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6 Tips for Fast and Effective Learning

04 Sep 2017 9425 5 minutes
Fast and Effective Learning

College students often complain that they are not been able to learn and memorise the matter of their study even after putting in a lot of effort. Well, disinterest in the topic is the primary reason behind this as our brain is weak at memorising and retaining the information that seems boring to us. Another reason is that students often do not study effectively as most of the college folks these days are rote learners who do not focus on deeply understanding the concepts. Moreover, some weak students also think that their brain is not efficient enough like the toppers of their class. But this is not the fact, instead, we are all born with the same brain; it is how we use it makes us apart from one another. In this blog we have given various tips that college students can follow for learning fast and more efficiently:

Organize your time

Most of the students do not study on a daily basis, in fact, they hold on the study for the time of exams. And while doing the last minute learning, they do not find enough time for going through the concept and jump over to rote learning. But, this should be strictly avoided. The right way is to make a study schedule and divide your time in a balanced manner, giving equal weightage to all the subjects. While planning your study routine, do not make a hypothetical plan and rather go for a practical one. Also, between each study session, have time for breaks as it will help to retain the concepts easily. Also, take out time for physical and social activities which will keep you refreshed.

Find a good place to study

Always choose to study at a place that is free from any distraction. Moreover, choose a well-designed study table and chair while studying as it will allow you to sit in the right posture which will help you to concentrate on your work better.

Sometimes it helps to study in a group. You can ask each other questions and quiz each other. Moreover, discussing what you have read with your group mates will help you clarify your thinking.

Know how you can learn better

When you know how to learn effectively, you can choose learning techniques that will help you to study better. As per psychology, information that we gain through our senses such as smelling, hearing, visualising is retained better.

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Learning by listening

People who develop acute hearing are fast learners. Reading aloud or studying with others, listening to recorded books or information, or listening to classroom presentations is an effective way to learn.

Learning by observation

Visual learning is thought to be the best as we seldom forget the things that we see through our eyes. You must have noticed yourself that the videos that you see on TV or mobile phones are learned just by watching once. For studies, there are many such sources that you can make use of such as online video tutorials, charts, and diagrams, posters, flash cards or textbooks with pictures.

Learning by practical implication

You can learn a piece of information better if you apply it practically. This is why college often indulges students in practical projects through which they can explore their theoretical informational practically. Your brain can retain the things that you learn drawing pictures and diagrams, making models, solving puzzles, participating in an activity and using your hands.

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