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Which of the Following Statements is True of Cookies ?

Downloads: 155 Pages: 1 Words: 175

A. Cookies were originally intended to facilitate advertising on the Web B. Cookies always contain encrypted data. C. Cookies are text files and may never contain encrypted data. D. Cookies contain the URLs of sites the user visits. Correct Answer: C. Cookies are text files and may never ...


Which of the Following Best Explains How IP Addresses are Assigned?

Downloads: 236 Pages: 1 Words: 130

A. Dynamically by internet service providers (ISPs) B. Based on the device's physical location C. Randomly generated by network routers D. Assigned alphabetically by domain names Correct Answer: A. Dynamically by internet service providers (ISPs) When you connect your devices to the ...


Which of the Following Best Explains How a Certificate Authority is Used in Protecting Data?

Downloads: 495 Pages: 1 Words: 228

A. A certificate authority issues passwords that grant access to secure databases. B. A certificate authority maintains a secure database that maps all web domain names to the ip addresses of the servers where the sites are hosted. C. A certificate authority certifies the safety of a particular ...


Which of the Following Best Explains How Data is Transmitted on the Internet?

Downloads: 303 Pages: 1 Words: 195

A. All data is transmitted in a single packet through a direct connection between the sender and the recipient. B. Data is broken into packets, which can be sent along different paths. C. Multiple data files are bundled together in a packet and transmitted together. D. Data is broken into ...


Which of the Following Statements About the Internet is True?

Downloads: 431 Pages: 1 Words: 156

A. The Internet uses a centralized system to determine how packets are routed. B. The Internet is a computer network that uses proprietary communication protocols. C. The Internet is designed to scale to support an increasing number of users. D. The Internet requires all communications to use ...


A Windows User is Locked Out of her Computer?

Downloads: 449 Pages: 1 Words: 119

A.HelpdeskAdmin B.\\HelpdeskAdmin C..\HelpdeskAdmin D./HelpdeskAdmin E.//HelpdeskAdmin Correct Answer- C. .\HelpdeskAdmin Explanation: Putting an underscore (_) before your Admin username is like giving a secret nod to Windows, telling it, "Hey, I'm the boss here." And that dot (.)? ...


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