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Evolution of the Travel and Tourism Industry

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Question :

This assessment will provide further questions to be answered:

  1. Explain the development of tourism and travel industry and also the elements that helps in managing the tourism experience.
  2. What are the factors affecting tourist behaviour?
  3. Give the effective patterns to manage the key trends in all the travel and tourism areas.
  4. What are the implication and factors for the current management and popularity in the global areas and destinations.
Answer :


Travel and commercial enterprise are considered social, ethical and economic activity which drives the movement of people and objects from one place to another with the different modes of transportation (Aminudin 2019). This is essential for the people to take a break for travelling or for the business purpose. Travel and tourism are one of the world's largest industries with a global economic contribution. This assignment is based on travel and tourism which covers the different milestones of the tour and travel which is helpful in making an effective decision for the company. This is important for identifying the different elements of travel and tourism or the component that affect the quality of the range of global spots are explained.


P1 Key occasion in the evolution of the travel and tourism industry

There are different milestones for the tour and travel industry like transportation to offering better services to the customers. From the passage of time Travel and tourism have changed and provided better services to the consumer. In 16th century people use carts and boats for travel but now these days there are different assets of facility like buses, cars, motors, aeroplanes and trains or many other resources which help in make transportation easy and saving time. There has been different milestone for this industry as and its starts with transportation.


Why people travel/ purpose

Travel agent usual distance of travel

Any destination



People use to travel for the business purpose or for exploring the new countries.


They travel travel with the help of domestic animals or by ship.



People travel for the business purpose or to visit new places for jobs and for the other purpose.


They do travel by horse cart, bullock cart and by boat or ship were the most popular mode of transportation.



The in this year cars and aeroplanes comes into picture and business travel was very common.


People use to travel roads and steamboats, aeroplane.



People do travel for study, business, holidays and other purpose.


People travelling by trains, cars, ships, buses, aeroplanes and this became more common these days as well as affordable.



Now travel have become important for the people as they want to explore the world and for entertainments purpose.


Tourist use different modes of transportation such as trains, aeroplanes and metros for the short distance.

Different sectors that make tourism sector effective.

There are several elements such as travel, food, hotels and transportation make the travelling more efficient. In today's modern world there are several companies which provide different services to the respective consumers to have better experience.

P2. Various elements of the travelling and tourism industry

Tourism sector is very dynamic and change as per the need and wants of the customers as to satisfy their desire in the well define manner. There are two main essential elements which plays an important role in tourism industry. These elements are explained down below:

Direct elements: The direct elements include the accommodation, transportation as well as lodging facilities. For example if tourist go for travelling of Constant, a city like Italy and the accommodation and transport services are good of that city and tourist are satisfied, the experience of them are good and if they not like services the experience of are not more well for the consumer.

Indirect elements: In travel and tourism industry the indirect elements include roads, food, electricity and money. People thinks before choosing any kind of destination they often think of these kinds of elements. For example, if the city has less transportation and tourist place people will avoid visiting those places.

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Interrelation of these factors

These both factors are interconnected to each other because this help the people to identify the pros and cons for the people as this help in making effective which can be beneficial for the company. For example, the Europe and western countries have more visitors as they manage both the elements effectively. Along with this they proper transportation system, hotels and food and electricity. Here are some of the interrelation which are explained down below effectively.




This exist of non-resident travelling in other nations (Brauer 2019). In this kind of tourism where different companies will provide travel packages as consumer can choose as per there convenience.

This is related to the world tour and people visit the countries for the longer time period. This require lot of planning and money and there are various travel companies which sort out the quires in the well define manner.

The domestic tourism industry involves the travelling within the countryside. The customer usually tends to spend the vacation in the similar nation.

There is various element which are interrelated to the tourism industry which are the distance which effect the business in a well define manner. This is directly interrelated to the different tourist as some people do not prefer to go for the long-distance tourism. Apart from this, accommodation is the element which is directly associated with the traveller as the nation do not provide effective stay which will reduce the experience for the travel people for the longer time period. Beside this, it is also essential for the firm to manage entire operation which help in providing better services to consumer.


P3. Different element that impact tourism Behaviour

In the aspect of travel and tourism sector this is essential for the company to the ensure about the quality of the product and service as this help in making brand image in the minds of customers. Here some factors which are given below:

Geographical factors: This is the factor which affect the tourist at larger scale which include climate condition, facilities and conveniences accessible at the destination, promotion and affordability. These are the factor which are incorporated for any travel enthusiastic as they make sure about these factors before making any plan.

