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Step-By-Step Guide On How To Write a Dissertation Discussion

03 Aug 2023 767 16 minutes
All About Dissertation Discussion

A Complete Overview on How to Write Dissertation Discussion

Have you wondered that at the point when you eagerly wait for your results? Similarly, it comes when you draft a dissertation paper. You know that the base or outcome of the hard work is the result. The same goes for dissertation writing. It is that area where you gather the data, and analyze what you have done. It does not end there, summarizing the results, interpreting them, and providing the limitations and suggestions are equally significant. So don't worry; read this blog, it will tellyou how to write a dissertation discussion effectively.

Meaning and Purpose of Dissertation Discussion

A dissertation discussion explains the findings and the application of data to real-life situations. As mentioned above, this section comes after the dissertation methods. It also helps with dissertation structure in the best manner. It elaborates on the findings and helps the reader understand significance of the research performed. It gives the reader a new perspective on the research on a similar field or topic. In simple language, it conveys the overall explanation of the work to a larger audience.

It tells how you put your research, relevant texts, and sources to make the audience know what you have been writing in the content. You can also take dissertation help online to understand how to write this section. It could be anything, such as the dissertation analysis and discussions throughout the content. To help you understand what dissertation discussion means and how to write a dissertation discussion section is by look at the elements of this section:

  • Summary: A brief description of the key research findings
  • Interpretations: The importance of the findings made
  • Implications: What is the significance of the results you presented to academic committees, and what purpose does it serve?
  • Limitations: Why your results or research findings have no impact
  • Recommendations: Suggestions for the researchers or the people who read this topic in the future.

Now that you have understood the meaning and purpose of writing a dissertation, let's move into the next section, which is how to write a dissertation discussion section.

6 Steps on How to Write Dissertation Discussion

As you understand the meaning and purpose of dissertation discussion, let's linger into the next step, which is how to write one and if needed you can help with dissertation also. Now let’s begin with the following steps:


Give a Brief Summary of the Findings

Begin writing this section by describing the research problem and summarizing the overall data. You can explain in a few sentences why you have done the research. It consists of more than one paragraph. It is where you evaluate the results.

You can describe the information by starting with a statement like our data proves that or the survey results demonstrate a clear comparison between the two terms essential for proving the working hypothesis. It is a primary step in learning how to write a dissertation.

Some examples of how you can start writing a summary section:

  1. The data suggests that,
  2. The analysis indicates that
  3. The results confirm that"
  4. The research shows a relationship between, etc.

Interpretation of the Outcomes 

The target audience wants to know the meaning of the outcomes. The results and interpretation should be correlated to the research questions so that the reader can understand the importance of the research done in the dissertation paper. Thus, your doubts on how to write a dissertation discussion will be resolved if you follow this step too.

Though there are various ways through which you can interpret the data, the approach you take to interpreting the data depends on the type of research done. Some of the statements you can include in this section are:

  • Describe why you have chosen the specific research method and particular research findings
  • The Importance of the findings in detail and the comparison of the findings with the previous studies
  • Explaining the logical arguments if any alternative explanation is recommended.
  • A detailed explanation of the findings you made in the research is related to the hypothesis.

Some examples of how to start with the interpretation in the dissertation paper, which is the main section to include in the dissertation discussion section :

1. Findings of this study

2. Contrary to the hypothesized association

3. The findings confirm that A is

Imputation of Your Study

This section focuses on the practical and theoretical impacts your study has on the researchers and people reading your content. It is a significant aspect that will relate your results to the knowledge in the literature, so the readers can tell how the research contributes to the existing data. Thus, it is a vital discussion section of dissertation.Thus given below are some examples such as:

  1. Are your findings relatable to previous studies? What contribution does your research make to the content?
  2. Why are your outcomes different from the other studies on the same topic?
  3. Does your finding contradict or approve existing knowledge 
  4. What are the practical implications of your study?
  • Some ways to start this specific section are:
  1. The findings give a glimpse of the topic.
  2. The statistical analysis of the new relationship between A and B
  3. The outcomes are not in line with theoretical perspectives.
  4. Future studies should be considered with the findings of this study because

