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How to Write an Accurate Result Section for Your Paper?

16 Mar 2020 1699 8 minutes
Research Paper Help

Writing a research paper is a time-consuming task for most of the students. It has a long structure and format. It comprises of several parts such as abstract, literature review, methodology, results and findings, bibliography, etc. Each of them have their own importance. However, it is the results and findings that hold much more priority because professors analyze them and give marks according to the relevant outcomes. Are you looking for some expert advice for creating an authentic result section? If yes, then keep reading this blog drafted by the experts of Global Assignment Help who provide the best paper writing help service across the world.

What Is a Research Paper?

Let us first know about what a research paper is? In simple words, it is an academic paper prepared by a student after doing in-depth research on a topic. If you are a student of undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate level, then you must have been assigned to write it at some point of your university or college period. During that time, you might have this thought, “Why is it so necessary to write a research paper?” Let us know its importance.

Importance of a Research Paper

  • It expands your basic understanding and depth of knowledge in your field.
  • It shows your skills to prove incorrect and correct theories with evidence.
  • It evaluates your literary and writing skills.
  • It measures your critical and analytical abilities
  • It helps you to add your own theories to the existing researches with justification.
  • As you are aware of the research paper and its importance, let us know about its various parts.

Different Sections of a Research Paper

A research paper is a long document. It has a basic structure and format. It comprises of the following sections:

1. Title/Cover Page

2. Abstract

3. Introduction

4. Literature Review

5. Methodology

6. Results

7. Discussions

8. Limitations

9. Future Scope

10. References

There can be lesser or more parts; it totally depends on the concerned department or university instructions provided to you by the supervisor. As you have seen the above structure, you are now aware of the result section. Let us see what it is and how can we create it with accuracy.

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What Is the Result Section?

The result section is a part of your academic research paper which shows the key findings. It shows the outcomes that your research have brought after analyzing various data and statistics. All the statements which are present in this section give answers to all the questions that you took up for your study of the research topic. All the results stated are not mere descriptions but are justified with evidence. So, let’s have a look at them.

What Does Result Section Include?

A research paper is not only a document but proof of a student’s hard work and efforts that he makes to bring revolution in his field of study. So, his findings should be reliable and worthy. You must give enough proofs to justify your findings, so do not forget to include the following:

1. Restate the research problem

2. Summary of key findings

3. Figures, charts, and tables to illustrate the findings

4. Description of the most highlighted results for readers observation

Tips by Experts to Create an Accurate Result Section

Inclusion of the above is just not enough; a lot of students find it difficult to write an accurate result section. So, here are some tips recommended by our paper writing help experts to create an authentic result section. Have a look.

Tip 1: Be Factual and Concise

The results and findings should be clear facts. Students should not use unnecessary phrases or long descriptions that do not relate to the topic while writing them.

Tip 2: Label Figures and Tables

It is important to label all the figures and number of all the tables included in the results. This will demonstrate the correct findings, and there will be no confusion for the supervisor who observes them in your research paper.

Tip 3: Do not ignore Negative Results

Often, students take a biased decision and do not include negative findings. However, this should not be done as they show both sides of the coin. They are an advantage as in the discussion section student can justify why these outcomes have arrived and how can he tackle them with his own theory of research.

These are the three main tips that you need to follow. Other than this, make sure that you pay attention to your university guidelines. If you are doubtful whether you can do this by yourself, then seek online research paper help from our experts.

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Summing Up!

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