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Case study on Morisset Hospital (Mental Health Services In Australia)

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There are following questions which has to be answered by the student in order to complete the project.

  1. Explain various range of venture that are considered by the entrepreneurial.
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Analyse various environment that hinder entrepreneurship

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Nursing refers to a kind of medical profession in which a person is required to get authorized degree by learning about care of sick individual. It involves different clinical practices which provide support in caring of patients to make them well being. In 2015–16, around 12,000 cases related to seclusion came in front which increased in 2016-17 to 12,700. this can be considered as annual increase in rate of national seclusion events up-to 6.7% because of the grumpiness of nurses (Mental health services in Australia, 2018). Moreover, there are several issues which are faced by nurses while working at health care organization which are required to be reduced for achieving better outcomes in order to make an individual disease free. This research is based on case study of Morriset Hospital which is a heritage listed psychiatric health organization in New South Wales, Australia. The present assignment is focus on issue of seclusion condition that create problem for nurse in order to provide appropriate treatment to patient because a single minor symptoms can change overall diagnosis.

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Research Aim :-

To ascertain the role of nurses in reducing the seclusion condition of patients in a high-acuity stage of mental illness. A case study on Morisset Hospital.

Research Objectives :-

  • To understand the seclusion situation of patients may lead to a critical stage while getting treatment from grumpy nurses in Morisset Hospital.
  • To identify the role and traits of nurses while treating mentally disturbed patients effectively.
  • To measure the ways Morisset Hospital of Australia can deal with seclusion events.

Research Questions :-

  • How seclusion situation of patients may lead to a critical health stage while getting treatment from nurses?
  • What are the role and traits of nurses while treating mentally disturbed patients in hospitals?
  • What are the ways through which Morisset Hospital of Australia can deal with seclusion events?


How seclusion condition of patients may leads to critical health stage while getting treatment

Secluded behavior refers to reserve nature of patient or to hide something about their problem which create problem for nurse in order to decide an appropriate diagnosis for their welfare. In case of mental health, patients are stable psychologically and do not want to interact with anyone or sometimes become violent (Fortinash and Worret, 2014). Moreover, it is necessary for nurses to deal with them very carefully to determine their actual symptoms physical and mentally to treat them properly. Meanwhile, seclusion situation make people to some facts about their health from their nursing assistant which may create inaccuracy in treatment process and leads to severe condition of them.

According to the view point of Candice Oster (2018), every symptom related to real issues of psychological patient is required to be well known because it helps to provide appropriate medication to them. It is important to make an accurate decision about treatment of patient by thoroughly examining actual symptoms of them to make them disease free. However, several issues are faced by grumpy nurses to deal with mental patients due to their seclusion condition including not interacting with others, avoid meals, ignore instructions of nurse and many more. Additionally, grumpy nurses face problems in order to conduct activities of regular check ups and give medication properly because of non- cooperative behavior of mentally sick person. At the other hand, seclusion situation is helpful in context of such patients who stay calm and remain silent always but not share anything to their grumpy nurse as they take medication without creating any problem which is good for their health.

Role and traits of nurses while treating mental patients in hospitals

The nurses plays an important roles in well being of an individuals because they remain connected whole day with them and provide medications at proper time. However, a nurse at Morisset Hospital has establish an effective as well as efficient relationship with sick people and understand their mental situation due to which their interaction impacts positively in mental patients. Moreover, they will become comfortable with their regular interacting grumpy nurse and become used to for obeying their overall instructions properly.

As per opinion of Goffman (2017), roles of nurse involves to thoroughly analyzed desired symptoms of patients such as panic attacks, anxiety, drugs or alcohol abuse, Mood disorders, phobias, depression and so on. It also include to properly evaluate actual needs of mental person, build an accurate plan of treatment, provide psychotherapy, coordinate with family members and give appropriate medications for their well being. Moreover, several traits are required for nurse to deal with different types of patients in differentiated way to conduct desired treatment procedure fir making them relief from specific mental illness. In contrary to this, roles of nurse get differentiated in different working environments such as regular hospitals, psychiatric asylums, home health care organizations, prisons & jails, outpatient mental health organizations as well as schools that serve people with emotional and mental problems.

Grumpy nurses are required maintain their high tempered nature as it may applicable in few cases but not always (Luciano and et. al., 2014). Meanwhile, various factors are different such as age, mental disorder, situations, seclusion condition, violent response, fearfulness and so on. However, it is essential to thoroughly analyse overall these components to make an accurate decision for treating them to make disease free. At the other hand, certain more efficient traits are required including interact regularly to make them comfortable, gain their trust, remain in their favour etc of nurses at Morisset Hospital. Furthermore, these factors provide support to make mental patient cooperative which facilitate to give medication in appropriate manner for their well being (Gilbert, 2014).

