedigree is committed to offer help to every animal in order to find love for their family. Moreover, pedigree also provide helpline number by which people tends to help maximum number of dogs in order to find their forever homes by having suitable donation to the pedigree foundation.

This program become the most successful and well known re-homing campaign in Australia in order to gain over 26 million media impressions. For this, the program also linked and develop their app named Dog-A-Like which became the number 1 app in Australian iTunes store by receiving 5.8 million Facebook users at the time of campaign. Moreover, the target of campaign is also gets achieved by increasing 36% in number of dogs re-homed. In regard of this, there were around 2200 dogs tends to found new homes for each and every single month in order to start a new life.

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Furthermore, Dog-A-Like app is quite amazing as it is based on the vision and insight which is created by phone and Facebook app that helps in finding perfect dog for the owner with the help of live PetRescue database, as it helps them in opting featured and well trained dog. For this, app new and advanced technology is used as every week around 500 new dogs are added to the live database of PetRescue. Along with this, the specific program is for the non-profit animal welfare organisations in which communities tends to suffer from the impact of natural and other disasters which is being declared by State and also tends to support the suitable care of dogs from the national organisations.

Despite from this, Pedigree adoption drive tends to opt several methods in terms of increasing awareness regarding the homeless dogs as for this, they tends to start an animal appreciation club. It is being organised by communities and animal welfare club by inviting someone special form the local animal rescue in order to speak regarding adoption. The members of Pedigree adoption drive tends to plan hero night by inviting local representatives of community at the event and appreciate their efforts as it is the best way by which other attendees get the opportunity in terms of learning and helping homeless dogs. The representatives of program tends to organise a dog part clean up day and tends to get run down effectively and also talk with other dog park users.

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Apart from this, the local nature centre also tends to give huge amount of information regarding the type of wildlife within the geographic area as it helps in bringing family, friends and others to learn something from other experts. Despite from this, the humane society of United States also tends to get some effective and great ideas in order to prevent animal abuse with neighbourhood watch program. For this, the Pedigree adoption drive tends to face challenge as well which is more than 2.3 million dogs tends to sleep in shelters across America every year because of the shortage of space. For this, Los Angeles also has one of highest kill rates and by this, the fundraisers tends to increase awareness that dogs are quite friendly and amazing as they deserve homes too. In addition to this, to raise money for our rescue in order to continue the life saving efforts.

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For this challenge, the major solution is wags and walks tends to save dogs who are at the risk and also keep them safe in foster homes until they can get perfect match which is perfectly suited forever home. Hence, this program leads to drive awareness by which dogs with shelter and rescues are not damaged goods which are always in shelter without their fault. In regard of this, it leads to increase funds as it helps in allowing people to continue to raise awareness with the help of ongoing marketing. The suitable funds are also used as these are important in terms of helping people to pay for the training and medical requirements for the care of dogs. Hence, people need to coordinate as the volunteer event at the local shelter in terms of supporting and taking a day off to work as the local shelter by talking with HR department or the local shelter.

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