Now that you have understood the two steps for how to write a dissertation discussion section, let's move on to the next part:

Conceding the Limitations of Your Research

Every academic research project has some or other limitations. If you notice them, it will only add value and credibility to the target audience. In addition to it, there can be a mistake, but it is vital to look into the factors that might influence the outcomes of your study, including but not limited to unforeseen research obstacles, specific methodological choices, and the entire research design. Thus, it is a vital discussion in dissertation to get better results.

Don't mention any limitations that might not be accurate with the research objective, and portray the limitations that might have affected the results. Some examples are listed below:

  • The small sample size of the results.
  • It is beyond the framework of this research.
  • The obstacles to collecting data resulted in research.
  • The authenticity of the findings may have been influenced by

It is a vital section to include in the dissertation section because when you know the implications of the research you have done, it will be easier to write the content. Thus, you will not be wondering how to write a dissertation discussion section.

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Give Suggestions for the Research 

Based on the discussion of the outcomes, you can make suggestions for the practical implementation of future research. You can give precise ideas for how the upcoming work can address areas that your research cannot address. It can be included in the conclusion chapter as well. Some examples of writing discussion dissertation section include the advice you give in conducting the research. Thus, given below are some of the examples, such as:

  • Further research can be performed.
  • Upcoming research needs to focus on
  • Outline the questions related to the topic.
  • Suggest future research based on the limitations mentioned in the content.

Thus, by writing this section, you can know how to write a dissertation discussion section.

Must Write the Concluding Paragraph 

The last step is to provide a summary of the section. It is not the same as the conclusion. You can outline the key points from the dissertation discussion. To write this specific section, you must go through the text and see if there is any irrelevant information. Be very specific in this last section. It portrays the overall view of the data. Thus, it is an essential discussion section dissertation because the reader will understand what you have written throughout the whole content.

Now that you have understood the steps to writing a dissertation discussion, understand the structure of it.

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Conversion strip  

What is the Structure of the Dissertation Discussion Section?

Try to start by knowing the structure of the dissertation section. Here are some points that you need to consider when writing a thesis discussion or dissertation discussion section:

Brief Summary:

It is not the same as the introduction section. The first few paragraphs will be an overview of the findings about the topic. It impacts the structure of a dissertation very effectively.


It is a vital component of the work. It elaborates on the results and the usefulness of the outcomes.


It illustrates how the research helps in solving practical problems and what impact it has created.


It is basically where you outline the limitations. For example, research is done for students only and might have different results with older people. Thus, it is a loophole section of discussion in dissertation.


The possible ways of future research on the topic when writing the discussion section of your dissertation paper.

Now that you have understood the structure of dissertation discussion section, now let's move into the next part of how to write a dissertation discussion writing tips.

Writing Tips to Draft Dissertation Discussion Properly

Before reading this blog, you already knew segments were important in writing this section. Therefore, we will have some writing tips to write thesis discussion sections or any other detailed project.

  • Develop Consistency - The content you write in the dissertation should be in line with the topic and have relevant information in it.
  • Know the Reader's Perspective - While writing dissertation papers, you should keep in mind the reader's point of view.
  • Enhance Logical Viewpoint - Do not directly switch to the new line of discussion if you don't know the logical context of the research. It will enhance the discussion section of dissertation in a big way.
  • Be Clear and Concise - Do not use complex data or information, especially if it is not mentioned in the result section. Thus, writing discussion dissertation will be easier if you use clear and concise language.
  • Accurate Word Choice - Use terms like our data indicate, our data suggests instead of just a single word.
  • Use Proper Format - Write according to the formatting rules given by the paper specifications or provided by the professor.

Now that you have understood how to write a dissertation discussion section, let’s understand how our professionals can help.

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