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Definition, Differentiation, Types, and Examples of Dependent Clauses

09 Mar 2022 930 8 minutes
Independent Clause & Dependent Clause

Many students are dependent upon their parents, siblings, and friends. Similarly, in English subjects, there is a dependent clause that depends upon the independent one. If you leave dependent clauses hanging in the content, surely your reader will get confused. It is likely a headphone that is utterly useless unless you connect it with your electronic devices. On the other hand, the dependent clause or subordinate clause is connected to the independent clause to make a valuable sentence.

However, many students are there who do not know about the dependent clause. Therefore, in this blog, we will expand our knowledge by getting the perfect definition, differentiation, types, and examples. Continue reading to learn more about them.

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Define the Term "Dependent Clause"

A dependent clause is a group of words that does not explain the complete sentence. However, it only consists of a subject and a verb, so it does not convey the intended message.Moreover, it is a clause that does not express any meaning when used alone. However, if the independent clause is attached, it adequately gets the meaning. It is just a part of an entire sentence that is comprised of a few words. Now, you must have got what is a dependent clause. Let’s move further to understand the difference between an independent and a dependent clause.

Understand the Distinction Between the Independent and Dependent Clauses!

Independent vs dependent clause: Every student wants to know how they are different when they are used together in the same sentence. Well it’s not true. There is a major difference between them. Let’s have a glance at it.

  • An independent clause: It is a clause that contains a subject and a verb and explains the entire idea. It can stand alone.
  • A dependent clause: It is a clause with a subject and verb that does not express a complete idea. A dependent clause cannot stand alone because it needs a group of others to be defined completely.

Now, you must have got the differentiation between the independent and dependent clauses. So, let’s gain some more knowledge about dependent clauses by knowing3 types.

3 Types of Dependent Clauses You Should Know Before Writing Your Essays!

Dependent clauses fall under three categories that make your essay writing more effective. So let’s read them.

  • Noun Clauses: Noun clauses typically function as direct objects. They are used when the subordinate clause in the sentence replaces a noun that contains a subject and verb.
  • Adjective Clauses: An adjective clause, also known as an adjectival clause or relative clause, is a type of dependent clause that gives extra information in a sentence. They are used within the independent clause to modify a noun or noun clause and phrases in English.
  • Adverbial Clauses: The relative adverbs "where," "when," and "why" provide additional information about a place, time, or reason. When the sentences use relative adverbs that begin with an adjective clause, it converts the nouns or noun phrases.

These are the types of dependent clauses that help the students make the sentences more effective. Now, you must have understood how different types of subordinate clauses are used in sentences. But if you need more clarification, read this blog further and you will learn an interesting dependent clause example.

Interesting Dependent Clause Examples to Get It Better!

Now that you have understood the types of dependent clauses, you must be eager to know how the sentences are framed within these types. So, you should have a glance at them by reading further. Let’s get started.

Noun Clause

  • Whatever you like.
  • Who let the small cat out of the basket?
  • Whatever makes you delighted,
  • Whether he can drive the car that far

Adverb Clause

  • I can't wait for the taxi, so
  • Then his sister can
  • Until the sun sets.
  • Whenever you decide to pay us a visit,

Adjective Clause

  • That I sold him.
  • Who is intelligent?
  • Whose writing intrigues you?
  • Where I went to elementary school

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