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Can Chat GPT Proofread? The Ultimate Guide

25 Apr 2024 308 8 minutes
Does ChatGPT Proofread?

Well, we all cannot deny how OpenAI has changed our lives completely. In the past few years, its innovation has provided various benefits to people. Also, artificial intelligence capabilities are no longer hidden. One of its creations is Chat GPT, which people, especially scholars, use widely. They can prepare their numerous academic documents within a few minutes, reducing half their burden. However, a question still has not been answered: "Can Chat GPT proofread documents?

Are you also a student who is stuck around the question? Do you need an answer? If so, then you will learn more about it in this blog, so let's start.

Can Chat GPT Proofread?

As we all know, ChatGPT is a tool that can provide answers according to the prompt given by users against millions of sources. However, the tool is not specifically made for proofreading; it can be used to identify and correct grammar, punctuation, etc. 

There are several assumptions, and surveys are conducted on the tool's accuracy. It shows that ChatGPT has an 85% accuracy rate in its results but can vary depending on the complexity. Also, the proofreading capabilities of ChatGPT are remarkable. 

There are two versions of this tool available: ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4. However, the 4 version is slightly more effective than the 3.5 version. 

So, now that you know ChatGPT proofread a document, you still need a human editor for 100% accuracy. You can find the best editors and proofreaders at our website, Global Assignment Help, who can deliver a polished document. 

Apart from this, if you are wondering, "Is it safe to use ChatGPT for writing an assignment or not?" then click to read our blog. 

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Can You Use ChatGPT as a Proofreader?

The answer to the question is "Yes." You can use it as a proofreader, as the chatGPT language model is specifically made to help people check punctuation or grammatical errors. However, with any tool, there are always some limitations. 

It sometimes overlooks some errors that can be easily detected by a human proofreader. That is why many scholars choose to take online assignment help from our experts. They are keen proofreaders; they can easily find and eliminate mistakes in the paper. Moreover, talking about Chatgpt proofreading and how to use Chatgpt to proofread, here you will see some common suggestions that the tool highlights with examples. 

Spelling Check

Recently, we checked if Chatgpt proofread and found spelling mistakes in the sentence given by us or not.

Spelling Check

The results provided by ChatGPT are accurate, and it corrected the spelling mistakes. So, it shows that providing Chat GPT proofreading prompts correctly can provide the right answers. 

Grammar Check

We submitted a short story of two friends preparing a trip of their other friend to ChatGPT to check for grammar errors.

Grammar Check

ChatGPT is surely incomparable at finding grammar errors in the sentence. It also corrected the improper tense, which is amazing. 

Punctuation Check

Chatgpt proofread the sentence given by us and found punctuation errors quickly.

Punctuation Check

This AI-generated content checker quickly caught the available punctuation errors and fixed them. 

Passive Voice Check

We were a little unsure if Chatgpt would catch the passive voice in the following lines, and the response that it provided is below.

Passive Voice Check

Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is great at finding a passive voice. Not only did it search for passive sentences, but it changed them to active voices. 

Check Everything At Once

We provide a sentence prompt to ChatGPT to ensure its reliability and determine whether it can find multiple mistakes at once.

Check Everything At Once

It was able to fix all the inaccuracies and other faults in the sentence. So, whether you need grammar-spelling assistance or other errors fixed, you can use Chatgpt. All you need to do is provide the right prompt for the desired results. Still, we would suggest you get help from human writers and proofreaders for better clarity. If you are searching for them, then contact online and get the best experts.

Types of Written Work ChatGPT Can Proofread

You can use ChatGPT to proofread different kinds of papers; it has no limitations. For example, if you are wondering, "Can chatgpt proofread essays, assignments or dissertation?" then the answer is yes, it can. As a student, you can meet all the proofreading goals with the tool. For best results, you can use it by providing it in small sections with the correct prompts. It will help you to know the changes without making your work hard. So, chatgpt proofreading can be used for different kinds of written work. 

If you are still confused about the tool, then the best thing you can do is to check our blog; "Is ChatGPT a Good Alternative for Students?"

AI vs. Human Editing: A Comparison

Proofreading is an essential part of writing, which allows a writer to look at and edit the document closely. However, we cannot deny that ChatGPT is doing an incredible job and making things easy for writers. But a human editor is still far better than a ChatGPT.A human editor can always provide tone, format, and other corrections that a tool can never provide.If you need better clarification, then do look at the table below. 

ChatGPT Proofreading

Human Proofreading

  • Can sometimes compromise accuracy
  • Misses some corrections
  • Will not cite the sources
  • Cannot edit various things at once
  • Will never compromise on accuracy
  • Will never miss any corrections
  • Will always add sources
  • Will edit major to minor mistakes

The above table shows which is better: a human or a proofreading tool. Also, content written on ChatGPT can be detected by universities through Turnitin. So, it is better to rely on our experts rather than the tool. Further, you can read our blog on "Does Turnitin detect ChatGPT?"

The blog has cleared your doubts about the question, "Can chatgpt proofread?" "It is definitely a great initiative made by OpenAI. An AI-generated content checker has made things super easy for students and other writers, but there will always be some limitations. Hence, it is always better to choose a human over a tool. So, if you cannot proofread your documents and are struggling with them, stop! 

This is because Global Assignment Help has a team of brilliant proofreaders who cannot only help you find errors but with their support you can create a flawless paper easily.

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