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7 Best Fonts For Dissertation To Make It Presentable

28 Aug 2023 812 11 minutes
Best Font for Dissertation

Here’s How to Choose the Best Font for Dissertation

Are you one of those for whom choosing an ideal font for paper is more challenging than formatting the content? If yes, you are not the only one. There are several students who do not know the motive behind a perfect font. Thus, this blog is created to help you select the best fonts for dissertation. But before getting along with the types of fonts, you need to know their importance.

Why the Correct Font Is Crucial for a Dissertation?

Choosing an ideal font is a minor thing that students often ignore. But do you know, for this minor thing, your dissertation can get rejected? Yes! You read it right. An incorrect font has the ability to leave a negative impact on the professor. Thus, you need to select the best fonts for dissertation. Moreover, a font can elevate the entire content without much ado. Hence, an appropriate tone can be a stepping stone to a successful dissertation.

7 Best Fonts for Dissertation Writing to Make It Presentable

It is a common query of students, “What font should I use for my dissertation?” It is so because there are numerous types to choose from. Thus, from the several types of fonts, we have listed the best fonts for dissertation in this section:

Times New Roman

times new roman

Times New Roman is one of the most traditional font types that is been in use for several decades. It was designed by Stanley Morison and Victor Lardent in the year 1931. This font was released through Monotype. Moreover, this was mainly designed for the Times Newspaper for London. But later, this became one of the best font for thesis in universities. 



Georgia is another dissertation font size and style you can use while drafting your paper. It was designed by Matthew Carter and hinted at by Tom Rickner for Microsoft in the year 1993. Moreover, Georgia is a serif typeface that can used elegantly. Moreover, this font is best used while drafting an online academic task. This is because it is the best dissertation font for small and low-resolution appearance. 



In typography, a serif is usually a tiny stroke that is attached to the end of a larger stroke. It was not accepted by the universities in the earlier times. However, after getting along with its appealing nature, the institution started accepting this as a formal font. Moreover, it is one of the best fonts for dissertations in recent times. 



Arial is a sans-serif typeface font that was designed by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders in the year 1982. It is one of the most appealing and formal-looking fonts to use in a task like a dissertation. Moreover, if you use the best font size for dissertation and this font type, your paper will look appealing and presentable simultaneously.



It is the latest from the list of best fonts for dissertation. It was designed by Lucas de Groot in 2003-04 and was released for the public in 2007. Other than this, Calibri is a contemporary font type with a smooth appearance. It is considered one of the best fonts for a thesis due to its easy-to-read ability and balanced spacing.



Garamond is one of the best fonts for writing dissertation, as it looks appropriate while working on lengthy write-ups. Thus, in a document like a dissertation, using this can elevate it. This font has its name from its creator, who designed it in 1495. So, it is one of the best font for thesis in recent times due to its straightforward and appealing nature.



It is a humanist sans-serif typeface which is designed by Matthew Carter, with hand-hinting done by Thomas Rickner. It is one of the commonly used types of font that is used by students to draft their dissertation. It is so because it is the best font for dissertation UK to present the data in a clear and appealing manner that pleases the eyes of the reader.

Hopefully, your query of “What font should a dissertation be in?” is resolved. From all the above-mentioned types, you can use the best fit for your paper. Moving ahead, perceiving the procedure used by the thesis help professionals to select the appropriate font for creating your dissertation.

How to Choose the Correct Dissertation Font? The Ideal Procedure

Are you still thinking, “What is the best font for a dissertation?” If yes, you might be confused after reading the list of fonts. Thus, in this section, you will perceive the process to follow while selecting an ideal font for dissertation.

Know the Purpose and Tone

It is knowing the purpose behind creating the dissertation to evaluate the fonts on its basis. It is crucial as the best font for thesis has the ability to enhance the document. Moreover, your font also tells a lot about the tone of the content. Thus, you must know the tone and motive of drafting the document before selecting the best font for PHD thesis or dissertation.

Consider the Targeted Audience

The targeted audience plays a vital role in the process of selecting the best fonts for dissertation. It is so because if the audience is young, they will prefer the trending and attractive font. On the contrary, if they are old, they will prefer a more subtle font. Thus, get an idea of the readers you write the document for.

Check the Readability of Content

Choosing what font to use for dissertation is one of those things that increases or decreases the readability of the text you write. Thus, a perfect font type must be easily read and understandable in one go. So, while selecting the appropriate font for dissertation, you need to consider the readability as a crucial factor.

Know the Medium of Writing

The medium on which your content will be available plays a vital role in the font selection process. It is so because it will have an impact on the readability of the content. Thus, know the medium where you will be uploading the document. Moreover, if you cannot do it yourself, seeking assignment help from experts can be the best alternative.

These are the things that you need to consider while selecting what font to use for thesis. Move ahead to know what mistakes you might make while choosing the font for the dissertation.

Fonts for dissertation

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing the Best Font for Dissertation

There are several mistakes that you might make while choosing an ideal dissertation font. Perceiving them is crucial so that you can avoid them. Thus, here is a list of the experts providing dissertation help to guide you:

  • Do not choose fancy or flashy fonts as they might look attractive, as they lower the readability. 
  • Stick to a particular type while drafting a paper to ensure no confusion or distraction while reading the content.
  • Do not overdo while using fonts in a combination, as it might confuse the reader to understand the importance of the text.
  • Avoid choosing a font as per your liking and disliking. Instead, go for the fonts best suitable for the paper purpose.

These are a few mistakes you might also make while selecting the best font for a dissertation. Moreover, if you are still stuck in the process, you can seek help from the professionals.

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How Our Experts Can Help to Find the Best Font for Dissertation?

A dissertation is already a tedious task that you must work on, and selecting a font might add trouble to it. Moreover, you need to check the guidelines provided by your professor first. But if there is no such specification, you can select one of those there in the blog. Besides, if you are baffled by this, you can hire our expert to help you select the best fonts for dissertation. At Global Assignment Help, the experts can guide you in selecting an ideal font suitable for your dissertation.

We do not only help select the font, but we can resolve all your academic-related queries under one roof.So, do not waste more of your time and make the right decision.

Best font for dissertation

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