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Which of the Following Best Explains How Data is Transmitted on the Internet?

Answer :

    A. All data is transmitted in a single packet through a direct connection between the sender and the recipient.

    B. Data is broken into packets, which can be sent along different paths.

    C. Multiple data files are bundled together in a packet and transmitted together.

    D. Data is broken into packets, which are all sent to the recipient in a specified order along the same path.

Correct Answer:- B. Data is broken into packets, which can be sent along different paths.


The process of breaking data into packets and sending them along diverse paths stands as the most compelling rationale. Consequently, when information traverses the vast expanse of the internet, it undergoes fragmentation into smaller, manageable packets. These packets undertake a journey across a myriad of routes to reach their intended destination. Every packet is meticulously tagged with sender and recipient addresses, a sequence number, and the payload data. Navigating through various networks and hardware such as switches and routers, these packets ultimately converge at the recipient's end, seamlessly reconstructing the original data.

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