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Every student has to face essay writing in their academic life. It is an inevitable part of the academic curriculum that tries to inculcate writing and communication skills in students. Though essay writing is used as an umbrella term, it comprises several types of essays and each of which has a specific demand. Out of these, the persuasive essay is a common type of essay that is prescribed to students often. But even though the essay type is common, it is often seen that students struggle a lot with it and frequently seek persuasive essay writing services to deal with it.

There are several reasons for this. Students face a number of problems when dealing with persuasive essays. At times, they are unable to meet the short deadlines, and at times, they are under-confident about their writing skills and feel the need for professional essay help. But one of the main reasons is seen to be the lack of knowledge about the essay type. As mentioned earlier, each essay type is unique and has unique demands. So, to approach the essay right, you need a good understanding of the requirements. If you too are a student who is struggling with a persuasive essay writing, then let’s start with understanding the essence of it.

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What Is the Purpose of Persuasive Essay Writing Help? Explained by Qualified Writers

Persuasive essay writing help experts at Global Assignment Help say that most students who approach them do not have a clear idea about what a persuasive essay is, and therefore, they are unable to write it effectively. They emphasize that understanding the purpose of the essay is key to approaching it correctly; otherwise, you would end up writing it like any other essay, which isn’t effective. According to persuasive essay writers, the purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince and move the reader to a certain point of view that the writer has.

As the name would make it clear to you, essentially, in a persuasive essay, you are supposed to persuade the reader. In such a piece of writing, the author demonstrates a solid point of view or stand on a certain subject, and through his writing, he tries to get the reader to agree with his idea. The writer does this by providing arguments supporting his point of view. An argument might conjure up images of heated discussions in your mind, but in writing, an argument refers to a reasoned opinion supported with ample evidence. Arguments here aim to present ideas and knowledge to the audience in a positive way so they can understand them well. Through a persuasive essay writing, the writer does exactly this, not trying to aggressively win a debate but persuade the audience to consider their opinion.

This is the essence of persuasive writing, explained in simple words by persuasive essay writers. Now that you have understood the very base of the writing, you can move on to understand the writing part of the essay. Read the following section to know about the parts of a persuasive essay.

What Are the Three Parts of a Persuasive Essay?

Breaking down a task makes it simpler, and essay writing being a complex task, is often broken down into parts so that the students can approach it in a more structured manner. A formal persuasive essay comprises three such parts: issue, thesis, and arguments. Although the purpose of breaking down writing into parts is often to provide structure, these three are often mixed around in an essay. Here is what each part is about:


The issue is the topic or the main subject of your essay. A persuasive essay is written on a topic that usually has two sides to it. Writers from persuasive essay writing services will tell you that before you present the side you have chosen to take, you are required to present the issue to the reader, so they are on the same page as you. The issue should be found in the title and the first paragraph of the essay.


The thesis statement is a concise presentation of your main idea. In a persuasive essay, this reflects the stand you take on the issue mentioned above. The thesis statement’s purpose is to make your viewpoint on the issue clear to the reader. It should be present in the last lines of the introductory paragraph and the conclusive paragraph of your essay.


The arguments are the key part of a persuasive essay as they are what help you to get the reader on your side. As explained in the previous section, arguments are reasoned opinions that you present to the reader. You can provide arguments through either of these forms:

  • Evidence
  • Example
  • Opinion
  • Tale
  • Reasoning

These three form the core of any persuasive essay. Persuasive essay writing help professionals recommend that before you start writing your piece, you should plan each of these intricately and form an outline. This will make the writing process much easier for you. Need to simplify the writing even further? Read the next section to learn about some persuasive essay writing techniques.

What Are the 5 Persuasive Essay Writing Techniques Used by Writers?

Students always find convincing others, especially through writing, to be a difficult task. If you too find it tricky, don’t worry, as there are certain techniques that will help you do the job effectively. Here are 5 persuasive essay techniques that are used by persuasive essay writers of Global Assignment Help:

Mind Your Tone

The tone of your writing has more impact than you think. As mentioned earlier, while providing your arguments, you should not be aggressive but rather positive. The tone of your essay decides how you come across to the reader, and as the purpose of a persuasive essay is to get the reader on your side, you must regulate the tone smartly to achieve the objective. Always remember to keep the tone formal and gentle.

