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FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

University: CPA Australia

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 24 / Words 5960
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: FNS40815
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Table of Content

  1. Task 1 - Short Answer
Question :

This assessment will provide certain questions which will demonstrate:

  1. Elaborate cold calling and the prospective method given in it.
  2. Whist are the interpersonal areas and techniques with which the communication is managed.
  3. What are the effective legislation that will be applied in prospecting methods and working.
Answer :

Task 1 – Short Answer

In order to successfully complete some of the tasks in this assessment you should have access to the following documents. These are available in the AAMC Training Useful Resources or you may wish to find your own/use your company documents.

  • Credit Guide – important facts about the business and products you provide
  • Adviser Profile – this may be included in your credit guide and could be simply your licence number as the services you provide are one in the same as your licensee
  • Client Needs Review – for client data gathering
  • Preliminary Assessment

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1. What do you believe to be three good prospecting methods and why?

  • Cohort study This method refers to the study of samples and it shears defining characters tics.
  • Group study It is totally concerned with the study of group elements and various tools.
  • Screening tools It is also a beneficial for screening different tools and technique. This is one of the beneficial tool and most important perspective method.

2. In your own opinion, what are some areas which are important to say about yourself and your business when creating a Facebook or LinkedIn profile? Why would correct and professional information be important to your organisation?

While creating a Facebook or LinkedIn profile it is very important to share all the necessary information about the business and theuir products so that all the professionals of LinkedIn can get to know about the business. Apart from this it is also very important for the business to keep update their Facebook and Linkedin profile so that those who want to work with this company may approach it.

3. What is cold calling? Is cold calling an effective prospecting method? Explain your answer.

Cold calling is one of the popular technique in which is used by the salesperson to contact those people who have shown some interest earlier about the product and services. Yes cold calling is effective method due to which sales person can easily sell their products. It can be done by phone and telemarketing.

4. How would you build a relationship with a client through cold calling?

Relation can get build when the sales person focuses on the needs of the client and by fulfilling their needs they may easily make a relationship with their clients. Besides this, sales person should speak naturally so that clients may understand the products and its benefits. Conversation should be bilateral to build strong relationship.

5. In your opinion, why would the following areas of information (found in the Credit Guide) be important for a new client to understand? How could this information protect all parties?

  • Your role and responsibility as Credit Adviser - Credit advisers are financial professionals, and they help individual and entities to management their finance and collect fund form different sources.
  • The role of the organisation - Organisation's role is to provide services to person entities withing the system.
  • The identity of and information about the Credit Licence holder - Credit license holder is responsible for providing credit ser5vices and information to their client.
  • The range of services provided - They provide range of services such as mortgage, lines of credit, providing auto loans and other saving accounts.
  • All costs, fees, commissions etc. associated with the transaction
  • The procedures for handling complaints and disputes. - To handle complaints and disputes it is very important for the organisation to get deep research and find out the reason behind dispute.

6. Why do you believe is it important to encourage prospective clients to express their needs and goals when completing a data collection?

It is very important because when the client express their needs then only sales person can provide them effective product which satisfy their needs but if the sales man don't know then there is high chances that they may offere them wrong product and this will harm their relationship.

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7. Your client Mary Jane has advised that she would like to purchase a home worth $400,000 and you have worked out associated costs of around $30,000. She has a deposit of $150,000. She has spoken to friends and are concerned that she may have to pay mortgage insurance which she hears can be a very high cost. a) Complete a quick LVR calculation and explain the outcome to the client. Please ensure you show your workings. Information on calculating LVR’s are found in your learning guide and via the internet.

Purchase of home $4000000 also it will add $30000 = 4300000 As she has saving of $ 150000 so she can easily get mortgage insurance on the behalf of savings.

b) Why is it important to respond clearly to the client in this case?

It is necessary to respond to client so that they may know in which product they can get good income and other return, and they can invest in good product as well which will fulfil their needs.

c) What could you do to make sure the client has understood what you have advised?

By asking to clients about their queries, it can easily be known by the salesperson whether the client has understand or not. So when client raise their question then only they get more deep knowledge about the product and services.

8. Your client Mary Jane is hesitant about completing some of the information in the client needs review. As an Adviser, you must fully complete a client needs review for a number of reasons.

a) What is a probing question you may ask the client to determine their resistance?

As resistance is very important for the kyc proocess so the major probing questions which can be asked client about their contact information and other resistant details so that they may know all the basic details of the client which is very important for them.

b) What are two points you may highlight to the client to try to overcome this situation in an appropriate manner?

The two major point which need to be considered is that firstly the sales man has to understand the needs of their client and ask them to provide all the basis details of their family and those people who are deep-endent on them.

