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How to Write A Case Study? Meaning, Types, Format

06 Jul 2024 242 14 minutes
How to Write A Case Study? | Global Assignment Help

Writing a case study can be demanding and take a toll on your time and patience. But, if you know how to write a case study, it can become a convenient experience for you. So, this blog has been brought to you by our experts to clear all your doubts regarding the case study. We will inform you about every detail, from its meaning to its type and the steps to write it. So, let us first start by understanding its meaning and purpose.

What Is a Case Study and Its Purpose?

A case study is an academic research studies that analyse a particular topic or issue. It deals with a problem and provides answers for that through the write-up. To write this document, you have to carry out in-depth research about the subject. The major purpose of a case study is to test your skills and learnings from throughout the semester. Another purpose is to analyse a problem and see how the people responded to that situation. You can also look at some case study examples for better understanding.

This document is crucial from a college perspective, so it becomes necessary to learn all about it. Thus, let’s move forward to the next section, where you will learn about different types of case studies.

Also, read the tips for learning to write a masterpiece.

Different Types of Case Study

Do you know how many case studies types are given as an academic task in colleges? There are historical, culminating, illustrative, critical, and problem-oriented case studies. All of these types are explained in brief through the following pointers.


As its name suggests, historical case studies talk about any historical event. In this, you have to conduct research about the historical topic and start your writing. It can be a challenging task to dig any specific information from the vast history.


Culminative is another type of case study where a comparison takes place, and you inform the reader by comparing two things. In these write-ups, you have to conduct research simultaneously about both the subject that you have used and offer analysis to the reader.


The critical case study explores the causes and effects of any specific subject. First, you explain the problem and then brainstorm its solutions. In this, you have to conduct analysis and use your critical thinking skills to get to a conclusion.


Illustrative case studies investigate certain situations and provide outcomes and implications about them. Generally, in such type of case study, you undertake the research about a real-life problem and culminate its solutions.


Problem-oriented talks about a particular problem and aims to provide a specific solution for that. For this type of document, you need to use your analytical and problem-solving skills for research.

So, that was it with this part; you must have understood the different types of case studies that are given as your academic tasks. However, before you begin writing, always go through case study guidelines first. Now, in the next section, you will learn about the case study format. Thus, read further and move to the following section.

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What Is the Format of the Case Study?

To write any write-up, you must learn the case study format. So, in this section, you will learn how you can structure your case study and make it efficient. Read the following pointers and look at an example of a case study assignment

to know more.

Executive Summary

Firstly, you provide a summary of your subject and give an overview of your research in a case study structure. The purpose of this part is to introduce your topic to the reader. Frame a compelling thesis statement and start writing this section. You can write about your field of research and give information about it.

Background Information

Next comes the background information, where you should research thoroughly the subject and gather background information about it. It is a significant part of making your case study content informative and useful to the reader. So, write this part accordingly.

Case Evaluation

In this part, the writer provides the effectiveness of the case study programme. For writing this part, you should closely examine the process of research used in the write-up. From this part, the reader learns how to answer a case study assignment and the importance of your programme.

Proposed Solutions

Here, you will give appropriate solutions to the problem in the case study. Remember to provide answers that align with your subject. Do in-depth research and write it accordingly, as this part holds significant importance.


The next part is the conclusion in the structure of the case study, where you summarise your case study. In this part, you have to reintroduce the points mentioned in your write-up and give a brief. Remember not to introduce anything new in this part as it will make it vague.


In this part, you explain how you implemented your research in the case study. As its name suggests, implementation means that you have to write about how you turn your strategies into the process. Readers must understand about different research methods.


In this part, you must mention the references that you have used for your research. It is crucial to give credit and make it easier for the reader to know about your case study research. It is also significant for making your document free of plagiarism.

So, we hope you will follow the above-mentioned structure of the case study. If you write your document in this way, you will achieve academic excellence, or you can also take case study assignment help online. Now, in the next section, you will learn about the steps to write a case study; thus, read the next section for further information.

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Steps to Write a Case Study

For writing a case study worthy of getting an A+, you should follow certain steps and tips. To make your task easier, our experts have provided you with their invaluable insight to help you understand how to write a case study assignment. So, follow the steps below to make your process efficient.

Set Up Your Research

For writing any write-up, carrying out proper research is the foremost thing for writing a case study draft. As, without carrying out a proper analysis of the topic, your document can lack information. Therefore, always begin with setting up your research and then write accordingly.

Create an Outline

After the research part, you should create an outline based on which you will structure your case study. It helps you to know how to start a case study and divide your data accurately. In addition, it makes your writing process convenient and smooth.

Identify the Question

Once you have completed your research and gained enough information about the subject, you can identify the problem. You should analyse the issue that you will be exploring in your write-up and provide relevant information. It will become easy to know how to write a case study paper.

Frame Your Solutions

Now, you can finally begin with the writing part of your case study. Start with framing a compelling introduction that hooks the reader. You should provide appropriate solutions to the readers and make your write-up informative.

Review and Edit

Proofreading is one of the most crucial steps of writing a case study or any other write-up. It can save your document from any lingering errors, such as grammatical or spelling mistakes. Editing ensures that it is free from all errors and is ready to be submitted.

Finalise and Submit

The final step after the proofreading is to finalise your document. As after you have reviewed your case study and ensured that it is error-free, you can now send it for final submission. It marks an end to your process and waits for fruitful results.

So, we hope now, with the help of the above pointers, you know how to make a case study significant. In the next part, you will learn the difference between a case study and a research paper. As many students get confused between them, so read the following section to clear your misunderstanding.

Difference Between Case Study & Research Paper

We have seen many of you using case study and research paper as interchangeable terms, but they are two completely different write-ups. The following table can help you to understand the differences properly.

Case Study

Research Paper

This write-up requires you to focus on a certain issue and closely examine it.

It is a much broader writing document that informs the reader about a certain topic.

It describes the research questions briefly in the introduction part itself.

It is not necessary to explain the subject in the introduction.

The length of case studies goes around 500-900 words.

It does not even counts as an average word count of research paper.

In this you have cite your resources and give proper references.

The citation is not necessary in these write-ups.

So, the above table clearly states the difference between a research paper and a case study. You must have now understood that they are two different write-ups. However, it is not deniable that both of these are challenging write-ups that need hard work. So, if you require assignment help, you can ask us. Wondering how? Read the following section for that.

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This write-up has hopefully helped you and solved your queries related to how to write a case study. However, this write-up can be challenging and quite demanding for you. So, if you are wondering about getting help, you should go for it. It is always better to seek case study help and make yourself relieved. Global Assignment Help can make your task easier as their expert writers are highly skilled and have knowledge of every field. Thus, without wasting any more time, you should contact us now!

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