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Organisational Culture, Power and Politics - Amazon

University: UKBC College London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1390
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BMA547
  • Downloads: 610

Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
Question :
With the report influence of culture, power and politics on the behaviour of others is identified along with the principles of organisational behaviour. For this various task need to be taken into consideration such as:
  • Analysis of the influence of culture, power and politics on the individual
  • To evaluate the ways of motivating the employee
  • To demonstrate the understanding of the cooperation effectively
  • Application of various concepts and behaviour in different business situation 
Answer :
Organization Selected : Amazon


In this competitive market, it is required by firms to be competitive in great way which can make entity to get stable in market. Moreover, organisational behaviour is that which help in studying the behaviour of humans in organization and it act as interface in between the human behaviour and organization in better manner (Witt and Schwesinger, 2013). Even though, it can also be said as identifying and defining the understanding, anticipate behaviours of human working in group or individually within the premises too. The report is based on the Amazon company, which serve millions of people with their diversified services and product, it was founded in the year around 1994 by Jeff Bezos and having an number of employees working with them approx. 5,66,000. Assignment will discuss about the organisational culture, power and politics with different motivation technique as well, it will also discuss about the effective team and apart from such different philosophies of OB is applied in company. Although, organization do make an proper decision for the development of human resource as well.


P1 Organisational culture, politics and power on human behaviour.

Culture: The culture is something which is described as features and knowledge of various particular group of different people and thus having an extensive language, religion and music with art (Walumbwa and et. al., 2011).Basically, it can be described as behaviours and interactions with the cognitive interactions and having an understanding of several thing like as religion, what people wear, their language, marriages, right or wrong constraint etc. Therefore the different type of culture as:

  • Western culture: This Culture is said to be of European countries and mainly described heavily and influenced by European immigration too. It also include different drivers as Latin, Celtic and Germanic too.
  • Eastern culture: These culture are influenced by the religion and it is related with the societal norms of the East Asia. Hence, Eastern Culture is having an less distinction in between the secular society and having an religious philosophies of in the West.
  • Latin culture: Those nation who speak up Spanish languages are also considered as the Latin culture. Latin America can be defined as some parts like Central America and South America with Spanish with Portuguese are having an dominant languages. These all are such which derive the languages from Latin and it is also known as Romance languages.
  • Change: It doesn't matters from which culture and people is part of, it will change in better way. Culture is something which is somewhere made up of ethnically diverse societies and it is also damaged by the fights and conflicts which is also associated with religion, ethical beliefs (van Dijke and et. al., 2012). Basically, it is very hard to define the culture in just one word.

Moreover, the culture is such which is hard to describe and it is classified into various parts and it is be like as:

  • Power: In organisation like Amazon there are few people who are having an power to decide what to do and how the thing has to be performed in better way. Even though they are also responsible to take decision and has authority to get complete there work from there subordinates. Human resource who work at lower level do follow the orders of people who is working at such level.
  • Task culture: In Amazon various people are there who has same culture and having an same skill and even firm put them together so that they can work as one and completion of task can be there in great manner even in effective manner. Moreover, there are many people who do contribute in equal manner and needs to accomplish there task.
  • Person Culture: Various people are there who are not connected with the company as because they think of their success not of company. In Amazon, several people will be there of such behaviour and eventually they did not get attached with entity and look enhancement of there performance only.
  • Role culture: It is that which is undertaken by company like Amazon. This part of culture expresses as people who has the specialization in something will get roles and responsibility according to such only so that work can be done in effective manner (Sinclaire, 2011). Even though it can be said that, power is that which do come with the responsibility in great way.

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Although, there is an importance of the culture in organisation as having an strong culture in firm can be said as symbol of having an profit oriented entity. It can also be said as structure of having an well disciplined organization, in which various thing are there and also include the organ of firm and it is considered as with ultimate objectives in company. Therefore, making an continuous efforts in work can help in improve the system of business and also lead to implement the relative strategies which is always been found fruitful and help in work culture and leads to raise the motivation of employees, hence it also make firm to understand the different task as shaping motivation, attitude and expectation in better wa

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Moreover, Hofstede's theory is such which help company to understand the theory of culture difference in better manner as well and thus it is as:

Hofstede's Theory

Hofstede found some steps which define the dimension of culture and there difference in better manner as well and thus after some time he also added other steps too. Those dimensions are as follows:

  • Power Distance Index: It refers to the degree of having an in equality of exists, although having an high PDI specifies as Society will accept inequality and place a people is having in system (Osland and Turner, 2011). A low PDI is such in which power is being divided and it is widely distributed and normally people does not accept those situation in which the power is distributed among various people and even in unequal manner.
  • Individual VS collectivism: It is that which specify the strength of relation people has with there community. Therefore, having an High IDV refers to having an weak interpersonal connection who are not part of family. In this situation people usually take less responsibility for action and other thing. Although, in collectivism society people are loyal towards there group which they belong and in exchange criteria they will defend interest.
  • Masculinity VS Femininity: It is such in which distribution is done in between the men and women. In masculine society, men and women both overlap each other and in such men are expected to behave in assertively in proper way. In feminine society, there are great deal which overlap between male and female, and even the modesty to perceived as virtue too.
  • UAI: It stand for Uncertainty avoidance Index, in this it can be said as people are normally attempt the life as having an predictable and controllable of possibilities (Moore and et. al., 2012). If people cant control their lives, may attempt to stop trying.
  • Pragmatic VS normative: In this people use to explain deep thought, and they are strongly religiosity and nationalism too. Those countries, where people score high for PRA is tend to be pragmatic, modest and have long term oriented. In Low score, people are religious and nationalistic.

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