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Implementation of Appropriate Leadership Theories: Starbucks

University: BPP University School Of Business And Technology

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 16 / Words 3900
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N6UP
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Why is a systematic understanding of leadership theories and organisations beneficial for leaders of Starbucks.
  • Why is an ability to evaluate the contribution that individuals, leaders and stakeholders make in creating and executing the mission and vision of an organisation important for aspiring leaders?
  • Implement appropriate leadership strategies in respect to maximise organisational potential in a variety of different business contexts important for aspiring leaders?
  • Evaluate a range of motivational theories (employee engagement) in Starbucks to aspire leaders.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Starbucks

A.) The two fundamental questions are

  • Why I want to become a leader ?
  • Do I possess effective leadership characteristics?

B) The aspect of leadership are Outstanding self awareness as well as honesty and integrity.

C) Leadership theory is considered as an approach that focuses commonly on the aspects that can be believed to defines the leaders most such as Trait theory, great man theory (Axelsson. and Easton, 2016).

D) Situational leadership and autocratic leadership styles are suitable for vucca.

E) Effective leadership identifies leadership styles .It also increase the ability for giving as well as receiving ,authentic and meaningful feedback .

2.) a) Mission defines the business of the firm such as its objectives as well as its framework to reach those kinds of objectives. While vision explains the required future position of the firm (Schaltegger, Burritt. and Peterse, 2017)

b) Individuals contribution towards the execution of the mission and vision is first one is capacity for stamina,organization ,belief,focus ,responsibility and discipline.

c) The job of the leaders is to create the vision for the enterprises within a way ,they can manifest within actions, beliefs, goals ,values . They share a dream as well as direction that the other workers want to share as well as follow.

d) Stakeholders gives the strategic direction to the firm's members,they are the persons who perform their responsibilities within an effective as well as efficient way in order to increase the productivity level and competitiveness of the firm (Bendell, 2017).

e) By evaluating the above,leaders focuses on the business management or personal leadership, it able to tells about the strength as well as challenges that need to learn new challenges. It is considered as a detailed assessment that provides the guidelines n the leadership management training and experiences that needed to accomplish career goals.

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3.) a) it is a framework that refers to their potential of the manger to express a strategic vision for the firm. It can also be defined as utilizing strategy within the management of the staff members (Jones. and Wren, 2016).

b) It is the capacity to impact as well as enthuse others by vision, personal advocacy as well as drive to access resources to build a solid platform regarding change .

c) Some firms are more productive than other as because of the firm offers a high productivity that can be realized within the process,procedures and work systems that can be organized in a way that the employees can be motivated and empowered ( Jiménez, Martos, and Jiménez, 2015).

d) Business context is considered as a context that can be understanding the factors that influences the business from different perspective, involves that how the decisions are made as well as what a business can trying to accomplish,it can be utilized by an IT to recognizes key implications regarding executions of initiatives called strategic initiatives.

e) The leaders require to understand the leadership strategies that can able top implemented within various business context so that leaders can improves the firm's health that will vary as per the starting point of the firm

4.) a) Motivation theory can be considered as how the motivation happens as well as what kind of the process that impacted motivation(Charter, 2017) .

b) The content theories such as Maslow's hierarchy ,herzberg two factor theory,Alderfer's ERG theory as well as McClellan's achievements ,second one is Process theories such as Skinner's reinforcement, Adam's equity theory and victor vroom expectancy.

c) The employee motivation can be done by learning and training by providing tools and opportunities,Monterrey incentives, other incentives such as performance appraisal as well as personal gestures,free to express their innovation and creativity (Gashgari,Walters, and Wills,2017).

d) It is considered as a strength based positive framework regarding leadership development as well as change within the organization. Appreciate inquiry can be utilize by the firms,teams within each case as it aids people to achieve a shared vision for the future through occupying others within the innovation called strategic innovation.

e) Motivation theories can be analysis by the leaders so that they make workers to perform better as it gives employees to motivate staff members and assist in realizing how the employees can be managed better (Olins, 2017)

5.) a) leadership potential style is assessing the skills that are related to the professional advancement and career growth . It involves the degree at which workers learn to solve problems,new concepts as well as spots various trends within an accurate as well as efficient manner. Majorly it measures numerical reasoning,verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning (Maritz. and Donovan, 2015).

b) Strength of a potential leader are as they are good n communication skills.

