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Preoperative Nurses Stress

The present dissertation will focus on analysing the knowledge for practice and is a reflective account of Preoperative Nurses Stress. Here, I am a nurse who used to enjoy working in operations room especially with public hospital. All the surgical members work together as a team within the hospital. I have now started working as a senior staff nurse with a private hospital. With this reflective account, my aim is to reflect and examine areas of stress of the nurses at time of preoperative which are related to my situation.


The rationale behind conducting the study and writing the reflective is that nurse suffers from psychological stress before attending any operation and doing their duty in the operation room. However, a small amount of stress is crucial for giving the best and providing for a stimulating environment (Crowther, 2014). But if there is an overall increase in the level of stress then there is bound to an impact on overall performance of nurses. This can lead to poor work performance thereby impacting the patient safety which is likely to be more detrimental (Holland, 2013).

Personal theory

While working in the OR with the ministry of health as a nurse I enjoyed my work as well as the responsibilities that were associated with it. The entire surgical staff worked together as a team. But as I started working in a private hospital as a senior staff nurse I began observing the behaviour of nursing staff more closely. Here, I found out that there was a presence of preoperative nurse’s stress in most of the staff members.


The model selected for reflection happens to be Gibbs reflective framework. It can be regarded as a circular process by which study is done on how thoughts affect the actions and the situation which is being dealt by us (Thomas, 2008). It has got a capacity to reflect on action of nurses so as to make them engage in a continuous process of learning. This tool can thus act as crucial one for carrying out practice-based professional learning where nursing staff will get a chance to learn from own professional experiences. There will be a decrease in formal teaching and more amount of personal professional development (Pudner, 2010).


The given research study is ought to have deeper implications in the future. It would aid in lowering the present level of work related stress so that nurses are able to cope up with decreased work performance and deal with compromises made in issues related to patient safety. It will further aid towards formulation of best coping strategies so that nurses can reduce their overall level of stress.


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