9. A prospective client is hesitant to use you as their broker because they are already a client with a competitor. What interpersonal techniques and communication skills would you used to overcome this?

Verbal communication will work effectively and also it will will help the sales person to sell their all products and services. Besides this motivation will be used as interpersonal technique to bring some confidence to them.

10. You have now gained Mary Jane’s consent to move forward with fully completing the fact find. She has advised that further to the basic information provided above (in question 7), she is buying the home to live in and is a single parent on a good income in long term employment. Mary Jane would like to pay the home off early but would also like some spare funds for a holiday over the next 12 months. Protection of the home and her child in case of job loss or becoming ill is highly important.

Mary Jane would like to purchase another investment property down the track to provide for her retirement. Prior to a marital separation, Mary Jane and her ex husband had paid off another mortgage. Mary Jane has a clear credit history. The client may also like a 100% offset account as she had one in the past and it worked well to pay the loan off quickly. Mary Jane would prefer a major bank as she is concerned a smaller provider may not have any branches in her area.Whilst it would be prudent to complete a fact find under normal circumstances, for this exercise we ask you to highlight and record some of the client’s goals, concerns and creditworthiness (i.e. why the lender should consider them for the loan) in the table below.

Goal Concern


Buying home

She has the concern to buy a big home As she has save lot of money to purchase house so she thas the creditworthiness that she will, repay the loan.


he wants to go for a vacation to next 12 months As she is working with a good reputed company so she will easily repay the loan. To buy another investment property. She has saved enough money to purchase new property. As she having good creditworthiness so she may get loan easily.

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11. John has asked you for some advice on buying a car for personal use worth $40,000 over a five year loan term. You have completed his client needs review and must now complete some research to present John with appropriate finance options. Research and present two products that may be appropriate for John, highlight all fees, features, repayment amount, etc. (You can use a number of sites including rate city to complete this activity.)

  • As John wants to purchase car so it can be suggested to go for a car loan so that john does not have to pay all the amount at the same time.
  • Another suggestion will be is that john may use their all savings to buy a car but loan will be beneficial as by paying downpay7ment john can easily get new car.

12. Using a search engine, research “Ten tips to protect your customers’ personal information”. Select one of the 10 points and in your own words briefly describe the purpose of this step.

  1. By getting limited access to customers information
  2. By using encryption practises
  3. Collect only those information which is necessary
  4. They should destroy data after getting used
  5. Give importance to customer privacy
  6. Make customer believe that their information is safe
  7. To collect vital data
  8. Sources should be appropriate
  9. Use various password management tools
  10. Avoid all the silos data

13. You have completed a fact finder, costing analysis, and LVR calculation for a client and have worked out the due to affordability issues, based on the living expenses they have provided, the client is unable to borrow the required loan amount. They would be able to borrow a loan amount of $5,000 less. Referring back to your client needs review, what additional question/s would you ask the client?

One of the major question would be how much loan is being needed by the client. What are the other affordability issues is being faced by the client. How effective is for them to get loan frequently. Besides this, it is also important for the client to share their credit score the only they will get loan.

14. You have completed the product research for the client. How would you prepare for the next contact and what would you do at that meeting?

For the next contact it is very important to know the credit sore and creditworthiness of the client so that the chances of faillier and counter party risk can be mitigated so that salesperson does not have to face any difficulty and issues.

Task 2 – Written Test

1. List six buyer motives and in your own words, analyse and discuss issues relating to two of them.

  1. Need It is one of the important thing which is being considered by very client as in the absence of need no one client will buy different goods and services. In the absence of need no one client will purchase new products and services.
  2. Financial gain This is again an important part when the customer is financially strong then only they will buy more new products, services and goods.
  3. Acceptance It is again an important tool and technique because when the client do not give acceptance then they can't purchase goods and services.
  4. Aspiration Most of the customer buy products on the basis of their self improvement and they purchase various goods.
  5. Variety of use It has been seen very often that most of the customer prefer products as p0er their variety of uses.
  6. Safety Most of the customer buy those products which is safe for them.

2. Using conflict resolution and persuasion techniques, write a response to the following examples of buyer resistance:

Not interested By using the right body language and discussing the issues which is arises to them and it is also very important for the salesperson to know the reason that why customers is not interested what they expect more. Send me some information If the client want some information then they are interested in the product and services so the situation of conflict get reduced.No money – Can’t afford it In this scenario there is no option of conflict arises.You’re wasting your time It means client is not interested and salesperson should focus on other client, and they do not get indulged in argument with the client.