  • They have to be good listeners as well as need to organize an effective team that can be productive for organization and foe themselves as well.
  • They look for new frameworks regarding old ideas as they can think out of the box ,by considering the old issues from the new angles ,also they allow to new idea to flow freely.
  • They are also passionate about their values as well as ideas. They are the one who aids people abroad as well as inspires people to follow them (Lozano, 2015 ).

c.) Challenges of leadership are given below

  • The challenges of the leadership is to develop the relevant skills for example strategic thinking,time management, decision-making as well as getting up their speed within work to be more effective.
  • The challenges regarding motivating as well as inspiring others to assure as they are satisfied with their works as well as working smarter.
  • Team building,team management and team development are also considered as the challenges as these include how to give support, how to instil pride.

d) In order to develop leadership strategy, a leader must be well-disciplined within professional and personal life

  • Take more responsibilities as steeping out their comfort zone (Beintema, and Stads, 2019).
  • They are able to see the bigger picture as well as anticipated issues ,they cal also able to identifies the opportunities that will earn their recognition.
  • Always have tendency to learn
  • new things and keep their mind sharp.
  • Instead of avoiding personal conflicts tries to solve them privately .
  • Always be a good listener about the suggestions,ideas as well as feedback from others.

Part B


Starbucks is considered as the American coffee firm known for its quality products across the world. The firm faces a huge level of ethical as well as financial challenges that can be improved Starbucks position by the kelvin Joseph (Wood. and Logsdon, 2017). He takes the effective steps regarding effective leadership. In the year 2016 Firms was under pressure with the enhancing coffee market as it achieved 5% larger growth within the United states and miss its targets as it was an outcome regarding acceleration of openings of the new stores through heigh end of the coffee shops as well as offers lower prices rivals with better quality. Present report focuses on the servant leadership styles and challenges regarding in VUCA (volatile,uncertain,complex and ambiguous) environment. It also focuses on the critical analysis of kelvin Johnson's leadership style focusing on the financial performance of Starbucks as its ethical as well as view are challenged by some of its existing and former employees. It can provide a proper level of recommendation to maintain the existing success with the suitable as well as competitive advantage within market. Furthermore, report also focuses about the strong personal brand regarding effective leadership of kelvin Johnson (Beintema, and Stads, 2019).

Servant's leadership style overview

There is a proper level of communication in this leadership styles among the others and individuals. It is considered as a set of practices that highlights the lives of individuals and also builds to creates a world that is more caring. Here the leaders can focuses on the fulfilling the needs of the highest priority of others. These leaders have a strong sense regarding responsibility and caring for their employees. They have the ability to prioritize personal as well as professional developments by assuring their professional skills and knowledge base. This style of leadership have various levels of frameworks as according the situation within the firm as per the context of the first servant accompanied by the proper level of addressing the needs as well as propensity at a more significant level (Maritz. and Donovan, 2015).

Challenges associated with VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environment

An acronym that was coined through the U.S army as per the idea of the VUCA within all sectors to determine the nature of the world where they are able to operate such as lack of uncertainty, accelerating rate regarding volatility, causes as well as effects of the forces and also

 in more over accelerating changes along with lack of predictability and inter correctness which can have the strong potentials' ability of misreading (Gashgari,Walters, and Wills,2017). These are the kinds of the elements that possesses the best level of the firm's values within the existing and future state. Also, there is huge level of policy and planning management. This distinguishes kinds of challenges that has been faced by various firms is having the appropriate level of development.

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The challenges are mention below

Uncertainty- In terms of measure level of problems as Uncertainty is considered regarding lacks of predictability accompanied by various events as well as prospectuses regarding surprise.

Volatility is a kind of the modification that are in nature speed accompanied volume, dynamic and magnitude of change that is considered as efficient to the business within different of sub-sensible aspects regarding development (Maritz. and Donovan, 2015).

