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Which Sentence most Effectively Helps Readers Envision a Scene?

Downloads: 81 Pages: 1 Words: 191

A. "At the same time they have an awareness of the changing world that sets them wholly apart from the Middle Ages." B. "The costumes, however, are splendid; many lords and merchants leave their best gowns to their servants . . ." C. "There is a low murmur of voices throughout the play as women ...


Which Sentence must be Revised to Eliminate the Preposition at the End?

Downloads: 108 Pages: 1 Words: 146

A. If no one answers the door, then please let yourself in. B. The top steps are fine, but be careful of the slippery stairs below. C. Where are Katelyn and Ella walking to? D. Do you know what Naveen was talking about? Correct Answer: C. Where are Katelyn and Ella walking to? The sentence ...


Shakespeare most Often used Sonnets to express which Emotion between Characters?

Downloads: 132 Pages: 1 Words: 119

A. Happiness B. Anger C. Love D. Grief Correct Answer: C. Love Certainly! Sonnets are poems that typically focus on love and romantic relationships. Shakespeare commonly used sonnets to convey feelings of love between characters. Shakespeare's sonnets are well-known for their study of love, ...


Which Excerpt From the Odyssey Demonstrate the Importance of Loyalty in Greek Society?

Downloads: 148 Pages: 1 Words: 220

A. Odysseus only shook his head, containing thoughts of bloody work, as he walked on. B. But when he knew he heard Odysseus’ voice nearby, he did his best to wag his tail. C. Suppose Athena’s arm is over us, and Zeus her father’s, must I rack my brains for more? D. O Father, all my life ...


Which Word Signals a Nonrestrictive Clause in a Complex Sentence?

Downloads: 118 Pages: 1 Words: 106

A. That B. Which C. While D. yet Correct Answer: B. Which A part of a sentence that gives extra information and starts with "which" is called a nonrestrictive clause. It's separated by commas. You can remove this part without changing the main meaning of the sentence. Related ...


Which Statement Best Explains the Simile in This Excerpt?

Downloads: 103 Pages: 1 Words: 271

His shores being all dispatched, he caughtanother brace of men to make his breakfast,and whisked away his great door slabto let his sheep go through-but he, behind,reset the stone as one would cap a quiver. A. The Cyclops’ effort to move the stone is compared to a simple task, showing his ...


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