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Community Evaluation Report

Introduction to Community

A community is a group of people which have common interests living in a particular area. In this area, large number of people and they have common characteristics or interest. In a simple word it can be said that community is a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share, their value, beliefs, interest and thoughts with each other. In the present era, no people can live in the absence of society, family and friends. Human being is a social animal who always wanted to touch with someone and share their interest, thoughts, belief and value with other people (Hart, 2013). The people and group of people may connected with either their geographical basis or their won interest. The geographical community may close with each other due to the geographical nearness and the people or community which are connected with interest are family and friends. The following report provides the depth knowledge and understanding about the community who live with each other due to the geographical basis. The parish plan has been also included in this report which is an important tool to make sure local concerns and characteristics are taken into account. In this report, the community profile can develop about the people who live in the Moulton. It is a large village of 3500 people in the centre of Northamptonshire. It is close to the England and there are total 1500 homes in the community and the oldest cottage in the central figure of eight road system


An Outline of the community profile

A community profile provides a depth knowledge and information about the people usually based on their geographical location. This type of profile provide the information about the people age, gender, and ethnically, employment status, occupation, income level etc. With assistance of this community report, researcher can easily get entire information about the people who live in the particular area. In this report, major focus on the community of Moulton. It is a large village of 3500 people in the centre of Northamptonshire. It is close to the England and there are total 1500 homes in the community and the oldest cottage in the central figure of eight road system are developed of the rich dark honey coloured local stone. The village has a strong community relationship where people live in the friendly environment (Posey and et.al., 2010). They have strong relationship and there are wide variety of group activity, community facilities that people enjoy. These are survived and controlled by the parish councils, churches and voluntary corporations. In this village, there are four pubs and a working men's clubs. In the may every year long programme of events are held under the title of Moulton village festival.

A description of how the community were involved using a model of participation

As per the above discussion it has been ascertained that the Moulton is a large village e where 1500 homes are situated ad 3500 people live with the strong relationship and friendly environment. Following are description about various participations model by which defines that how the people in the Moulton are live and interact with each other-

Ladder of citizen participation- According to the model of ladder of citizen participation model. In the community, citizen participation is the huge aspect for developing the society in the country. This is one of the classic and most influential participation theories which decries that citizen participation is a citizen power. As per this model, citizen involvement in the community is very important by which they lead the people by their thoughts, principles, value and beliefs etc. This model aid to the Moulton village people taking the participation of citizens (Groves. and Hinton, 2013). In this phase of model, in the community, citizen participation is very important. In order to develop the society, citizen have great role as they participate I the community then community can positively grown.

Ladder of children participation- This model emphasis that in the community children participation is very important through which community and group of people can provide the opportunity to children for their growth. With the growth of children's right people are beginning to see an increasing recognition of children's abilities to speak for themselves. Children is another major part in the community development as in the absence of children no community can develop. Thus, it can be said that community should provide the opportunity for growth in the society.

Typology of participation- Typology of participation to highlight that the politics of participation are underpinned by tension around actors, terms and power.

Degree of participation- In this model five conditions that must be met if youth participation and empowerment is to be achieved. Participation of children and young people in social work that young people need to have access to those in power as well as, access to relevant information that there required to be, real choice between different options and support from a trusted, independent person and that there has to be and a means of appeal or complaints if anything goes wrong.

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Wheel of participation- This is another way of participation by which people of the Moulton village can interact and communicate with each other. In this technique of participation four major stages are included that is empowered, inform, consult and participate. In the empower stage, people engage with delegate, independent and entrusted control. In the inform stage, minimal, limited and high quality information are included. In the consult stage limited consultation, customer care and genuine consultation are included (Ritchie and et.al., 2013). In the last participation stage limited decentralised decision making, partnership and effective advisory body are included.

Active participation framework- In the active participation framework people relation based on partnership with government in which citizens actively engage in defining the process and content of policy making. It acknowledges equal standing for citizens in setting the agenda, proposing policy option.

Pathways to participation- The pathway participation diagram is a practical planning and evaluation tool that can be applied in almost every condition where children contributes with adult. In these theories, adult and children collectively participate with each other in the society. It majors objective is to aid adults to identify and enhance the level of children and young people's participation.

Strategic approach to participation- Strategic approach of participation is another major model of community participation under which Moulton village people are interact by four different ways that is listening, manipulation, domestic and home. The major objective of this model is to ensure that young people have the capabilities, opportunities and supportive environment required to communicate and interact with each other in an appropriate manner (Fabricius and et.al., 2013).

Triangle of youth participation- As per this model there are dynamic balance between the three dimensions of their triangular model, namely challenges, capacity and connection. According to this model people are involved in the society and community by three dimension that is challenges, connection and capability. Young people of the Moulton village can take the active participation in the society. Secondly young people understand the importance of participation and they become active and they have huge capability to accomplish the task in th

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