Ambiguity is known as along with having mixed meaning of various consolidation to the haziness of reality that can be affected better level of multitude forces that ca be considered as out of control.

Complexity is concerned about various level of forces accompanied particular level of confusion that is having the surrounding within a particular level of organisation.

Kevin Johnson's leadership style's Critical analysis

Kelvin Johnson is a passionate servant leaders as he is the chief executive officer as well as president of the Starbucks (Gashgari,Walters, and Wills,2017). The firm has huge level of maintaining the relationship with human. Kelvin himself proudly being carrying the firm as the passionate leader who has driving forces while maintaining the human relationship elements. The firm is also served the more than 330,000 partners who can wear green apron,in addition to this serving the better quality of services regarding their potential consumers.

Kelvin graduated from the Mexico state university ad also spans his 30 years, such as 16 years within Microsoft as well as five years of Junipesxteenr Networks and many more (Wood. and Logsdon, 2017). The firm has also the appropriate level of applying the leadership called servant leadership that have the synthesis having a particular desire to have the better level of serving themselves within more particular manner associated with the meeting. The particular requirements of the firm accompanied by the mission and vision within more specific manner. According to the interview, Kelvin also introduced himself majorly revitalized.the level of the financial performance of firm, and he also different from predecessors associated the huge level of the ethical challenges in terms of various level of business perspective.

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Within the two years tenure the CEO has taken their firm upto a level where they can open ability six to ten stores that can have more stability and scaler understanding by returns large level of cash and financial discipline and also provides cash to the shareholders. Starbucks trying to improve the level regarding improvisation of the consumers services accompanied by the large section of the unique and innovative ideas that can be come under the unresting cash within more particular manner. Klevin always portrays himself as a data driven with the predecessor known as analytical predecessor (Maritz. and Donovan, 2015.).

By enhancing the customer level of transparency kelvin identifying the proper supports regarding the food items that are included within the food time. There is almost around 25 % as well as enhancing level of the healthy option to have the proper level regarding communication. Appreciate inquiry is highly focuses on the framework that can be majorly focusing on the recognizing as well as evaluating the appropriate level of management in more appropriate manner. It aids to move within their respective direction as well as focuses on their particular direction.

Kelvin also quickly respond regarding apology as in the year 2019 two black man were waiting for a friend within the Starbucks as employees of the Starbucks became doubtful as they didn't order anything and later arrested by the police but also they released after the 8 hours of custody as they told that they are asked to leave the cafe. As this is a racial discrimination that could have taken place within Starbucks (Gashgari,Walters, and Wills,2017). They have the appropriate level of instruction regarding the firm and also having deliveries regarding proper management of this kind of consideration that cannot be taken place within environment.

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While on the other hand there s also negative influences of the servant leadership within Starbucks that can be recognized as per the context of the employee. Staff members also feels crucial for the firm. This kind of leadership is no having have the proper level of the development regarding the existing level of the policies accompanied by the lack of the motivation to the staff members. Kelvin himself majorly revitalized level of the financial performance associated huge level of the ethical challenges have more stability and scaler understanding improvisation of the consumers service .The firm is having the major influence such that the major level of the staff members are posses literal meaning to create the fair and clear understanding within business.

Also, from recent years there is about majorly reduction regarding the usage of the sugar such as about 25% as well as enhancing level of healthy option regarding the proper level of communication. Within the year 2018 , by the fortune Starbucks is considered as the most admired firm all over the world. There are various reasons why it can be considered as a great place to work. Such as around 70 % of the employees of the Starbucks are the students, they also provide the part-time or full tuition coverage to the staff members ( Jiménez, Martos, and Jiménez, 2015).

As an effective global leader and strong personal brand of Kelvin

Kelvin is the most predominating leader and also consider the huge level of maintaining the relationship with human. To being the authentic leader, he prided himself. There are various ways makes him different from other leaders he is the one who can priorities their staff workers as he encouraged staff members to be a part of their success of the firm. He minded the approach where he boosts the professionals to be more collaborative ans innovative (Maritz. and Donovan, 2015).