3. How do you successfully undertake cold calling? Explain the process from start to finish.

Cold calling is the procedure of establishing a relation with the new client. In the cold calling the sales person get the contact detail of their client through some reference or going door to door. Then the salesperson describe the product and its benefits so that customer can buy them. It is very important for the sales person to prepare a script or highlight important points which they need to tell the customer on the call. Besides this it I also important that salesman know the need of the client and as per their desire they may share products and services.

4. Read the following article, and answer the questions below.

Information in this article may not be based on current market statistics and is for assessment purposes only

Why Melbourne’s properties will keep on rising

In Australia, over some 120 years or so of not quite so accurate statistics, property prices have risen at an average compound rate of 10.4%, very slightly ahead of England. Again, property prices have doubled every 7 years or so despite droughts, wars, changes of government, interstate and overseas migration, interest rate movements, exchange rate movements, changing rates of unemployment, CPI movements, etc.

Property cycles

When one takes a short-term view of property price movements, one can get confused by apparently contradictory statistics. However, if you understand that property prices move in 7-10 year cycles, the picture becomes a lot clearer.Let’s take one obvious example. The movement in NSW and Victorian property prices tend to be counter-cyclical to Queensland prices (especially South East Queensland). This is heavily influenced by what is happening in the NSW & Victorian economics which encourages migration to Queensland, and at other times in the cycle, people returning to NSW and Victoria.So, when Queensland prices are moving ahead strongly (because of this additional demand from interstate migration), prices in NSW and Victoria exhibit slower growth, and vice versa.A study of cycles shows that the Sydney market is much more volatile than, for example, the Melbourne market. Sydney prices rise faster but can also experience significant falls in each cycle – Melbourne prices tend to rise rapidly (+25%, +20%) in the first two years of an upturn and then more moderate increases of 3-7% in the remaining years of the cycle till growth spurts again.Relative prices in each capital city

Over the last 100+ years in Australia, each of the six State and Territory capitals have established a fairly stable ranking with each other in terms of their median house and apartment prices.Traditionally, Sydney has always been the most expensive followed by Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin & Hobart. Increases in prices in each of these markets, for whatever reasons (mining booms, economic recessions, rural booms and droughts etc) can cause some temporary shifts in the relative standing of each of these cities. But these are normally temporary shifts and the long-term standings re-assert themselves as the various cycles evolve.

In the last 3-4 years, Perth & Darwin prices (and to a lesser extent Adelaide and Brisbane prices) have increased dramatically due to the boom in mining and oil company revenues and increased demand for labour (and therefore housing) in those cities. Sydney and Melbourne prices, while still rising, have slipped behind these other cities in terms of relative price increases.

Basic demand & supply

The ever-increasing need for housing in Melbourne and Sydney is not based on temporary boom factors but on underlying (substantial and permanent) shifts in population. Each city has a strong underlying economy, which is not dependent on one particular industry. In addition, estimates of Melbourne’s population for 2020 is over four million people (an approximate increase of 25% in 13 years). This is huge in terms of population increase and the need to accommodate these extra people.The reality is that Melbourne’s building industry cannot build more than about 140,000 accommodation units (houses and apartments) per annum due to shortages of qualified tradespeople of all types and shortage of suitably zoned land and the building permit process. Demand, on the other hand, is estimated at approximately 170,000 accommodation units per annum. Added to this, State and Federal governments have all but completely removed themselves from supply of affordable housing. The inevitable consequence is that house and apartment prices will continue to rise (quickly over the next 2-3 years and then more moderately). And rentals, which are already moving up quickly, will continue to rise ahead of CPI. Relativities with other capital cities will be restored by above average price increases in Melbourne and then Sydney.

Interest rates

The spectre of a return to 16-17% interest rates (experienced only once in Australia’s history and then only for a few months in 1990) has loomed large in many would-be investors’ minds. This fear is understandable but not justified.Interest rates are now approximately 1-1.5% above the lowest they have been in the last 40 years. From an economist’s viewpoint, they are currently above the theoretical long-term average that they should be (arrived at by adding the present CPI increase and the additional incentive needed to be offered for people to save and lend their money to others – historically 1.5-2.0%).Currently rates are above their theoretically justified level. This is not to say that the Reserve Bank will not use one or even two more 0.25 per cent interest rate rises to send a message to the market not to get “overheated”. Even two such increases will leave interest rates within 2% of their 40-year lows. A 0.25% per cent increase in the average mortgage of around $220,000 is equivalent to an extra $10.60 per week ($45.80 per month) in repayments.By comparison, a 10% increase in the median house price in Melbourne is equivalent to an $817 per week ($3542 per month) increase in the owner’s wealth.