 Social factors: The different people have different culture and the travel companies should indulge in proper research in order to provide better services to the consumer as per the needs and requirement. This factor directly affects the decision in travelling as they also hamper the business for the company.

Place of origin: This is essential for the company to have broad spectrum as the people are travelling as per there and culture or from the place of origin. For example, the Americans are often found of travelling whereas Japanese people are travel less.

P4. Models of motive and how they determine the user decision making process

For the organisation there must be proper motivation is requiring in order to come up with effective outcomes which is essential for the company to have make profit for the longer time period. Here the company must encourage the customers with the help of providing quality services and with the discount. There Herzberg's motivation hygiene Theory is considered for the understanding the motivation theory in the decision-making process.

The theory mainly depends upon the two major factors which on which the motivation factor is depend upon. This factor helps in guide the customers as well as the company like to move towards profit and expansion. Here are the two factor which are explain down below

Motivator: These are the motivation which help the individual to act upon something and help in the person to achieve its goals and objective in the well define manner. This arise from the intrinsic condition where individual is performing the task for achieving something. In order to motivate the customers for travelling companies should provide different tours and travel package with the discount to attract the customers.

Hygiene factors: These are the factor which are responsible to avail the services by the consumers in the well define manner. For the company who deals in travel and tourism sector it is essential for the firm to create a positive environment for the company as this help in capturing larger market share in the shorter time span. There are several methods for creating market is that the company can provide additional discount and surprises to the customer's as this will assist in creating goodwill in the market. As this factor put major emphasis from higher to lower so organisation like Topdeck UK must ensure about their services which is essential to make effective decision such as provide monetary befits and appreciate the employees on their hard work.

There are different kind of motivation factor which help in increasing the demand and encourage the tourist to overcome the problem effectively. It totally depends upon the motivation and ability of the travel to any destination. There can be intrinsic motivation factor which consist of travelling, creativeness and motivation for travelling the globe. There is different model through which the motivation factor can be understand and it also depend upon the tourist perception through which the traveller used to manage the travel and choose destination effectively.

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P5. New and rising patterns and way in the global travel and tourism industry

There are different emerging trends and challenges which are faced by the company like travel and tourism such which are explained down below:

Online booking: This is considered as one of the most emerging trends for the customers as now a days they can book their favourite destination as per the requirement and choices. For the individual person there are numerous option which are provided by the company such as mobile application and website from where the customers can book the ticket easily.

Solo Travel: This trend had emerged recently in the younger generation as this save time and money for the people effectively. The solo travel has become more common and companies like Top deck is offering and promoting the solo tour by providing discount and other offer which attracts the younger generation very well.

Eco and educational travelling: In the past days people travel for the business purpose but now a day’s trends have change as more people are travelling for the purpose of better education and for gaining experience. They travel on various places for their project and getting information and knowledge about the culture of that place.

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P6. Factors that affect the quality of a scope of international destinations

There is the different factor which effect the popularity of a range of international destinations are briefly explained down below:

Eiffel Tower

Factor which effect the popularity of destination of Europe:

Economical factor: This factor is related to financial condition of the individual as well as for the country. The Europe is having less mode of public transport are which effect the popularity of the destination.

Social factor: These are the factor which include norms, believes and background of the individual. Hence the Europe has seen race discrimination in the recent years as people avoid visiting places so in this effect the popularity of the destination.

Pyramid of Egypt

Factor which effect the popularity of destination of Egypt:

Economical factor: The Egypt has considered as one of the most tourist place in the world but the economic condition of the country in not appropriate due the war and other issue. As this effect the travels and tourism business.

Social factor: The country is not open to different culture as they have conservative environment which is the major reason as this effect the popularity of the country.


Factor which effect the popularity of destination of Africa:

Economical factor: As the country is not developed has have less per capita income which reduces the popularity for the visitor to visit. Along with this nation do not have proper facilities of transportation which reduce the preference to visit.

Social factor: The people of Africa tend to have less open to other culture and often do not interact with other people. This also effect the popularity of the destination.

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As per the preceding discussed study is has been known that it is essential to have links among the key drivers of tourism action and the popularity of various tourism destinations and experiences. There are various factors which effect the popularity which include economical as well as social factor.


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