The firm is highly focuses on maintaining the relationship with the humans as it is considered as the core strategies within growth as well as technology that can be required by the firm to have the effective as well as productive leadership. The kelvin has found that besides his roles in sales and marketing involved within closely working with the higher technology as well as showed him that how the crucial technology is able to enhance the growth. Kelvin felt responsible to innovate as well as create new products as well as technologies to his team members. Such as it becomes the major issues within the stores as pick up from the mobile orders as it able to creates the discouragement of some consumers to be entering.

As it is major issues that can be tackle the technology of voice ordering as it allows consumers to order Starbucks by the Amazon Alex and Apple 's Siri. The coffee shops faces a lot of challenges such as social trends, competition, imitation that able to oppose the international as well as competitors. It consists major level of movement regarding interdependence coffee -cups and low cost sellers. The next step is mention above the firm has the more aggressive level of product development within the area (Axelsson. and Easton, 2016). Also the firm have to faces a lot more difficulty within the imitation within a more significant way. The things hat us beneficial for the global leaders is having the appropriate level regarding development though taking the attitude that is crucial for a leader.

Kelvin has been recognized as the high level of the contribution with the developing the business in more productive as well as effective way. It has setting up of suitable that is aiding focusing pain which is being caused within specific situational (Schaltegger, Burritt. and Peterse, 2017)

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There are several recommendation that can be followed by Starbucks that are as follows :-

They must set proper and effective strategic plans so that goals are attained in less time. Also, it will be easy for company to compare outcomes with set standards. By this the staff can be involved in decision-making process. However, both short and long terms goals can be set in strategic plan. The organisation can bring in some innovation that will enable them to provide better and high quality services. It will result in gaining satisfaction of customers and providing them unique and distinct services at reasonable cost.

The firm has also enhanced within the level of the loyalty through the level regarding benefits the costumer called potential costumers within the more appropriate level that it can be taken as the problematic within the nature. Technology advancement is also necessary by taking the proper ethical as well as social consideration within a firm. Also, the firm have the suitable level of the development across the perspective of the business. The firm also have the suitable level regarding the concern that are in terms of the management called strategic management such as product as associated through the major level in the threats of competitors and limitation.

The next suitable recommendation is having the proper level of implementation of the creative level of marketing along with more level of branding strategies in order to have incorporation corporate images in more specific order which is being considered to be having more level of contribution in community level of development. It is also recommended that the firm have it has the kind of the pricing strategies that can attract the consumers .AS it assist the firm to have the large level regarding bundle pricing to attract the consumers. It can bale to address the threats that are regarding the composition accompanied by the more involvements within the sellers called low cost sellers. The recommendation is appropriate level of the strategies that are known as the branding strategies in more appropriate order that can be considerer to have one more level of the development.


From the above report it had been concluded that Starbucks known for its quality products faces a huge level of ethical challenges achieved 5% larger growth. Servant's leadership styles a proper level of communication that highlights the lives of individuals can focuses on the fulfilling have a strong sense and caring employees by assuring their professional skills leadership have various levels of frameworks accompanied by the proper level of addressing at a more significant level. VUCA determine the nature of the world where they are able to operate along with lack of predictability the best level of the firm's values huge level of policy management Uncertainty is accompanied by various events regarding surprise. Ambiguity having mixed meaning of various consolidation Complexity about various level of forces surrounding within a particular level .

Kelvin Johnson president of the Starbucks maintaining the human relationship elements, graduated from the Mexico state university. always portrays himself as a data driven By enhancing the customer level of transparency identifying the proper supports enhancing level of the healthy option highly focuses suitable level regarding management . Kelvin also boosts the professionals to be more collaborative as it is considered as the core strategies technology that can be required effective as well as productive leadership. Furthermore it highlights on the Kelvin felt responsible to innovate shops faces a lot of challenges such as social trends, consists major level of movement regarding low cost seller lot more difficulty beneficial for the global leaders and around 70 % of the staff members of the Starbucks are the students enhancing level of healthy option regarding the proper level of communication.


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