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CHCLEG001 Assessment Answers: Everything to Know About!

13 Feb 2021 2085 12 minutes
CHCLEG001 Assessment Answers

CHCLEG001 Assessment Answers: Everything to Know About!

Nursing or health care students have to study CHCLEG001 unit. This unit helps and explains all the mandatory knowledge and skills to students that are useful in determining and working with an ethical and legal environment that can lead to an effective job role. Also, it helps understand its module. CHCLEG001 Assessment answers relate the health workers to a community that plays a vital role in finding and meeting ethical and legal responsibilities.

The CHCLEG001 work legally & ethically assessment requires students to have various skills and knowledge. If you are finding it difficult, then this blog will assist you in resolving all your queries. In case you face any difficulty, you can refer to the Australian assignment help experts who provide accurate CHCLEG001 assessment answers to the nursing students before the due date.

What Is the CHCLEG001 Assessment? What Is Its Importance?

CHCLEG001 is one of the most crucial units for health care and nursing students. The assessments need to be completed by the students to grow their careers in various community services like the medical sector. This unit helps them understand the concept and the importance of ethics in their professional, as well as, academic life.

The importance of the CHCLEG001 assessment involves the legal responsibilities and duties of equality, truthfulness, etc. While writing the academic paper, you have to give the real viewpoints of working in a health care and community service profession. Ensure that you complete the academic paper, with all the aspects while writing. This unit improves the different skill sets of the students to work in an environment to help needy people. Legal and ethical work environments are compulsory in all sectors but more crucial in nursing and community service. Three reasons that support the above statement are:

  • Prepares You for a Better Professional Life

    This assessment helps you prepare yourself for the future. It helps you face the real-life scenarios and how to handle them professionally without hurting the sentiments of people and keeping the sincerity, honesty, and fair obligations intact.
  • Explains the Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

    The CHCLEG001 assessment makes you understand your legal and ethical responsibilities. Being a nursing student, you should be familiar with the crucial terms and concepts while stepping into the nursing and health care industry.
  • Develops Practical and Observational Skills

    This assessment also helps you improving the real-life observational skills to handle the critical situation without losing your temper. The major aspect of this assessment is case studies, as it puts you in situations that require observational and practical skills to handle.

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3 Assessments of CHCLEG001 Work Legally and Ethically

Nursing students have to study the CHCLEG001 unit and solve the mandatory assessment to get the best grades. Well, here are three assessments that nursing and health care students have to work on; let's take a read!

1. Skills/Knowledge of Questions & Case Studies

In this assessment, you have to answer some questions of the case study with your skills and knowledge. The questions are of different types such as:

  • List the common legal issues related to the workplace.
  • What are the five legal and regulatory requirements related to the workplace?
  • How the duty of care consecrated in law? How does it relate to indifference?
  • List the ways that will ensure the maintenance of the workplace.

Here's the short case study that you have to analyze and answer some questions to get the solution. The below case study will test your skills in writing the assessment answers.

Suppose, that someone has leaked details about a famous patient to the press, concerning the information of their condition and treatment?

  • How will you handle the scenario?
  • What code of ethics will you apply?
  • What are the rights of the client? Explain in detail
  • What are the different organizational policies? Explain the procedure of disclosure and confidentiality.
  • Explain the legal and ethical dilemma as per the situation at the organization. Give your opinions on how well you deal with it?
  • According to the situation, what are your values and ethics in the above scenario? What strategy will you make for an ethical decision?
  • What do mean by unethical conduct? Whom you should report to about this act?
  • What is a conflict of interest? How do you manage it?
  • Identify the opportunities in your organization to enhance work practices to meet legal and ethical responsibilities.
  • How do you contribute legally and ethically for the betterment of policies and protocols?
  • Explain the following:
  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Stereotypes

2. Activities Based on Distinct Projects

CHCLEG001 assessment is all about analyzing and write the answers legally and ethically. It will help you draft the academic paper effectively, and the professor will also get impressed. The university professor assigns different projects to the students, and they have to conduct thorough research and manage the assessment answers productively.

3. Workplace Observation of Practical Skills

In this assessment, the professor judges your practical skills. The professor assigns you a different task, and you have to handle them without losing your temper. On this basis, the university professor easily judges the performance of the students and gives the grades.

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How to Write the CHCLEG001 Assessment Answers?

1. Identify and Respond to Legal Requirements

To write the CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically answers accurately, you have to identify and respond to legal requirements. Well, you have to take all the responsibilities for each job role in the context of working with multiple agencies, taking legal guard, the rights of children, etc. The main pointers that are covered in this are:

  • Recognize, access, and evaluate the sources of the work role.
  • Know the scope and nature of the legal duties.
  • Stick to work practice and legal requirements.
  • Maintain the work practice policies and procedures.
  • Identify and report potential violations according to guidelines

It denotes the legal responsibilities of a community health worker. You have to ensure what to report, appose, share, and not to share. You can get higher grades smoothly, only if you have understood the work culture.

2. Identify and Meet Ethical Responsibilities

Secondly, you have to identify and meet the ethical responsibilities with your creative and innovative thoughts. You have to include all the personal point of views that will help the organization. In case you want to work with a particular organization, you have to abide by the rules and regulations. The major aspects that you have to cover under this section are:

  • Recognize, access, and evaluate information about ethical duties.
  • Identify the scope and nature of ethical responsibilities.
  • Match ethical responsibilities as per the organization's policies.
  • Discuss ethical concerns and difficulties.
  • Use problem-solving techniques to face the critical situation.
  • Ensure and report unethical and non-judgemental practice.
  • Understand dispute and take action quickly.

3. Contribute to Workplace Improvements

Students spend most of the time in the school or the organization. According to this fact, the workplace is the second home of an employee. You have to contribute your thoughts, new ideas, and share your opinions to improve the organization.

It includes three main factors:

  • Establishing and developing work practices to meet ethical and legal responsibilities.
  • Sharing feedback with mates and other people.
  • Reviewing the improvement of policies.
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