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APA Vs. Harvard Referencing Style | All You Need to Know

09 Feb 2024 1334 15 minutes
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Referencing is essential in every academic work and is promptly used in academic papers. It includes the research that is needed in the process, and for that, you need to cite the sources to acknowledge their work correctly. Also, it will help you increase the accountability and credibility of the information. APA vs Harvard Referencing Style is the most common and easy-to-understand citation used worldwide. These two are different from each other, and they need to be mentioned as they are helpful in your grades and show you have done fair research in the document. In this blog, you will learn briefly about the difference between the APA and Harvard referencing styles. Before that, you need to know why it is crucial to cite in any document or paper.

Why Referencing Is Important?

Using a reference style is a way to acknowledge the contribution of other writers to your work. In any work where you are using the ideas or research of others, you must write or concede the work in the conclusion. It is a way to give credit to the writers whose references you have borrowed. By doing so, you recognize their efforts and respect the intellectual property rights they deserve. You can have all the data and information related to your topic from any researcher, but with the correct referencing methods, you can acknowledge their efforts, and it will be ethical to do so. 

Why are you using it? As it supports your work and claims the evidence. It is better to cite, as you have the knowledge to present the document with a list of references. Remember to provide an accurate list so that readers have access to the information you are trying to explain. What you can do is find an accurate referencing style for clarity and keep a record of all the sources while you are reading or collecting thoughts.

For clarity of thought, you need to know different referencing styles, and in this blog, we will talk about APA vs. Harvard referencing styles. In the next segment, you will learn about the points you should remember while using APA style.

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What Are the Points to Remember In APA Referencing Style?

The American Psychological Association Style is a style that consists of rules and guidelines that need to be followed to show a clear presentation of the written material. It focuses on providing ease of reading the scientific writing students do while citing the references. However, the APA referencing style structure includes a list, page layouts, and language. If you are new, you can easily understand the crucial guidelines that will be discussed.

Now, you will understand the in-depth citation style, including minor and major changes. Also, if you are facing difficulty understanding the correct method, you can use the APA referencing generator, which will help you use the correct formation related to the document.

In-text Citation

If you want to master the APA referencing style, you need to learn the proper citing sources. As it is generally used for education and social science, You need to remember that references should be made in the body of the text in a separate alphabetical list at the end. It never misses a tiny detail and always has particular information. You need a few pointers to remember, like:

  • Alphabetize the author's last name.
  • Use a hanging indent in the list.
  • Double Space
  • Detail Matters
  • Try to check your work.

The significant difference between APA and Harvard referencing styles is that the APA system uses the author/page/date type style. The format of the in-text citation includes (Sarah, 2024, p. 51).

You may also like to read: APA Format Guide: Follow It and Make Your Arts Assignment Perfect

Reference List

You must remember, that you should use the reference list of stats on the new page after your work and before the appendices. You must be careful with the style you are using in the document. Always remember that if you are using any type of information from another role, you must note or acknowledge the work in the referencing list. You must already know that the APA referencing style is arranged in alphabetical order, and if the author's name is regular, you have to search for their surname. If there are two references by the same author, you have to research according to the publishing date of the older one first. 

APA Citation Example:

  • Blog, MJ (2012)
  • Blog, MJ(2015a)

If an author publishes the reference in the same year, then list them in alphabetical order. Like:

  • (2012a)
  • (2012b)

These are some examples of referencing lists in APA Citation format.

  • John, S., Bellanca, K., & Stubbs, M. (2018).
  • Hshima, A., & Nogue, A. (2003)

You can also read the free referencing guide for better ideas and formation techniques.


It includes two types of capitalization for titles of works and headings. You must understand capital words, and the minor words are lowercase.

Major words: nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, and all words with more than four letters are crucial.

Minor Words: Include short words with three or less than that, short prepositions, and all the articles. You need to know how to implement a sentence case. Capitalization is done only in the following words:

  • The heading or the first word of the title
  • The first word on the subpoint or subtitle.
  • Use nouns with numerals or letters.


  • Author, A. A. (publication year). Title of lecture: [online lecture]. Retrieved from

Three to Seven Authors: APA format example 

  • Author, A. A., Author, B. B., Author, C. C., Author, D. D., Author, E. E., & Author, F. F.

