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A load of academic writing tasks increases every year. Students have to meet the ever-growing demand of the professor regarding writing a perfect essay. There is no dearth of students who search, ‘Who can write my essay for me?’ because they can't meet the demand for high-quality. Producing a high-quality paper is quite difficult for most students. Being in the learning phase, you are often afraid of putting forth your ideas in the essay. In this case, you avoid writing an essay. But ignorance can’t help you to achieve academic success. After all, you need to get an amazing job, and for this, you need to pass the course with excellent marks. Essays contribute much to the final score, so underestimating or ignoring them can ruin your career.

Problems with essay writing vary for different students. But some common issues remain the same, and almost all the students struggle with them. Some essays are a little easy to write while some are very difficult; that is why common writing problems appear. And as a result, students look for essay writing assistance from professional writers. In the below section, you will come to know about the difficult essay types, in which 4 out of 5 students get stuck.

What Are the Different Types of Essay that Bother 4 Out of 5 Students?

It is shocking but true that approx. 95% percent of students get stuck while writing difficult essays. A lot of students don’t know how to begin and write a complicated essay, so they ask, ‘how do I start writing an essay?’ You must know different types of essay so that you can prepare yourself for writing about them. Let’s read about them below.

  • Persuasive Essay: It is one of the most difficult essay types because you have to convince the reader with your viewpoint. To persuade the reader, strong arguments with suitable evidence should be used. If your stance on any topic is clear and strong, then you can convince the reader. But, you need to be careful while choosing words and facts. So, it becomes quite difficult to come up with an impressive persuasive essay.
  • Critical Essay: This type of essay is given mostly at the college level. Its difficulty level makes most students restless, so they search, ‘Is there someone who can write my essay online?' To write a critical essay, you must do proper research and find weaknesses in the others’ It is very important to criticize the ideas of others. Until you understand their ideas properly, you can’t write a critical essay.
  • Argumentative Essay: In an argumentative essay, you have to take a stand. Unlike other essays, you can’t present all types of views. You must be clear about whether you support the idea or not. If you don’t support it, then your arguments should be around it. Collecting the facts and suitable ideas to present in the essay is not a cakewalk. Often, students don’t understand what can be the right format for arguments and search, ‘what is the right essay format?’
  • Definition Essay: A definition essay is generally time-consuming because you need to think and analyze a lot. It is because you have to write a thorough definition of one word. For example, let the topic be ‘Election,’ now, your entire essay should be around the election. Most students find this type of essay difficult because of the selection of the word to write an essay. They need to find a unique and explanatory word so that they can write at least 500-800 words on it.
  • Analytical Essay: As the name implies, you have to do an analysis of a topic. Extensive research is an integral part of this type of essay, and that is why enough time is needed for it. A lot of students who lack time but want a perfect essay look for the best online essay writer. If your analysis about a topic is not perfect, then the professor can give you poor marks, which can spoil your scorecard. The purpose of the teacher behind giving an analytical essay is simple; he wants you to grow as a writer and thinker.

Now you have read why most of the students ask, ‘How can I write a better essay? ’ when it comes to writing an essay from the above-mentioned types. You never know what type of essay you can be given during the assessment; thus, having knowledge about all the types is necessary. Many students look for a cheap essay writer so that they don’t have to deal with these difficult essays, and they can secure amazing marks easily.

But why do students can’t write perfect essays and ask, ‘Can someone write my essay?’. Well, there can be many reasons, you will get to know the crucial ones in the below section.

Scroll down to know the hurdles in writing an impressive essay for the highest marks.

5 Must-Know Hurdles in Writing an Impressive Essay

  • How to Write Essay Introduction?: The beginning of a document can attract any reader. But, a lot of students struggle to write an impressive introduction. This is a major problem, and that is why many students ask, ‘who can write my essay for me?’.
  • How to Write an Essay in a Short Time?: The second hurdle is time. You have to submit an essay on the time provided by the professor; if you miss out on it, then you can miss on the good marks. Time constraints work as a limitation to produce an impressive essay.
  • How to Write a Conclusion of the Essay?: Like the introduction, several students get stuck while writing a conclusion. Many get poor marks because they can’t present an impressive conclusion. Some students look for help to get rid of this hurdle and search, ‘Can I pay someone to write my essay?’.
  • How to Write an Error-Free Essay?: Almost all the students struggle with this question. They make mistakes like punctuation, vocabulary, sentence formation, paragraph structure, and citation. These errors don’t let the students even secure the average marks. Producing an error-free paper can be time-consuming as well for students.
  • How to Research for the Essay?: When students look for essay writing examples, then they see lengthy papers. And start worrying about the research and collection of the information. Thorough research takes away the major time of the students and as a result, they face major problems.