The level of rents (determined by supply & demand) and the value of the properties to which they relate establish the rental return per annum. The rental return rises and falls at different times in the cycle as real rents and property prices move up at different rates. Rental returns on residential property tend to vary between about 3.5-4.0% and 5.5-6.0%.Melbourne’s rental returns have moved very close to the top end of this range and are showing every sign of continuing to rise further as vacancy rates continue to show a decline from over 4% to a little over 1.1% in most parts of Melbourne. The city’s long-term imbalance between the new accommodation that can be supplied and the level demanded by increased population/increased member of new household formations noted above, allows the actual level of rents to continue to rise quite quickly. This will attract new investors into the residential house and apartment markets, which will, in turn, keep pushing prices up.

Housing affordability

There is much debate about whether houses have become “unaffordable” for young couples. Much research has been done on the number of years’ salary it takes to buy the “average” house, and the proportion of income taken up by mortgage repayments.This is a very complicated issue, which has received a lot of publicity during this faux election campaign. Despite all the rhetoric I have seen no viable recommendations come forward and even less political commitment to solving the problem.My view is that Australia (which has enjoyed the highest rate of home ownership in the world) will slip in the world rankings. Those who have parents who can help them will still be able to buy a home (especially with abundant bank credit persisting) while those who don’t may be consigned to a life of renting. This will further stratify Australian society with the rich getting richer and the poor getting comparatively poorer. This, combined with governments removing themselves from constructing accommodation, will put more reliance on a healthy private rental market and make it suicidal for governments to remove or reduce investment incentives.

Where are we now?

The above factors of:

  • Over 900 years of compound growth in residential property values;
  • Where Melbourne prices are in the current price cycle;
  • Where Melbourne prices are vis a vis other capital city prices right now;
  • The short, medium and long term population forecasts for Melbourne;
  • The building industry’s restricted capacity to build new accommodation units;
  • Where we are in terms of interest rates v capital growth;
  • The continuation in the rise in rents and the very low vacancy factor; and
  • The lack of any coherent way of easing the pressures on accommodation

5. a. Explain three points from this article that would appeal to/encourage investors seeking to buy more property in Melbourne.

  • As over many years the residential property has been grown so this is one of the best opportunities for investors to invest their money as this sector has growth and they may get good return to the future.
  • Along with this, the property is highly affordable.
  • Investor wants good return only so by this they may easily get capital appreciation and higher return.

b. Why would it be prudent for a person to hold on to property over the long term?

It prudent because the prices of property gets appreciated because the population is rising so all want their own house.

c. Why will housing continue to become unaffordable for first home buyers?

For first home buyer is become un- afforabel as the process of homes are continuous increasing and first buyer has to have good amount of money to buy such houses.

5. List six different prospecting methods and in your own words, compare and contrast two of them.

Prospecting method Explanation (only two required)

  1. Linkedin prospecting Linkedin prospecting – It is one of the most effective method as in this method company and people can easily create their own account on link-din and by providing all the relevant information they may easily draw the attention of new customers and many new skilled employees can reach to the company so this is beneficial for both for the company and for the employees as well.
  2. Referrals Warm calling — It is one of the most effective way to set up appointments with them right decision makers so that they may know the deep dig to get insight sales .
  3. Networking
  4. E-mail marketing
  5. Cold calling
  6. Warm calling

6. Name at least eight different marketing techniques and in your own words describe the pros and cons of three of them.

Marketing Techniques Pros and Cons

  1. Social networking -  It provides content to user and if they find valuable they may easily share on their social media so it becomes visible to traffic. If people don't like this then they don't share.
  2. Internt marketing It is also known as online marketing which combines web and email. Negative review and feedback can harm the image of the company.
  3. Email marketing This is suitable to be in touch with the old and new customers. If the customer do not follow their e -mail
  4. Traditional advertisement Company share their advertisement in the newspaper and other tV channel It is very expensive
  5. Inbound marketing Most effective B2B marketing to attract cstomers and let them remain engaged. It is very time-consuming
  6. Search engine People can easily check the advertisement whenever they search something on google It is very important to get traffic
  7. Referral programs It is an umbrella term to tell people about their products and services It is very lengthy process
  8. Paid media advertising It is very effective and increase the revenue of the company It is quite expensive.

7. Access the following website: Explain the difference between a hire purchase and a novated lease. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the products and services offered.