What Are the Key Points to Add to Harvard Referencing Style?

The Harvard Referencing System is the most common in the UK. If we talk about APA vs. Harvard referencing, it contains the form of in-text formation and a separate reference list. You will notice that it is widely applied to cite the sources used in scientific writing. By the name itself, this style is used popularly at Harvard University. It is similar to many styles, but every referencing system is different from another in some way it works on the author-date method. You might find it crucial to remember all the cue factors included in the style and know how to cite them. For your convenience, you can try the Harvard referencing generator for fast and better results, which will help you with speedy delivery.

In-text Citation

A Harvard in-text citation appears in brackets, no matter if it is a quotation or source. It gives the last name of the author, the year of publication, and the page number. Like:

The boy started to come closer to the lake, thinking of a castle beneath the water. (Amish, 2018, p. 89)

When you use ‘P’ in the Harvard referencing system note that it denotes a single page and ‘PP’ for multiple pages. (pp. 6-9). It usually appears after the quotation or in question. It can also be used at the end of the sentence as if it is clear for the readers to understand. When you are citing multiple authors, you need to cite the names of three authors, then for the fourth name or more than that, you need to list the first name followed by 'et al.' Example:

  • Author (Dave, 2015)
  • Authors (Mandis and Drax, 2016)
  • Authors (Peter, Nebula, and Scarlet, 2018)
  • Authors (Tony et al., 2012)

Reference List

A Harvard referencing bibliography or referencing list appears at the end of the document. It includes all the sources in alphabetical order, from the names of the authors to their surnames. Providing all the information so that the readers can reach them without any confusion. It starts with the author's last name, followed by the initials, with only the first word of the title capitalized. In this reference, literature is cited using different referencing, and the required request at the end. Harvard referencing bibliography includes all the material you consult in writing your assignment, even if you have not cited it on that respective page.

Example of a reference list: 

  • Surname, Initials, year of publication. Title. Publisher Place: Publisher

Baron, P.O., 2011. Organization and the Business. Penguin: Gupta. 

For Books 

  • Author surname, initial. (Year) Book title. City: Publisher.
  • Pepper, M. (2019) Industries. New York: Penguin

For Journal Articles 

  • Author surname, initial. (Year) ‘Article title’, Journal Name, Volume(Issue), pp. page range.
  • Rogers, S. (1975) ' Human evolution and learning', American Journal, 12, pp. 54-96. 


Capitalize the main word in titles with the first word after the colon. Other than that in lowercase words, remember to capitalize the first word in a sentence. Including the articles and the paper first word. Conjunctions and articles need to be in the capital as they are not main words. Do not capitalize the second word of the hyphenated work. Also, nouns and adjectives, the name of the university and their department, government departments, and trade names need to be capitalized.


Journal of Biography: Biological and Fundamental Medical Science.

A Brief Difference Between APA VS Harvard Referencing Style 



When more than one author is there, the source name is linked by 'and'

When more than more author is there then the source name is linked by ampersand (&)

The reference page is marked as 'Work cited page

The page where list of references is provided is titled as ' References'

The citation style is related to the scientific writing and terms.

The citation style is commonly use in social and behavioral sciences.

Used mainly in UK and Australia for academic purpose

It is commonly used in university of USA

The year of publication is not included.

The year of publication is included

These are the difference between APA and Harvard referencing styles which will help you know the details of the style for better understanding. It is okay to be confused, and if you are looking for some help with the citation, you can also seek our service. Thus, to know more about it, follow us in the next section. Harvard and APA format templates are the most frequent referencing methods used in the UK and around the globe.

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What you have understood above is a brief description of the APA Vs. Harvard referencing styles and how they are different from each other. The way the two styles cite author information is a notable difference. If you are unsure about the correct formation, then our Global Assignment Help experts are here to help you with any form of style with the citation. They are from renowned universities and have years of experience in writing. They have a keen knowledge of citing style and are ready to help you anytime. You can avail of our referencing services, and for any concerns, you can contact us.

With all the help and cite education, you now know the differences between the styles. It will help you to cite the correct paper prepared by you. 

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