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100+ Good Conclusion Starters for Final Paragraphs

16 Oct 2023 2978 14 minutes
List of 100+ Conclusion Starters

Writing a conclusion paragraph is one of the hardest parts of any academic paper. In the introduction, readers successfully introduce their ideas and explain them in the main body with evidence. After providing all the information, students are left with no words to start a concluding paragraph. These scholars cannot figure out how to write a memorable ending section. Well, to resolve the issues, this blog provides a list of the 100+ best conclusion starter words for essays and other write-ups. But, before we unravel this list, let’s have a look at the key concepts of our ending paragraph.

What Is a Conclusion?

Every academic work, whether it is an essay, assignment, coursework, or dissertation, comprises a concluding paragraph. It is the final section of the paper that provides a clear picture of the entire content. In short, the summary of the document, which includes key highlights and re-justifies the argument, is a strong concluding paragraph. Moving further, let’s look at its characteristics.

Features of a Memorable Conclusion

  • A conclusion paragraph never includes a new idea or topic. Instead, it serves the purpose of a closing sentence to the entire document.
  • This section does not discuss extra details but throws a spotlight on the primary highlights, which assisted in justifying the argument.
  • The pointers of the concluding paragraph should be easy and include a trail of the entire document. Thus, it should provide a quick summary.
  • The last paragraph should always start with a conclusion sentence starter. These phrases provide clarity to the readers and are also useful for the writer to sum up the content.

Now that we know the features of a concluding paragraph, we can move on to our next section. It will help students learn how to write the perfect final section of their document using the conclusion starter idea for the essay.

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How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph?

Writing a conclusion can be difficult, especially if the document is lengthy. Students do not know how to summarize their primary ideas and leave a long-lasting impact on the readers. So, let us unravel the 5-step method that our experts follow in drafting the final section using the sentence starters for the conclusion.

1. Begin with a Conclusion Starter

One of the most vital elements of the last section is the conclusion paragraph starters. It helps the audience understand that this is the end of the document and no new ideas will be introduced. After reading this sentence, they know that they will receive a summary of the entire essay.

2. Re-Explain the Argument

After including the conclusion starters for essays, students need to redefine their thesis statement. So, describe the theme or the topic sentence of the document before you provide the summary. Doing this offers a refreshment to your readers and brings them back to your introduction.

3. Highlight Chief Ideas

To prove an argument, we provide facts, evidence, and findings in the main body. So, include a conclusion sentence starter and describe the thesis. Later on, shine a light on the primary ideas of the document, which are interesting, catchy, and simple to understand.

4. Appeal to the Reader’s Emotions

The writer needs to provide a perspective and appeal to the reader’s emotions using persuasion techniques. Through this, you can convince your audience that you have justified your argument. So, build connectivity using sensory images, metaphors, and ending sentence starters.

5. End With Clincher

The last step to writing the conclusion is including the clincher. It is a vital element that propels the audience. This sentence provides the readers with a sense of closure and puts a halt to their thoughts. So, begin the last section with an ending paragraph starter and finish it with a clincher.

Using the five steps explained above, students can easily draft a memorable last paragraph. But all this is only possible if you know how to start this section. Drafting a final ending for essays and assignments is still easier than for other complex projects. So, if you have been assigned a difficult task like a dissertation or thesis, you can contact our experts. These professionals will explain to you how to write a solid dissertation conclusion. Until then, let us explain to you the concepts of conclusion starters.

What Is a Good Conclusion Starter

The word or group of words that serve as the beginning of the last section are termed good conclusion sentence starters. It helps inform the readers that the document has now come to an end. These phrases act as a transition and connect the introduction, main body, and conclusion paragraphs as one.

So, the opening of the final section is done using a good conclusion starter. After this, the summary of the entire content begins. Now, let us look at a few pointers that contribute towards making effective and great conclusion starters.

Features of Good Conclusion Starter Sentences

  • It should include a few words and introduce the beginning of the final section.
  • It must inform the readers that the writer now proceeds towards the end of their content.
  • It must indicate that the audience will now receive a summary of the entire content.
  • It should suggest that no new information or idea will be included in this section.

The English language includes several good conclusion sentence starters. A few such closing phrases are listed below for your reference. Students can use them to write a mesmerizing ending for their paper.