These are the 5 hurdles that every student has to go through while writing. Many times, they don’t understand how to deal with these hurdles, and as a result, they have to face poor marks.

Bad marks can lag you behind in the class, so you must find the best writing assistance. You can search ‘pay someone to write my essay ’, and get help from professional writers. Global Assignment Help has many experienced and subject-oriented writers who offer high-quality essays.

If you are worried, whether we offer writing help in your subject or not, then leave worrying. We have covered almost all the subjects so that every student can opt for our service. Have a look at some of the subjects in the below section.

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10+ Subjects Covered by Professional Essay Writers

  1. Psychology: If you are a psychology student, then you have to deal with various types of essays. Writing about psychology can be a tiresome job because it requires intense thinking. Our professional writers can take this tension away with a perfect essay.
  2. Information Technology: The expert writers of Global Assignment Help understand that writing about IT essays requires the clarity of concepts. That is why most students fail to produce an impressive paper. Some students look for the best online essay writing help to get rid of writing problems, while some hire a writer.
  3. Geography: You have to learn a lot of facts while studying geography. Remembering and then writing correct facts in the essay is not easy at all. Different regions, environments, rivers, mountains, and many other countless geographical features make it difficult for you to remember and then talk about them in the essay correctly.
  4. Science: It is a vast subject, so you don’t know from which area of study you can be given an essay topic on. A lot of students struggle to write science essays because they fail to present various concepts and terminologies of science subjects properly. Some students don’t have time to understand the concepts and then write about them.
  5. Political Science: If you are a political science student and struggle to write a perfect essay, then ask ‘Can you write my essay?’ to our experienced writers. This is because they can resolve your query regarding presenting the difficult political concepts in the essay.
  6. Literature: You have to read many thick books while studying literature. A major problem appears when you have to read these books to collect data to write an essay. Many times, you end up investing all your time in research and then are left with not enough time to write a perfect essay.
  7. Communication: It has become a very common and important study area and the need of the hour. Therefore, you can notice the usage of communication in almost all the subjects If you are wondering, ‘who can write my essay for me?’, then you have come to the right website. Our experts offer the best communication essay to the students.
  8. Nursing: Selection of the perfect essay topic for nursing is the main issue. It should be informative, new, and impressive as well. If you seek writing assistance from our certified writers, then neither you need to worry about the topic nor the writing mistakes.
  9. Biotechnology: Although it is an exciting and inspiring career option, writing its essays isnot as exciting. You have to be careful about small things. Often, you have to submit lab reports along with an essay. So, you may find it a tiresome and time-consuming task.
  10. Law: A lot of students struggle with writing law essays because they find it difficult to present the rules, acts, articles, and regulations correctly. Due to this reason, many students search ‘how to write an essay?’ so that they can secure excellent marks.
  11. Finance: If you get stuck while writing a finance essay, then also you don’t need to worry. Professional writers will offer you a perfect essay that has the necessary tables and charts. You can get praise from your professor for presenting a perfect finance essay.
  12. Business: To write an impressive business essay, you need to be good at some business-related terms and the latest information. If you can’t adhere to them, then you can go for professional help and get an impressive essay in no time.

Do you have an essay to write on any of the above subjects? If yes, then you can ask, 'Will you write my essay?' to our professional writers. These are only 12 subjects; we offer writing assistance in many other subjects as well, so don’t worry about your academic discipline.

If you are worried about the quality, then you can check out the example of essay writing by visiting our essay sample page. You will know the quality by reading the examples and making the right decision. A lot of students seek our writing assistance because they like the quality of our papers.

We are the best writing help provider, do you want to know why? If yes, then scroll down.

Why We Are the Top Essay Writing Service Provider?

9 out of 10 students choose Global Assignment Help. It is because we offer satisfying writing help. A lot of students search, ‘Is there anyone who can write my essay online?' so that they can get the best service. We fulfill their demand. A team of professional writers leaves no stone unturned to offer a high-quality paper to students. You can trust the team of experienced writers and select a writer according to your choice. Till now, more than 7000+ students have taken online writing help from us. Have a look at our salient features to know the benefits you get while seeking writing assistance.

  1. Top-Quality: Highest marks can be achieved when the quality of the essay is perfect. So, our expert writers offer top-quality papers.
  2. Reasonable Price: You will not feel burdened when you take essay writing assistance from us because our prices are the lowest.
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  5. 100% Error-Free: You will get a polished paper because the experienced writers prepare it.
  6. Timely Delivery: Leave tension about the deadline because now you will get the paper at the time you want.

Henceforth, say bye to the poor marks and get ready for the top grades. You will not have to struggle with any type of essay because writing experts are here to resolve your query- ‘how do I write an essay?’. Enjoy the benefits mentioned above by seeking writing assistance. Save your precious time for preparing for the exam by asking us, ‘Can you write my essay?’

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