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What are ways to deal with mental patient having seclusion events

Seclusion behavior of people create problem for nurses because primary step of evaluating overall actual symptoms cannot be carried out properly. It will results into confusion in order to decide desired treatment to reduce mental health problem of people at Morisset Hospital. Meanwhile, seclusion patients create issues to analyze real signs of health issues but also remain alone and avoid interacting with others which is a barrier to make them psychologically stable.

As per knowledge of Ezeobele and et. al., (2014), several activities are carried out in mental asylums to make people mentally stable and motivate to interact with another individuals which is helpful to overcome actual psychiatric disorder. Moreover, different ways are required to be applied including use of friendly tone to fulfill professional concept and remain concentrated towards desired plan of treatment rather than own opinions. Additionally, behave equally with every individual by following proper principles of clinical practices in mental patients (Ezeobele and et. al., 2014). Furthermore, it is necessary for grumpy nurses to make eye contact while talking to patients which helps to conduct proper diagnosis to gain better outcomes. However, try to gain their trust by listen to them properly and respond with empathy as well as adjusting medication with their personality. At the other hand, frank behavior with patient may results in negative manner as they will ignore instructions of nurse. At last, people suffering from fear or depression are mostly needs to deal with patience and supportive nature so that seclusion patients can share actual problems which helps to give an accurate treatment to make them well being.

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This is being considered as a systematic plan that may aid in conduction the whole research investigation with ease. This section of investigation can take researcher to much more closer where he/she can draw favourable outcomes for set objectives (Chambers and et. al., 2015). While conducting the research, it is the responsibility of investigator to choose from the two main methods an these are qualitative and quantitative. In present research, to reach to a conclusion with ease, investigator have used qualitative method so that issue which has been formulated by researcher i.e. grumpiness of nurses of Australia that raised seclusive events related to patients.

  • Types of Research:- In this context, there are two major methods that can be used and these are primary and secondary research through which investigator can collect the data as per the requirements. In present research report, investigator have used both primary and secondary research tools (Hornstein, 2017). But mainly, investigator have used secondary tool that may aid in concluding over the set aim with ease.

Primary Research: This type of investigation includes questionnaire, survey, interview and many more through which authentic data is being collected. Away with this, data can also be collected from a single research study which has never been done before by any scholar (Bowers, 2014).

Secondary Research: This is one of the main source through which data can be gathered with ease and in short period of time as well because collected information are mainly found by other authors and scholars which is used for conducting further investigation (Moos, 2017). Synthesis of multiple studies, Literature reviews, meta analysis, Meta synthesis are some of the ways through which data can be collected using this approach. In present context, researcher have used this tool much so that to look into the issue i.e. grumpiness of nurses while treating mental patients.

  • Research Design :- A research design, is the way of conducting the investigation in a systematic manner that may aid in drawing favourable outcomes in short period (Carpenter, 2018). Descriptive, exploratory, case study, experimental and more are some of the designs that can be used by investigator while conducting the research. In this investigation, descriptive design has been used which will aid in framing the whole research tight on time.
  • Data Sampling :- This section of investigation plays a crucial role in investigation because sampling process may differ in both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. It is important for investigator to select the right sampling method as per the selected investigating approach that has been selected. There are number of sampling methods like probabilistic, non - probabilistic, purposive, non purposive, random sampling and many more. In present context, investigator have used purposive data sampling method and to select the issue and draw the outcome because it may aid collecting right data related to topic. Here, issue was grumpiness of nurses which raised mental illness in patients who were already suffering from it. This is being considered as the main reason of selecting the investigation (Goffman, 2017).


Grumpiness of nurses have been a hot topic in previous years in all over Australia. It has been critically analysed on author's point of view is that grumpy nurses led illness of patients in improving number of chances in reaching to a whole new level. Away with this, age, mental disorder, situations, seclusion situation, violent response, fearfulness and many more are some of factors which impacted upon decision making of practitioners related to making the whole Australia stress free.

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Present investigation was based on the issue i.e. grumpiness of nurses which raised mental illness. While conducting this investigation, I have been through a number of magazines, online sites and did a good investigation over the issue which has helped in learning about how grumpiness can be reduced among nurses in working hours. I have learnt that drinking tea can be favourable in times which can easily refresh a person and can remove sedentary behaviour as well at the same time. In future, If I will get the same opportunity of conducting the investigation related to this topic, I might finish my work in set time frame with the knowledge that I have gained.


From above mentioned report, it has been concluded that effective nurses plays a crucial role in delivering right services to metal patients. Away with this, grumpiness among nurses can be reduced with the help of discipline and eating habits. Drinking tea in working hours can help nurses in getting refreshment and energy at the time of performing tasks. With the help of this, seclusive behaviour can be reduced as nurses will be more active and will start interacting with patients. Along with this, training from time to time may also lead nurses to deal with all the problems which has been faced by patients.

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