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Academic and Personal Skills


a. Estimating self strengths and weaknesses

Learning involves a variety of processes, so when I evaluate which skill, I am good at in which I am not, there comes a wide variety of skills. Although there are various skills and talents in which I am excellent but still, there is a need of improving some of them so that I can be able to achieve a sort of efficiency in learning and understanding things better. This can also help in acquiring a better set of knowledge and understanding in life. So, on the basis of some skills, evaluating my weak and strong factors as below :

Personal skills


  • I think, I have efficient amount of leadership skills. It is because whatever the situation is, I know how to manage it. Also, I can very easily handle employees as well as the operations. So, I consider this as my strengthening factor.


  • I am not able to interact with people and this may be because I am shy. But along with that, I think there is some lack of confidence in me, because of which I am not able to speak in various situations. I want to interact with people but my less confidence in me does not let me do so. Therefore, I think, I need to improve my confidence level in order to make better my communication skills.

Academic skills


  • I think doing research is easy because it is interesting enough to search through different articles, websites etc. It also helps in enhancing my knowledge
  • My Summarising is also good because I think after reading whole article carefully, I found it easy to summarise it in short.


  • My note taking is not efficient because I find it difficult to make notes. I get confused actually. So, this is one of my weak factor.
  • In paraphrasing as well, although, it is easy but I found it time consuming. So, I think I need to make improvements in order to have a speed in paraphrasing.

English language skills


  • I have a good vocabulary and also, I write very efficient because I am interested in doing researches etc. So, this is one of my strengths.


  • Even if I have a good vocabulary, I am not able to speak fluent English. So, I need to make improvements in achieving a better fluency.

b. Targets for improvement

Skills/ Area of improvement

Target duration

Personal skills;Communication skills

2 month

Academic skills; Note taking and paraphrasing

1 month

English language skills;Fluency in English

1 month

Checking the efficiency of the targets as under :


The targets that I have set are specific because the duration I have given for improving them is accurate and will be enough for learning of these skills (De Alencar, 2016).


The tasks that I have set of improvement of these skills are meaningful and can actually help. I have included various meaningful tasks for achieving perfection in these skills.


The targets set are achievable within the duration allotted. It is because on the basis of requirement only, I have allotted the time frame, so I will achieve them within the same.


I have set goals and duration that is realistic because it is possible to achieve them with this duration. Ways included for improvement are also relevant and realistic that they can help in achieving the targets soon.


I have assigned time frames for each skill and will try to cover within the same as well. The time durations are assigned on the basis of proximity and will be sufficient for covering the skills.

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Note taking using active listening skills

I was attending a conference by management authorities and they were discussing some very important factors. So, with the help of my active listening skills, I noted each and every single point. I stay focused enough on what they were saying and then, I noted every single point.

Note taking using reading strategies

As my summarizing power is good but I was lacking in note taking. So, while improving my note taking skills, I took help of some reading strategies. There are various reading strategies that actually helped me (Rornsuk, Riach and Klanrit, 2015). Searching helped me to increase my patience as well as knowledge and it further helped me in improving my note taking skills.

Note taking by paraphrased and summarised information

I was efficient in summarizing but not in paraphrasing. So, I started giving more efforts and finally, I learned to paraphrase in a faster time. So, when I started paraphrasing, I found it easy enough to re phrase the matter I have studied. For that, I made smaller notes and then on that basis, I paraphrase. This helped in making my note taking skills efficient.




To analyse the impact of organic products in Sephora


  • To evaluate the concept of involving organic range.
  • To analyse the impact of organic range on achieving business objectives.


Sephora can ensure to consider each segment such as demographics, behavioural factors, different situations etc. so that on that basis, they can decide the benefits they can achieve after including an organic range. So, focusing on each segment is important for a better decision making.


Targeting the market that can act suitable is important. Therefore, Sephora can evaluate the markets where people are interested in organic range but due to the unavailability, they are not able to get it. So, Sephora can decide their target markets on this basis.


Different ways that Sephora can use for a better positioning of products such as strategies , they can apply for achieving a better competitive advantage.

Discussing the marketing mix of Sephora


Sephora is about to involve organic range so that they can attract more customers. So, they can ensure using better quality ingredients so that it can stay safe on the skin of people.


Sephora can ensure to expand in place where there is a requirement of organic products. It is because by this way, they can attract a higher rate of population (Chen and Rybak, 2017).


While implementing organic range, Sephora can ensure to have an affordable range so that every customer can afford it.


Sephora can promote their organic range by various means such as by means of social media or through their own website etc. A better promotion can help in increasing the probability of customers (Whittaker, Forrester and Jones, 2016). Thus, it will further help in increasing the productivity rate of Sephora. Best assignment help for college students.


Targets and ways of achieving it


Methods of improvement

Time frame

Personal skills

·I was lacking in communication skills, so I joined personality development classes. It helped me to improve my confidence level to a huge extent.

0 months

Academic skills

·My note taking was not efficient, so I used various reading strategies to focus better. Now, I am able to make notes better.

·For paraphrasing as well, I started focusing on it with patience and started making notes. It took some time but now I am efficient in making notes fast.

0 months

English language skills

·As, I was not fluent enough in English, so I joined English learning classes.

·Although, my vocabulary is good but to increase the fluency in it, I joined these classes and it helped me to achieve the target.

·Also, I started speaking with everyone in English and it also helped me.

0 months

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