  • Hire purchase - In hire purcahse the ownership is transferesd only to the hirere if they pay all the outstanding installments. In novated lease, lessee has the option to buy the assets at the end of entire term and they just have tol pay nominal amount. Strengths WeaknessesHire purchse is convinient in oayment and increse the profit. Buyer has to pay higher prices
  • On the other hand the biggest stregth of novated lease is that is provides some tax benefits company has to pay less tax. In novated tax, first of all it becomes very difficult for people to get novated lease because it follows various procedures and the minimum amount is also very high to entre in this.

8. Research “The six phases of the buying and selling process”. List the steps for both the buying and selling processes.



Identification of the products

Selection of potential customers

Description of the products

Describe the features of product

Product specification

Selection of customer

Search of supplier

Address the queries of client

Proposal solicitation

Close up

Selection of supplier

Follow up

9. What legislation do you need to comply with when using the following prospecting methods:

Cold calling Cold callers have to follow some rules it is important for cold callers to tell their names. They have to say first and last number. If the caller wants then they may share their contact information. If customer deny them they it is the right of caller that they may keep the customer in do not call list. Email For commercial messaging CAN- SPAM act is necessary it also provides right to recipient to stop sending them email. Organisation may charge some penalties towards, other recipient who do not follow the rules and legislation. This law is applicable on those emails which has been sent on bulks.

10. List at least three types of information you need to provide your client with regard to:

a. Your role as an adviser

  1. Being an adviser it is very important to provide all the necessary information to the client which they should know before purchasing any products.
  2. Another important information which is must being shared to the customer is that adviser should clearly state about the prices of the product and all the other hidden charges which has to be paid by the client when they purchase the products.
  3. Reliability of the product and services should be their. It is the responsibility of the adviser that they must advice only those products and services which is necessary for the client and in future client get benefits by the products.

b. The role of the organisation you represent.

  1. One of the biggest role of the organisation is that they need to provide all the necessary information and system to all entities. Organisation and their role can be static and dynamic in nature. The static manually role added to the persona and entity.
  2. Another role of the organisation is to increase the efficiency and various functions in the organisation.
  3. Along with this organisation must focus on using optimum resources so that they do not waste the necessary resources of the company. besides this it is important for the organisation that they must provide job satisfaction as well.

10. List five questions you believe to be most important to ask a prospect to ensure that they have a good understanding of what you provide.

  1. What are the names of product which have been offered?
  2. What are the benefits of the product?
  3. What are the prices of the the product?
  4. What are the advantages of the product which makes them different from other products?
  5. What do you like the most about the product?

11. Access the “Client Needs Review –Business & Commercial” document in the Appendices or Useful Resources Section on the AAMC Training Member’s Area.

a. What interpersonal skills would you used to encourage the client’s to express their needs and goals?

One of the biggest interpersonal skill which is being used to encourage the client is communication skill as by communicating effectively adviser can easily share all the relevant information about the topic product and this will help the customer to understand all the thoughts and opinion of the adviser. Besides this negotiation skill is also very important to deal with the customer as it is the responsibility of the adviser that they do not sell themselves at short.b. Why is it important to understand a prospect’s level of financial understanding during the interview and loan application process? (Consider in your answer the impact to you and the client, if the client does not understand what you are offering or what they are entering into.) It is important to understand the level of financial information because it is very important for the adviser to know the financial strength of the client so that in future they do not default, and they easily repay the loans and interest. If the creditworthiness of the client is poor then they can't repay the loan amount on given time duration. Financial information also impact the type of loan if the customer is financially strong then it becomes easy for the company to give loan to this customer as they have strong belief that customer will repay the loan amount.

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12. Why is it important to protect the client’s financial information?

It is very important for the organisation that they must protect the confidential information of their clients. Such as : address details, contact information and banking details. In case if the data get stole by someone then the client may have to be in trouble. Besides this, organisation also have to face various penalties and fines and this will impart the reputation of the organisation and there is high chances that the organisation may lose their existing clients and no one new client want to build relation with them. As it is very important for the company because they contain information of millions of customers.

13. Why is it important to have a prospecting database?

Highly maintained prospecting database allow the organisation to generate all the specific information which helps the sales man to make sales and increase the revenue of the company. If the sales person have the list of all existing customers then it becomes easy for the sales man to generate sales and revenue from the client. It is beneficial for the sales person to create pipeline so that they may take follow-up form the customer whether they are interested or not in the buying the products. Besides this, sales person also know that who are the client which may buy the product in the future.

14. How does a prospecting database help you prepare for the next contact?

Database helps the organisation and salesperson to get their next customer as with the help of available information which is being provided by the customer they may contact to the family and friends of the customer so that thy may get new client for the product. It is has been seen that the client must sent an email to their clients and after that they may start conversation with them and it is the responsibility of the sales person that they must share all the information about the product which they are about to offer to the customer.

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