List of Effective Conclusion Starters

In this section, you will find 100+ concluding sentence starters to draft the final ending. Using these phrases, you can now write an effective assignment conclusion, essay conclusion, research paper conclusion, dissertation conclusion, and thesis conclusion. So, have a look at the amazing Examples of conclusion paragraph starter list below!

Conclusion Starter Ideas for Essays, Assignment and Speeches

  1. All things considered
  2. I feel we have no choice but to conclude
  3. Therefore
  4. Hence
  5. Finally
  6. Thus
  7. In general
  8. Upon exploring the situation from various perspectives
  9. Lastly
  10. In conclusion
  11. For this reason
  12. Upon considering all the facts
  13. As expressed

Conclusion Starters Sentence to Draft a Remarkable Ending

  1. Ultimately
  2. On exploring the situation from different angles it can be concluded
  3. Considering the perspective of
  4. Clearly
  5. All aspects considered
  6. I think there is no option but to conclude
  7. In drawing to the closure
  8. Nevertheless
  9. Overall
  10. Given these points
  11. To sum up
  12. In my opinion
  13. Generally
  14. The logical conclusion seems to be
  15. With all these in mind
  16. There is nothing else we can conclude but
  17. When faced with the question of
  18. Thus, it can be restarted
  19. On considering the different facts presented in this work
  20. Now that we know

Conclusion Starter for Research Papers

  1. Unexpectedly the data revealed
  2. Due to the result
  3. Since the data indicate
  4. Based on the evidence presented
  5. From the above-determined results, it seems
  6. As per the data, it can be indicated
  7. In light of these findings
  8. The data reveals
  9. As expected, the results signify
  10. The significant revelations made by the study
  11. To assume from the data
  12. The result of this research showcases
  13. While further research is required
  14. On reviewing these findings it can be stated
  15. As per the final analysis
  16. In the context of the concept
  17. While further research is competent
  18. What the study reveals is

Conclusion Sentence Starter for Informal Papers, Essays and Projects

  1. In a simple language
  2. As I observe things
  3. At the end of the day
  4. what it boils down to
  5. In a nutshell
  6. As per my perspective
  7. No one could have assumed that
  8. To make a long story short
  9. As the time comes to wrap up
  10. To reach the core of the heart.
  11. beyond a shadow of a doubt
  12. Without all the mumbo jumbo
  13. After all, has been told and done
  14. To plainly state the facts
  15. When all is said and done
  16. On the whole

Conclusion Sentence Starter for Homework, Summary and Assignments

  1. As a final point
  2. Hence, I have come to the conclusion
  3. The study concluded
  4. In effect
  5. To wrap it up
  6. After all the discussion
  7. Looking back
  8. In the future
  9. You should now consider
  10. The summative conclusion is that
  11. For the above-discussed reasons
  12. For the majority of the part
  13. Towards this end
  14. Last but not the least
  15. Without any doubt
  16. I agree that
  17. Now is the time to
  18. As per my viewpoint
  19. To review
  20. I hope by now you have understood that
  21. Altogether
  22. As mentioned above

Conclusion Starters for an A+ Academic Submission

  1. It is my conviction that
  2. I look forward to
  3. The final take is that
  4. It is worth re-examining
  5. It is my sincere belief that
  6. I would like to say finally
  7. My verdict is that
  8. Meanwhile
  9. Instead of
  10. That is why I think
  11. As expressed
  12. To end it up
  13. On the contrary
  14. So finally it can be stated
  15. Henceforth
  16. Thus it would be worth
  17. Thereby attention should be given towards
  18. Indeed
  19. Nevertheless
  20. One can conclude that
  21. Given these points
  22. In reaching a close
  23. In light of this data
  24. Keeping all this in mind
  25. What else can we conclude but this
  26. On considering all these facts
  27. When faced with the question
  28. On considering this condition from multiple approaches.
  29. The logical conclusion seems to be
  30. With results like this, it seems

Referring to the above list, you can write a good conclusion paragraph for your submission. But at any point you face challenges, you can seek assistance from our writers. These professionals can provide you with the best essay, assignment, or research paper help. Yes, we guide students in all types of academic submissions and every subject. Do not believe us? Check out the next section.

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How Can We Assist with Writing a Conclusion?

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