Language Is the Key

Language is the medium through which you connect and communicate to your audience. And since you have a clear-cut objective of persuading your reader, you must pay extra attention to the language you use. Experts from persuasive essay writing services emphasize that in a persuasive essay, language is your key tool, so make sure you use language techniques like emotive words and literary devices to create more impact. Further, it is recommended that you use active language and speak directly to the reader in such writing.

Establish Trust and Credibility

The effectiveness of your persuasive essay depends on how successful you are in gaining the trust of your readers. For this, you need to structure your arguments credibly, leaving no doubts in the reader’s mind. You need to understand your target audience and appeal to their emotions, needs, and provide evidence that they would grasp better.

Think from Reader's Point Of View

Persuasive essay writing helpers say that understanding the reader’s intent is the most crucial element in winning a persuasive essay. You need to know what the reader’s purpose is and have to align your own ideas accordingly. This will ensure that your thoughts and ideas are delivered effectively and have the desired impact.

Use Repetition and Rhetoric

In a persuasive essay, you aim to highlight an idea in the reader’s mind. It is well known that a repetition is an effective tool for this. It registers ideas in someone's mind by throwing light on them again and again. Persuasive essay writers recommend that while you are using repetition in your writing, try to make it engaging rather than redundant. Another tool is using rhetoric questions, wherein you ask a question with an obvious answer to engage the reader.

These techniques are used by essay writers to nail persuasive language in their writing. You too can draft perfect papers using these techniques, along with a proper persuasive essay format. If you want to learn more about the approach, read the next section that explains the approach essay writers take to provide you with custom essay writing help.

How Do Persuasive Essay Writers Approach Your Essay?

Students, while taking persuasive essay writing services, tend to wonder what goes behind the scenes-how do essay writers write such perfect papers? Here’s how the experts of Global Assignment Help approach your persuasive essays:

Decide a Position

The first step writers take is to determine a clear position in an essay. This is important as it gives direction to the essay.

Analyse the Audience

The next step is to understand the audience of the essay you are writing for. This helps you to determine what kind of arguments and evidence you should present in your writing to have the right impact.

Research Well

Researching is key in a persuasive essay, as the writing is only effective if you have the right evidence and facts to convince the reader. Persuasive essay writing helpers research extensively to find credible evidence and arguments to strengthen their essays.

Prepare an Outline

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you will have a rough idea of all the arguments you will be presenting in your essay. It is now time to structure them into a concise format and form a persuasive essay outline. This is an important step as it gives you clarity while writing.

Write While Following the Structure

Now the all-important task of writing needs to be dealt with. Writers suggest that while writing, all you need to focus on is the demands of the different parts of the essay. Students often ask experts how to write a persuasive essay introduction. Well, your introduction should be creative and have a thesis statement. The body should present several arguments in a logical flow, and the conclusion should summarize all the points.

Edit and Proofread

This is an important step in your essay writing process. Professional essay editing services always have professional proofreaders who proofread and edit your papers to make them polished.

These steps are followed diligently by writers to produce a well-structured essay. In case you feel the need for professional aid and are wondering where to find a competent service, read the following section.

What Does Our Persuasive Essay Writing Service Provide You?

There are plenty of persuasive essay help services providers available on the internet today, but as a student, making a choice might look difficult. It gets even harder when you are looking for persuasive or literature essay help on an urgent basis. This is why Global Assignment Help has curated a series of features that will ensure you a first-class experience. Here are the benefits you get when you avail of our persuasive essay writing help services:

  1. Subject-oriented global writers
  2. Professional proofreading and editing
  3. Individual attention to every order
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  6. Delivery before deadline
  7. Free Essay Checker and Corrector
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  10. Hassle-free order process
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  12. Assured discounts

These freebies and guarantees help us provide you with excellent persuasive essay writing services. Still have a question," who can help me write my essay?" Stop struggling with your questions and get in touch with our team to get a perfect paper written in no time.

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